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What are Morgan Stanley Online Tests?

Morgan Stanley aptitude tests are online assessment tests built to predict how well you'll perform in the job you applied for.

Your Morgan Stanley online assessment is likely to be a combination of the following tests:

✓ Numerical reasoning
✓ Verbal reasoning
✓ Logical reasoning
✓ Speed/accuracy checking

Some applicants may be asked to complete a Morgan Stanley General Reasoning Test (GRT), which typically includes a combination of numerical, verbal and logical reasoning questions.

For the UK-based job positions, it is likely that these tests will be provided by CEB’s SHL, one of the world's largest psychometric testing companies.

If you're applying for an analyst position you should start practice the tests by cut-e - the assessment company most often used by Morgan Stanley for these jobs.

The competition for a position at Morgan Stanley is tough. Don't leave the preparation to your competition.

Free Morgan Stanley Test Sample (by SHL)

Complete the test to get your predicted score, then review your answers.

Test Time 8 min
Questions 14

Morgan Stanley Test Types

Morgan Stanley Numerical Test

The Morgan Stanley numerical reasoning test consists of 18 questions to be answered in 25 minutes.

You are presented with information in the form of tables and graphs.

To answer the questions correctly, you must interpret and analyse numerical data, work out percentages and ratios, and understand different charts.

The Morgan Stanley numerical test assesses your ability to understand complex numerical data and how well you work under pressure.

You have just over a minute to answer each question, and if you're not at the top of your game, you won't do your skills justice.

Practising these types of tests and understanding the Morgan Stanley numerical reasoning test answers are necessary steps for success.

Practise CEB SHL–style numerical tests with detailed explanations, study guides and solving tips to help you improve your score.

Morgan Stanley Verbal Reasoning Test

The Morgan Stanley verbal reasoning test presents you with a series of textual passages, where the information is typically on a general subject, although occasionally the topic will be related to the financial world.

The text on the Morgan Stanley verbal reasoning test often contains a host of different facts that are only loosely related to one another.

You must answer multiple-choice questions related to the text, usually four questions per text.

Morgan Stanley Checking Test

This Morgan Stanley online test is vastly different from the other tests in that your analytical skills are not under the microscope.

The Morgan Stanley checking test assesses your ability to work under pressure.

You are presented with a string of numbers and must then compare the given numbers to a sheet of very similar numbers.

You must make 32 comparisons in the 2-minute time frame.

Learn more about checking tests and start practising today with our SHL Checking Tests PrepPack™

Morgan Stanley Logical Reasoning Test

On the Morgan Stanley Logical test, you are presented with a series of diagrams that follow a logical pattern.

You must identify the pattern and then select the next item in the sequence. You must choose the correct answer from one of five options.

There are 24 questions on this test, and you have 25 minutes to complete it.

The best way to understand these tests is to take practice exams, which provide you with a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts.

You can do so with our SHL logical reasoning practice tests, which includes answers, explanations and solving tips to help you succeed.

Morgan Stanley Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

You may also be required to pass the Morgan Stanley Situational Judgement Test (SJT).

This test evaluates your behavioural and cognitive abilities through hypothetical work-related scenarios.

We offer dedicated comprehensive SJT preparation resources to help you succeed in all of your Morgan Stanley tests.

Other Morgan Stanley Assessment Tests

Applicants may be asked to take additional or different Morgan Stanley tests for certain job positions.

These may include IBM Kenexa's reasoning tests, a Microsoft Office Excel test, or the Criteria Cognitive Ability Test (CCAT).

Morgan Stanley Aptitude Test Preparation

Below we will outline the various tests and assessments that you can expect to face throughout the Morgan Stanley recruitment process.

As one of the largest multinational financial services, there is a high demand for all the vacant Morgan Stanley jobs.

Knowing what to expect and practising for the different aspects of the application process will allow you to apply for your desired job with complete confidence.

JobTestPrep offers Morgan Stanley-style full-length mock tests as well as interview and assessment centre preparation.

Morgan Stanley Recruitment Process

There are many stages of the Morgan Stanley application process, particularly for the Morgan Stanley Graduate Scheme and Morgan Stanley Internship programs.

