Adept-15 – Aon Work-Related Behaviour Assessment Preparation

ADEPT-15 is a personality assessment provided by Aon/Cut-e and designed to capture candidates’ behavioural tendencies and workplace styles. It aims to help recruiters ensure their employees fit the organisation’s culture and that they can prosper in the organisation’s environment.

Each position requires a different set of traits, so it's hard to answer the ADEPT-15 question in a way that reflects your personality as well as what your position requires. For that exact reason, our ADEPT-15 preparation is tailored to your professional profile. It includes:

  • Full simulations, each 150 questions long, focused on the key behaviors needed for five roles – Entry level, General team, Leadership, Sales, and Finance. 
  • Study guides tailored specifically for your position, showing you how to address each question to demonstrate the personality traits relevant to the role you applied for.

The PrepPack™ Includes:

  • Full Simulations for 5 Different Roles:
    • Entry level
    • General team
    • Leadership
    • Sales
    • Finance
  • 150 questions
  • Position-based Study Guides (Entry level, General team, Leadership, Sales, and Finance)

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What Is Adept-15 Assessment?

The ADEPT-15 (Adaptive Employee Personality Test) is a work-related assessment, usually taken together with other AON/cut-e ability tests or other personality and integrity tests.

ADEPT-15 evaluates your traits, tendencies, and preferences by assessing 15 aspects of personality characteristics that reflect and predict your work performance, style, and attitude.

You will be presented with pairs of statements. Each statement has a scale of “strongly agree” to “slightly agree.” For each pair, you will need to mark the statement you agree with more and to what extent you agree with that statement.

The assessment consists of 150 items – 5 items on each page. There is no time limit, and it takes about 25-30 minutes to complete.

On the top of the screen is a progress bar indicating how far along you are in the test.

Let’s see how it looks!

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Adept-15 Sample Questions

Which statement do you agree with more?

Most of the time, I tend to hold a positive perspective

I enjoy collaborating with others towards a shared goal

Strongly Agree

Slightly Agree

Slightly Agree

Strongly Agree

Which statement do you agree with more?

It takes a lot to make me lose my temper

I'm not afraid to express my opinion, even if it's unpopular when I feel strongly about something

Strongly Agree

Slightly Agree

Slightly Agree

Strongly Agree

Which statement do you agree with more?

Being around other people gives me energy

I like being part of a group rather than being in the spotlight

Strongly Agree

Slightly Agree

Slightly Agree

Strongly Agree

Which statement do you agree with more?

I enjoy creating new ways of doing things, even if the current methods are already effective

I am better at executing ideas than generating them

Strongly Agree

Slightly Agree

Slightly Agree

Strongly Agree

Which statement do you agree with more?

I often miss small details

I am easily discouraged

Strongly Agree

Slightly Agree

Slightly Agree

Strongly Agree

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ADEPT-15 Measured Personality Traits

The ADEPT-15 assesses your work behaviour and preferences through 6 broad workstyles that cover 15 aspects of personality traits

Task style – assesses your drive and structure:

  • Relaxed vs focused

Adaptation style – assesses your conceptual flexibility and mastery:

  • Practical vs abstract
  • Consistent vs flexible
  • Doing vs improving

Achievement style – assesses your ambition and power

  • Contented vs striving
  • Contributor vs controller

Interaction style – assesses your assertiveness and liveliness:

  • Cautious vs sociality bold
  • Reserved vs outgoing

Emotional style – assesses your composure, positivity, and awareness:

  • Passionate vs calm
  • Concerned vs hopeful
  • Insulated vs self-aware

Teamwork style – assesses your cooperativeness, sensitivity, and humility:

  • Independent vs team-oriented
  • Stoic vs compassionate
  • Proud vs humble

The ADEPT-15 has a shorter version, called ADEPT-7, which measures seven competencies and focuses on the essential traits required for the role.

How to Answer the ADEPT-15 Questions?

As a personality test, the ADEPT-15 creates a comprehensive profile that fits the job requirements. Thus, to best answer the Adept-15 question, a bigger-picture approach is required.

With JobTestPrep’s ADEPT-15 preparation pack, you will learn how to achieve the broad perspective relevant specifically to your position with full simulations, detailed explanations, and position-based Study Guides

ADEPT-15 Workstyles Report

Once completing the ADEPT-15 assessment, you will receive a workstyle report reflecting your personal characteristics, attitude, and preferences and how they correlate with your work behaviour and leadership and managerial roles.

The report is organised by the 15 measured traits and provides conclusions about your behaviour by comparison to people who have answered the statements similarly to you.

Your results need to be considered within the test context as a whole, and you should not over-emphasize one specific conclusion. However, you should pay attention to the points regarding strengths and improvement opportunities, which can benefit you both personally and professionally.

Note that the test result will be available for you only during the validity period of the tests. That means that when the test's last answer date has passed, you can no longer see your results.

ADEPT-15 Personality Assessment Tips

Just like other personality tests, the Adept-15 may seem baffling at first, but proper preparation and a knowledge of what to expect go a long way. Here are a few helpful tips:

There are no right or wrong answers
All your answers are good as long as they are authentic and reflect who you are. The test’s score indicates your preferences and tendencies toward a certain working style; each trait has advantages and disadvantages.
Read the room
Although there are no correct or incorrect answers, you should consider the position and company you applied for when addressing the statements. Think about which behaviours are desirable and less desirable in the role and if they align with the organisation’s culture. Remember that how you behave in certain situations depends on the context, the people involved, and the case itself.
You may come across pairs of statements that seem equally agreeable or disagreeable, making it hard to choose an accurate answer. In these cases, you need to adjust your response and choose the answer that will reflect your personality as best as possible.
It won’t be easy
As its name suggests, the ADEPT-15 is adaptive, meaning that the statements you will be presented with are based on your previous responses and might even become more complicated and challenging to choose and rate. 
Be attentive
Over consistency, such as marking just the average response or the edges, will indicate that you are not reading the statements and not considering your answers. Stay focused, read the statements carefully, and answer genuinely. 

No regrets
Every page has 5 pairs of statements. You can change and modify your answers while on the page, but after moving on, you cannot change your answers on the previous pages.


The ADEPT-15 (Adaptive Employee Personality Test) is an assessment test provided by AON/cut-e. The assessment evaluates your work-related behaviour through 6 workstyles and 15 personality traits.

Aon/cut-e offers various personality and integrity tests that assess your characteristics, traits, tendencies, and preferences. These tests are part of the hiring process as they aim to see if you are the right person for the job and that you fit into the organisation’s culture.

The ADEPT-15 assessment might seem easy, as you are required to address personal preferences. However, when answering the questions, you need to consider the traits required in the position you are applying for and the company’s values. In addition, you will encounter statements that you equally agree or disagree with, which makes answering them particularly challenging.

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