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JP Morgan receives tens of thousands of job applications each year in the United Kingdom alone. Regrettably, for applicants, JP Morgan has a limited number of job positions; therefore, competition is fierce. JP Morgan uses Pymetrics games and some position may even require you to complete an Assessment Centre at part of their recruitment process. 

The JP Morgan recruitment process is divided into five stages, each of which requires you to give it your all and exceed your peers in order to obtain your dream job. We've put up this step-by-step guide so you can get expert advice on each step of JP Morgan's hiring process, which is as follows:

Online Application

This stage of the hiring process is your first opportunity to make a positive first impression and differentiate yourself from the competition. Depending on the business area and the position that you have applied for, the online form will ask you for information about your education and any academic results, work experience, and sometimes some motivational questions. 

Ensure to apply ASAP. Since applications are examined on a rolling basis, submitting one in time increases your chances of being considered for the next stage of the hiring process. 

This step may include some motivational questions, such as: 

  • What makes you want to work at JP Morgan? 
  • Why are you interested in applying for this position?

Always remember to remain as specific as possible when responding to motivational questions: include particular facts about JP Morgan Chase and Co. that encourage you to work there, such as special accolades it has won, CSR initiatives, and so on. Mention the essential abilities required for this position and how they fit both your prior experiences and personal interests when expressing why you wish to apply for this particular role.

Online Aptitude Test - JP Morgan Pymetrics Assessment

Following the completion of the online application form, you will be notified if you have advanced to the next step of the recruiting process, which includes pymetrics games and online aptitude tests.

What is Pymetrics?

Pymetrics is a set of neuroscience games focused on behaviour that objectively assesses cognitive, social, and behavioural characteristics. Pymetrics uses cutting-edge technology to assist JPMorgan Chase to go beyond your résumé and learn more about your natural strengths in order to determine which roles you're most likely to thrive in.

How does it work?

You'll play a series of 12 games that assess the qualities that define who you are. There are no correct or incorrect answers; they're interested in how you approach problems rather than precise solutions.

And Pymetrics is only one part of the equation. When making employment decisions, their management takes into account all application materials, including in-person or online interviews.

You'll get an extensive, tailored report for the skills you already have after playing the pymetrics games. Pymetrics allows you to shine above and beyond what you see on paper.

Learn more about the Pymetrics Games on our dedicated page.

Video Interview

If you successfully clear the aptitude tests by JP Morgan online assessment, you will be invited to participate in a virtual interview, which may consist of approximately 7-8 questions. You'll be given a set of questions to read and analyze and will be allotted 30 seconds to do so. Then you'll have three minutes to record and submit your response.

If you're doing a web interview, videotape yourself or stand in front of the mirror to rehearse your responses and examine your tone and body language. Show your friends the video and ask them how they would perceive you, then make the required modifications.

JP Morgan Assessment Centre

Some positions and programmes require you to participate in an Assessment Centre. If you've made it this far, you've almost reached the end of the recruitment process. There are only a few things left to do before you land the job of your dreams.

The JP Morgan assessment centre will provide you with the opportunity to network with JP Morgan employees and learn more about the organization. It's the ideal moment for you to learn more about what it's like to work with the company.

You will, however, need to pass a few tests to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the position. These might include:

Group Exercise

This activity will test your abilities to operate in a group setting. Various JP Morgan workers will be watching you during this exercise to see how you solve challenges and collaborate with others.

It's critical that you not only feel comfortable sharing and arguing your ideas but also that you're willing to contribute to other people's ideas. Above all, speak clearly and do not interrupt others!

Strive to persuade others to agree with your viewpoints and ask critical, thought-provoking questions, but only when it feels natural to do so. You must recognize that the other members of your team are equally important.

Role Plays

You will have around 20 minutes to work in a pair and analyze a set of data in this activity. Then you and your companion must plan your response. Your interviewer will assume the role of a client in the second part, and you will be representing JP Morgan. You'll need to showcase your bargaining abilities, coordination, and analytical thinking in this challenge.

Final Interview

This step of the hiring process will include several one-on-one interviews with directors or senior managers from the business sector you want to join. These will be competence-based, and they will be your final opportunity to exhibit your want to work for JP Morgan by demonstrating your passion, talents, and excitement. The questions will very certainly be technical in nature and will require some knowledge of the field in which you are applying. By this time, you should have done extensive research about the company, including its market position, recent developments, and technical improvements, as well as learning everything you can about the position you applied for.

Banking Departments Under JP Morgan

Asset & Wealth Management

The Asset & Wealth Management division of JP Morgan offers methods that span the whole asset range. Individuals, advisors, and institutions receive individualized attention and guidance from their team of global investment professionals.

Commercial Banking

JP Morgan Commercial Bank offers a variety of products and services to assist corporations, organizations, real estate investors, and business-owners in achieving their financial objectives while also making a constructive contribution to their communities.

Corporate & Investment Banking

The Corporate and Investment Bank division of JP Morgan has earned the trust of the world's most prestigious corporations, governments, and institutions in banking, markets, and investor services.

Corporate Functions

Internal and external clients seeking expertise cooperate with in-house teams to execute company plans. Compliance, risk management, legal, human resources, marketing, and other professions fall into this category.

Consumer & Community Banking

JP Morgan Consumer & Community Bank helps individuals, families, and companies bank, save, invest, make credit card transactions, and finance houses and cars.


JP Morgan creates cutting-edge solutions that have a global impact on millions of customers and organizations. With investment worth USD 11 billion and over 50,000 technologists working worldwide, innovation drives the way JP Morgan Chase Bank conducts business.


Internship Programmes at JP Morgan

Audit Summer Internship

You'll evaluate their global business's internal controls systems and suggest strategies to improve them.

Corporate Analyst Development Program Internship

The position helps you develop your knowledge while learning how to run a global organization, hone your leadership skills, and create career-advancing contacts.

Corporate Client Banking & Specialized Industries Internship Analyst

Working on one of our regional or industrial teams, you'll develop corporate finance and credit analysis abilities, learn from senior executives, acquire about how JP Morgan gives back to communities, and make lifelong connections.

Some other prominent internship positions at JP Morgan include:

• Global Corporate Banking Analyst Internship
• Wholesale Payments & Corporate Banking Internship
• Middle Market Banking & Specialized Industries Internship
• Investment Banking Analyst Winter Internship
• Investment Banking Seasonal Internship

Full-time positions at JP Morgan

Corporate Client Banking & Specialized Industries Full-time Analyst

Join JP Morgan industry-leading team of specialists to help their corporate clients expand their businesses and implement their objectives. For clients with a revenue of USD 500 million or more, JP Morgan focuses on traditional and investment banking solutions.

Chase Associate Program Full-time

Join the general management program at JP Morgan to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Consumer and Community Banking industry. You'll get experience in numerous domains, including card services, merchant services, and business banking.

Some other prominent full-time positions at JP Morgan include:

• Audit Full-time Analyst
• Asset Management Products Full-time Analyst
• Corporate Analyst Development Program - Full-time Analyst
• Middle Market Banking & Specialized Industries Full-time Analyst



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