Each step is outlined in more detail below to give you a full understanding of what Morgan Stanley is looking for in its candidates as well as how we can help you succeed in each stage of the process.

1) Online application

2) Online assessment test

3) Telephone interview

4) Assessment centre:

   I) Face to face interviews

   II) Group exercise

Morgan Stanley Online Application Form

The online application is the first step of the Morgan Stanley application process for every position.

There are several key points to bear in mind when completing this form. Firstly, you are required to upload both your CV and a cover letter.

These two items should not be underestimated; they are key to helping you pass through to the next stage, and they will also be used as the basis for your Morgan Stanley interview. 


 Top the Morgan Stanley Numerical Tests with JobTestPrep!

Our goal at JobTestPrep is to prepare you for a successful recruitment process with Morgan Stanley.

Excel in your Morgan Stanley numerical tests, online aptitude tests, interviews and assessment centre using our highly comprehensive PrepPacks™ today!

Morgan Stanley Telephone Interview

If you are successful in the previous stages of the Morgan Stanley recruitment process, you will be invited to take part in a Morgan Stanley telephone interview.

This is a 45-minute competency-based interview. During the interview, make sure to demonstrate a real desire to work for Morgan Stanley.

Sample Morgan Stanley Interview Questions:

  • Please give me an example of when you had an idea that was different from the rest of your team. How did you deal with this?
  • Please explain any complex concept of your choice in simple terms.
  • Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult task and the steps you took to accomplish the task.
  • Why have you chosen this department?
  • Why did you apply to Morgan Stanley?

You are also asked questions on your chosen division in more detail, including points about what it entails or who the regulatory bodies are.

When answering these questions, it is recommended to use the STAR method as well as to incorporate the company's key competencies.

These competencies are listed in your job application, so make sure you are completely at ease with them. Try out our interview preparation package for a complete preparation experience.

Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre

Once you have completed the previous steps, you will be invited to participate in the Morgan Stanley assessment centre.

This is only a half-day assessment centre, but there are a number of different activities that you will face.


Morgan Stanley Interviews

The Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre includes two separate interviews. Each interview is 45 minutes in length, with one of them being more skills-based and the other more competency-based.


Morgan Stanley Interview Questions

Some Morgan Stanley interview questions you can expect to encounter at the assessment centre are:

  • Give me an example of a skill that you have acquired and used.
  • Tell me about a time when you were wrong.
  • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with other members of your team.
  • Tell me about a time when you had to communicate with a member of the team that you found difficult to deal with.
  • Tell me about a time when you faced a major challenge.

For each of the questions, you will be probed for more detail by the two interviewers. You also need to explain your CV and qualifications, what you learned from the courses that relate to your prospective duties in the company, and why you think you are a good fit for Morgan Stanley.


Morgan Stanley Group Exercise

During this part of the assessment centre, candidates who applied for the Morgan Stanley graduate program take part in a group exercise.

You will be split up into groups of six and given a budget concerning a business acquisition. It is your task as a team to decide how to allocate the money.

Each of you will be given a different department to represent, and you must convince the other members of the group that your department needs X amount of money.

You have 30 minutes to discuss this with other members of the team.

There is, however, one big surprise:

Halfway through your discussion, one of the assessors appears and announces that the budget has been slashed by 50%.

In addition to the discussion, the group must prepare a 5-minute presentation on its results. In a sense, this is similar to a case study interview, where you present factual evidence to back up your findings.

Morgan Stanley Careers

Morgan Stanley employs over 60,000 employees in 36 countries worldwide. The three main branches of the firm are Global Wealth Management, Institutional Securities, and Investment Management.

Morgan Stanley offers a wide variety of positions for applicants of all levels, including student positions, such as the spring and summer internship programs, and various graduate schemes in different branches around the world.

Morgan Stanley offers a large range of entry-level and senior roles for experienced professionals and financial advisors. Start preparing today and let JobTestPrep help you to secure your dream Morgan Stanley job. 

Morgan Stanley, CEB-SHL, IBM Kenexa, Excel and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders is affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.


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