The World Bank Group is an international financial institution, providing aid to developing countries through loans and financial advice. Working for WBG in the analyst program combines financial and business acumen with the goal of eliminating world poverty. With such important role in global development, the World Bank is looking to hire the best of the best and use a challenging deductive reasoning test and thorough personality test to assess applicants.

WBG Analyst Programme Online Tests

Once you have completed the application and essay, your submission is reviewed by the recruitment team at the World Bank Group. If they see potential, you are asked to complete a deductive reasoning and behavioural test online. These assessments need to be finished within one week and are the next stage of the analyst programme’s selection process. Therefore, scoring high on these tests is a must to make sure you move forward in the process.

Deductive Reasoning

Deductive reasoning is a type of logical reasoning. In these tests, you are given a rule or principle to apply to examples and reach a specific conclusion using deductive reasoning. While many of us use reasoning skills every day, honing in on them to answer questions under the pressure of a job assessment test can often prove difficult. With the help of our deductive reasoning practice pack, you’ll find yourself working through the test with ease.

Behavioural Tests

Behavioural or personality tests are used to give WBG a full picture of your personality and potential fit in both your future team and in the organization as a whole. Personality tests are known to be tedious, with over 100 similar questions, and it can become difficult to give reflective answers. Our personality test pack was designed to combat all of these difficulties and allow you to provide a full and accurate self-portrait to the recruitment team.

In Summary

The WBG Analyst Programme is highly competitive, with thousands of applicants for only a few spots available each year. Preparing in advance with practice questions and tests can boost your score and make you stand out to the recruitment team. Our expertly designed practice tests can give you just that, with the help of full explanations and study guides. We hope you have found this information useful. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the World Bank recruitment process.