Pymetrics JP Morgan Chase - Get Pymetrics Test Practice with Interactive Simulation [2024 Applications]

Practice all 12 Pymetrics Games With Explanations, Solving Tips and Guide


Whatever position you apply for at JP Morgan, you will first have to pass the infamous Pymetrics games.

JP Morgan dings a VERY large part of its applicants based solely on these games.

The full 12 games list, all ready for practice:

  1. Balloon Game
  2. Tower Game
  3. Money Exchange #1
  4. Money Exchange #2
  5. Keypress Game
  6. Hard or Easy Task Game
  7. Digits Memory
  8. Stop Game
  9. Arrows Game
  10. Lengths Game
  11. Cards Game
  12. Faces Game
Pymetrics JP Morgan Practice

Practice and Get the Job - Simulations for All 12 Pymetrics Games

  • Balloon Game
  • 2 Money Exchange Games
  • Cards Game
  • Tower Game
  • Arrows Game
  • Faces Game
  • And more...
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What is JP Morgan Pymetrics Assessment?

Right after submitting your application to any position, internship, or graduate program, you will get an invitation to take the Pymetrics games. It includes a series of 12 mini-games, each takes 2-3 minutes to complete, and the whole assessment is around 25-30 minutes long.

The games are based on well known psychological experiments, and they aim to measure 91 social, cognitive, and behavioral traits of your personality. Once complete, your personality profile is passed on to JP Morgan, where it’s compared to their benchmark.


Note: You can take the games only once a year. Moreover, even if you played it for a different firm, you still can’t take it again for a full year and your score is passed on between firms. You only have one chance!

What Does JP Morgan Look for in Pymetrics?

JP Morgan use Pymetrics to assess your fit for a specific position.

Their top performers in each position played the same games themselves. Then, the system analyzed their personality traits and comprised a kind of a dream candidate profile, which is now the benchmark.

Each candidate’s profile is compared to this benchmark and is given a compatibility score.

So, to understand what exactly JP Morgan is looking for, you need to research each individual position. Understand what would make a good employee for that specific role and try to emphasize these traits while taking the test.

How to Pass JP Morgan Pymetrics Assessment?

Pymetrics measures every step you take while playing the games, which makes it that much harder to prepare for it. The probability to understand and pass the games without proper interactive practice and personalized reports is close to none.

Let's look at one of the more complicated games on the test.

Tower Game

In the Pymetrics Tower Game, you are introduced to three towers with different colors disks stacked on them, and a target image of how the towers should look like in the end.

Your task is to reorganize the disks according to the target, in the least amount of moves possible.

Pymetrics Tower Game

In our JP Morgan Pymetrics practice pack, you will have the chance to play the game for yourself. Once you are finished, you will get a report, such as this.


Pymetrics Tower Game Report

This report includes the parameters measured when you play. For instance, in the Tower Game, you are not only measured by the number of moves you make, but also by the time you spent planning your moves.

After getting this report you will get a full guide about the game, including explanations and tips, such as this:

Since the planning and strategy skills are being measures, we recommend that you do not click on the disks and start to move them right away. Instead, take a few seconds to think about the steps you are going to take in order to show you are planning your strategy.

After getting your report, guide and solving tips, you can go back and practice as many times as you like, until you get it right.

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JP Morgan Hiring Process

The recruiting process will look the same for every position:

  1. Online application
  2. Pymetrics games
  3. HireVue virtual interview
  4. Superday
  5. Offer

The online application is pretty straightforward. Given that you answer all requirements, you will get the automatic invitation email to take the Pymetrics assessment.

Note: Usually these emails are sent in waves. Some candidates will get it right after completing the application, others will have to wait a couple of days or so. Either way, it has no meaning whatsoever.

Right after completing the Pymetrics games, you will get an automatic invite to take the HireVue virtual interview. Again, this is sent to every candidate, and getting it does not mean you passed the assessment.

Only after you passed the Pymetrics + HireVue stage, you will be scheduled for a Superday.

JP Morgan HireVue Virtual Interview

This is a very popular format for interviewing candidates, using the HireVue AI platform. The same as with Pymetrics, this platform as well monitors everything that you say and do, in order to build a personality profile.

You will get three questions you have to video record yourself answer to. For each question you will get one chance to practice, meaning record an answer and then delete it to record a new one.

The questions are not the same for every candidate and are administered randomly from a pool of questions.

Here are some examples from past candidates:

  • Discuss a major world event and how it could affect financial markets.
  • Provide an example of a project where you sought out relevant information and used it to develop a plan of action. Describe the situation, actions you took and the outcome.
  • Provide an example of a project you worked on with a team. Describe the situation, actions you took and the outcome.
  • Describe a situation in which you learned something significant from a mistake you made at work or in a school project.
  • Why do you want to work for JP Morgan?
  • Why do you think you are qualified for this position?
  • Describe a time when you had to show someone complex information and simplify it for them.

Note: JP Morgan hires on a rolling basis, which means it is better to apply early. Even if it’s months before the deadline.