About the McQuaig Word Survey

The McQuaig Word Survey is a personality test that measures personality traits and how a person behaves in his or her current job. It shows how a person's disposition is likely to influence future behaviour. It can be used to understand what a candidate will bring to the job. However, it is also used to help employers manage and develop more effectively and to improve interviews. The test helps identify strategies to recruit, manage, develop, and retain employees.

The McQuaig Word Survey is administered online, and it takes 10–20 minutes to complete. There is no pass or fail. The results include 10 reports.


McQuaig Word Survey Reports

  1. The Profile – A graphical summary that provides a picture of behavioural patterns.
  2. Interpretation Report – A report that shows an understanding of the potential assets a person may bring to a job, along with possible areas for development or concern.
  3. Leadership Profile – A summary of a person's likely behaviour in a leadership role. This report can be used if the person is applying for a leadership position or if he or she will be required to assume leadership responsibilities at some time.
  4. Selling Style – This is a summary of a person's likely behaviour in a sales role. It should be used when a person is applying for a sales position or if he or she is expected to sell ideas/solutions or persuade others.
  5. Interview Questions – This consists of behaviourally-based interview questions, which should be used to understand a person's past job behaviours as well as to help an employer predict the candidate's future behaviours on the job.
  6. Assessment of Job Fit – This report is used to evaluate the match between the position and the candidate.
  7. Management Overview – This report should be used on a regular basis as a quick reminder of the employee's profile.
  8. Motivating Factors – This report is used to understand a candidate's needs in order to assess whether they are being met in the candidate's current job or if the candidate would meet the needs of the potential new role.
  9. Strategies for Coaching and Developing – This report should be used for guidance on how to work with the candidate effectively. It can also be used to measure an employer's expectations of the candidate.
  10. Teach Approach – This report should be used to see how well a candidate works as part of a team. If an employer uses the test on current employees, it can be used to compare an employee's report with other team members' reports to see the team's dynamic.

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