Northern Trust Tests

Headquartered in Chicago, Northern Trust is a booming financial services outfit with $5.38 billion in revenue, 18,000 employees and 130 years of experience and excellence. If you excel in building wealth, managing businesses and nonprofits, investments, banking, wealth planning and trust and estate, you might just be a prime candidate for Northern Trust. However, before you can join their team let JobTestPrep assist you in preparing for important Northern Trust pre-hire exams, which could include: Electronic Data Processing Test (EDPT) and Microsoft Excel among other aptitude tests. Moreover, we will get you into fighting shape for the interview section as well – let's win!

Northern Trust Pre-Hire Guide

JobTestPrep is dedicated to helping you fully prepare to pass every Northern Trust pre-hire exam including Electronic Data Processing Test (EDPT) and Microsoft Excel. You will surely find our prep packages to comprehensive and custom-made designed to help you prepare for any pre-hire challenges. So, what are you waiting for?

Northern Trust Interview

With many positions and career paths to choose from it would be hard to cover all bases in this short introduction, but let's look at what the interview process for the Bank Trade Analyst position looks like based on reports from recent interviewees.

  • Phone Interview: This interview will be very short around 5-10 minutes and will include basic questions on your CV and technical skills.
  • Panel Interview: In the next stage of the interview you will face a panel interview of up to 6 interviews who will switch off asking you questions. Make sure you have mastered the elevator pitch and try to control the situation by using your answers to reference back to previous questioners while turning questions in conversations.

Interview Questions for Thought

Have you ever failed to meet goals and why? First of all, pick a real failure because they will know when you are lying. Explain why the situation was a challenge and what steps you took to fix the problem and what factors caused the remedy to fail. Lastly, give one or two takeaways.

Do you have any experience in leadership roles? Keep your answer as recent and relevant as possible. Try to think about complex projects you have led or large teams you have directed. By using STAR method you will be able to lay out the situation, task, action, result in a clear timeline.

Northern Trust  Pre-Hire Exams

Electronic Data Processing Test (EDPT)

The purpose of the EDPT test is to measure your ability to think logically. The exam results reflect your potential success in the field of computer programming and in the use of electronic data processing equipment.

There are two levels to the Excel tests. The first is the basic which includes basic formatting, standard tables and basic commands such as saving and printing properties. The advanced tests include questions on formulas, macro creation, advanced formatting