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Practising for employers' assessments has become more and more challenging over time. Practising with our free tests below will allow you to see where you stand. Ready for the full preparation experience? Get the full PrepPack™ today.  

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Future Steps

If you have completed our free psychometric test examples and wish to start practising seriously, we invite you to review our customised practice packs:

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In addition, check out our video tutorials: 

Prepare for Success with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep is the only preparation institute that provides practice solutions for specific assessment companies and/or positions. Our psychometric tests database includes over 5,000 practice questions, which are divided by the specific needs of candidates from all industries and levels.

Only at JobTestPrep are you given the chance to practise the psychometric tests you will see at the assessment stage, whether you are applying to a specific employer or looking to review the entire range of possible tests your position/industry requires. Ready to succeed? Start preparing with our psychometric test preparation packages today.

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