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If you are successful in the first round, you will be put forward to stage two, a business area-specific assessment centre. The exercises at the JP Morgan assessment days may differ depending on where you have applied to; you will know in advance which exercises to expect, but here - some of the more common exercises are discussed.

JP Morgan SHL Fast Track Tests

Many applicants who attend the JP Morgan assessment centre have to take the JP Morgan FastTrack test. This is a test that is administered with flashcards and you are presented with different images that have a particular logical pattern running through the set. You have to work out this pattern and use it to decide which is the next correct flashcard in the sequence. This test uses the same thought processes as other logical reasoning tests which you can find more about here.

JP Morgan Case Study

In the case study exercise, you are sent a pack of reading materials ahead of the assessment centre to familiarise yourself with. At the assessment centre, you are given a task or question to answer, based on the information in the reading pack. For example: in the CIB Risk business area, the tasks you are asked to do are based on the types of task you can expect to carry out as a CIB Risk Analyst. Case studies involve immersing yourself in a new situation. As well as research about the topic you are given in your reading pack, it is a good idea to also prepare your approach to tasks in the case study. Prepare for this test with the online case study practice pack

JP Morgan Role Play

The role play is based on the same case study as the earlier exercise. Examples can involve presenting information to a CIB Risk Officer, or taking on the role of a client to present information to an interviewer in the Sales, Trading and Research business area. Reading materials on the role you are expected to play is provided at the assessment centre. Taking on a role can be difficult, especially when you have to present to an expert. Presentation is also key. Find out some tips for giving presentations and dealing with a role play on the role-playing pages.

JP Morgan Case Study and Presentation

Some business areas, for example - Finance and Operation, combine the two exercises above into one. In this case, you are asked to read a number of emails and documents and come up with a solution to a technical business problem. You will then present your ideas to a business manager. This exercise contains several elements that you need to prepare for in advance of the assessment centre. You need to think about how to approach a case study, how to immerse yourself in the role play and, possibly, even brush up on your presentation skills.

JP Morgan Group Exercise

The group exercise can involve either working with the same case study as in other exercises, or on another case. The group is briefed in a case and tasked with discussing the various aspects of the case with the rest of the groups. In some cases, you are expected to look at the various pieces of evidence provided and come together to reach a solution for a technical or business problem. Throughout the group exercise, you are being assessed on how you interact with the group, the quality of your contributions and the persona you take on. Getting the balance right between confident and aggressive, or contributing enough or taking over can be tough. with the offered group exercise preparation, you can formulate your plan ahead of time and learn tips to deal with both the exercise and the rest of your group.

JP Morgan Written Exercise

Applicants to the Technology track in particular can expect a written exercise. In this exercise and working with the same case study as in other exercises, you are asked to develop the result from the group exercise further by answering a series of questions. You then discuss your written answers with an assessor. Depending on the intended audience of your written piece, you may need to adapt your style. Looking at the different styles available to you in advance will help you improve the quality of your answers, as well as improve your confidence when you come to present your findings. The product's written exercises pages offer up guidance on how to approach a variety of written exercises.

The questions you can expect to discuss include:

  • Do you think you showed any leadership?
  • What was your contribution?
  • Did you correct anyone?
  • Have you ever had a similar experience?

JP Morgan Interviews

Depending on which track you have applied to, you can expect at least one, if not more interviews. The style of interview you will experience also differs. Some interviews will be competency based (for example in CIB Risk), others are self-awareness interviews (for example in Finance). More still will be a motivational interview asking about why you applied to JP Morgan, or what your plans are for the future.

The type of questions you can expect to be asked in a JP Morgan interview include:

  • Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team.
  • What are your three main strengths?
  • Describe a problem you faced and how you solved it.
  • Why have you applied to this business area rather than any other?
  • How do you decide which assignment is the most important?
  • What is your biggest achievement?
  • Who is a leader you admire and why?
  • Describe a time when you had to give a presentation to a group of people.
  • Which is better: to be respectful or respected?
  • Who are JP Morgan’s key competitors?
  • How could a financial crisis be prevented/solved?

You will know in advance which interview style you can expect on the day, which will help you decide which questions to prepare answers for. Prepare examples to illustrate your answers and organise them around the STAR method. Review the information you included on your application form so that you do not use the same examples again, or you can build on what it says if asked. 

In Summary

JP Morgan is a popular graduate and intern employer; competition for places is fierce. Some departments will only take graduates who have already completed an internship with them, so you must pay attention to when and which scheme is best for you to apply to. Also, note that each business area has their own deadline, so be sure to confirm when you need to send your application in by and don’t miss out.

Given the competition you will face, you will need to be at the top of your game at each stage. On this page, the resources available to help you prepare and reach the required level have been introduced. Hopefully, you have found this article useful - good luck.

JobTestPrep is not a part of JP Morgan and/or SHL and is not related to them in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.


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