World Bank Group Analyst Program Test Preparation

The World Bank Group (WBG) is an international financial institution, providing aid to developing countries through loans and financial advice. Working for WBG in the Analyst Program combines financial and business acumen with the goal of eliminating world poverty. With such an important role in global development, the World Bank is looking to hire the best of the best. To do so, it uses a challenging deductive reasoning test and thorough personality test to assess applicants.

Last year, World Bank received over 10,000 applications but shortlisted more than 3,000. The first hired group was comprised of only 17 candidates. This year, it is looking to hire only 12–35 people, meaning competition is fierce.

World Bank Hiring Process and Requirements

Before you apply, be sure to review the initial requirements:

  • 28 years old or younger
  • Possess a bachelor's or master's degree 
  • 1–3 years of work experience

If you meet the aforementioned requirements, you may be considered for the hiring process.

The hiring process consists of the following stages: 

World Bank Application

You are only allowed to submit an application for two positions, or recruitment streams, so be sure about the positions you are applying to.

If you currently work for World Bank, you are still able to apply. Additionally, if you applied the previous year, you are still eligible to apply this year.

Be sure to use the same name throughout the application. Additionally, be sure to write down the vacancy number, recruitment stream, and a copy of your full application.

Overall, World Bank is looking for talented, passionate, problem-solving, and willing to learn individuals who are going to help bring about results through analytical skills, research, and communication.

World Bank Analyst Programme Online Tests

Once you have completed the application and essay, your submission is reviewed by the recruitment team at the World Bank Group. If it sees potential, you will be asked to complete a deductive reasoning and personality test online.

These assessments, provided by CEB-SHL, need to be completed within one week and serve as the next stage of the Analyst Program’s selection process. Therefore, scoring high on these tests is a must to make sure you move forward in the process.

Deductive Reasoning

Deductive reasoning is a type of logical reasoning. In these tests, you are given a rule or principle to apply to examples. You must then reach a specific conclusion using deductive reasoning.

While many of us use reasoning skills every day, honing in on them to answer questions under the pressure of a job assessment can often prove difficult. With the help of our deductive reasoning practice pack, you’ll find yourself working through the test with ease.

Personality Tests

Behavioural or personality tests are used to give WBG a full picture of your personality and potential fit in both your future team and the organisation as a whole.

Personality tests are known to be tedious, with over 100 similar questions, and it can become difficult to give reflective answers. Our personality test pack was designed to combat all of these difficulties and allow you to provide a full and accurate portrait to the recruitment team.

Some of the 10 behaviours and competencies assessed are:

  • Deliver Results for Clients – contributes to delivery of results for clients on complex issues
  • Lead and Innovate – brings new and different insights
  • Collaborate Within Teams and Across Boundaries – collaborates within one's team and across boundaries
  • Create, Apply and Share Knowledge – actively contributes to and readily applies WBG's body of knowledge for internal and/or external client solutions
  • Make Smart Decisions – leverages available data and makes timely decisions

It's important to note that with an increase in the number of applicants has come an increase in World Bank's passing threshold. Last year, fewer than 1,500 candidates passed the exam's new threshold. Therefore, preparing for personality and deductive reasoning tests in advance is essential. 

World Bank Interviews

It's important to note that interviews are only administered if you pass the assessments and the criteria of the hiring teams. Interviews dates are set by the hiring department based on need and demand.

Interviews can be held via Skype, video conference, telephone, or at any World Bank office worldwide. You may also encounter a panel interview.

It is possible that hiring managers, during the interview, will request that you execute case studies, Excel tests, and/or analytical tests.

If you need your interview to be held during a specific day or time frame, this can be discussed with the hiring department.

If you are contacted about a particular recruitment stream and are no longer interested, or wish to pursue an alternative recruitment stream (assuming you applied for two recruitment streams), you may decline. However, it's important to note that competition and availability are fierce, so choose wisely.

It's important to note that you will only be contacted for interviews or further testing based on the hiring team's needs. Here, you will be interviewed or asked to take additional tests. If, after these additional tests and interviews, you are not selected by a particular team, you may then be considered by another team from the same recruiting stream. During this period, decisions, offers, and starting dates will occur.

Benefits of Working with World Bank

The benefits of working with World Bank are as follows:

  • You will participate in a three-year corporate development curriculum with peer analysts from the World Bank Group.
  • You will meet and discuss issues with World Bank Group leaders.
  • You will be involved in a peer coaching programme where you will build further collaboration, leadership, integrative thinking, and innovation skills.
  • You will develop self-awareness, communication, and influence through leadership training.
  • You will plan your career through a development workshop and discussions with managers.
  • The HR team will assist you in obtaining your visa.
  • WBG offers a $10,000 cash allowance for relocation purposes.

Prepare for the World Bank Group Analyst Program

The WBG Analyst Program is highly competitive, with thousands of candidates applying for only a few available spots each year. Preparing in advance with sample questions and practice tests can improve your score and make you stand out to the recruitment team. Our expertly designed practice tests offer you the boost you need, with the help of full explanations and study guides. Start preparing today to ensure your success. 

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