Nordea Online Test Preparation

Are you looking for a job at Nordea? Prepare for the cut-e exams and other aspects of the recruitment process. Get ready with the cut-e-style abstract and verbal tests, tutorials and many other resources that this PrepPack™ offers.

  • Total Tests: 20+
  • Topics Covered: Numerical, abstract, verbal tests & more
  • Includes: cut-e-style practice tests & guides
Nordea Tests
  • 4 full-length cut-e-style verbal ability practice tests
  • 4 full-length cut-e-style numerical ability practice tests
  • 2 full-length cut-e-style Scales cls practice tests
  • 3 full-length cut-e-style Scales ix practice tests
  • Full-length personality test
  • 3 additional verbal ability drills
  • 4 additional numerical ability drills
  • 25 video tutorials and study guides
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


In this PrepPack™, you will find cut-e-style abstract, verbal & numerical tests, personality test, drills, tutorials and study guides.

Nordea's Online Tests

In order to establish the suitability of candidates, Nordea usually administers the Nordea tests. These online aptitude tests are a crucial part of the recruitment process, particularly within their graduate programme. The aptitude assessment measures each candidates' verbal and numerical skills, along with logical thinking and personality. Whether you are looking for an internship, want to join Nordea’s graduate programme, or are interested in a managerial role, taking an aptitude test is an effective means to identify what makes you unique against other candidates. Preparing for your tests with this product can be the difference between succeeding and not - and we want you to succeed. Start your revision today to give yourself the best chance of getting employed.

Nordea's Test-Style for Graduates and Non-Graduates

If you are looking for your dream job with Nordea, now is the time to start honing your skills for the recruitment process. Get ready for your reasoning exams and study for your interview. If part of the Nordea graduate application process is the cut-e test, practice tests are the best way to prepare for the recruitment process. Don't waste precious time and start practising immediately for your Nordea cut-e exams.

What are the Advantages of this Pack?

You can access hundreds of online practice tests quickly, easily and effectively. There are over 560 questions to cover, with 15 tests to review.
You will get up-to-date questions to practise with beforehand. Detailed explanations talking you through the answers and explaining how to solve different strategies.
The packs are comprehensive and enable you to pass these tests at graduate, management and senior management levels.
We have put together unique online preparation tools for you to succeed with any psychometric test, assessment centre, or job.

How to Successfully Pass Your Nordea Tests?

The key to all success is preparation. One of the great advantages of the test pack is that you can practise these online tests beforehand to ensure you are a strong candidate. Ultimately, putting in the time to revise is the greatest way to pass your Nordea tests successfully. By getting used to the different numerical challenges and analytical verbal reasoning questions, you will be in a much stronger position than other job candidates on your pre-employment assessment. With the offered PrepPack™, you can also practise your interview skills. You will also build your confidence and get to grips with what the assessment centre will involve Nothing will come as an unwelcome surprise on the day.


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Non-Graduates Nordea Applicants

The recruitment process for non-graduates is as follows:

  • Stage 1: You can apply for a job with Nordea through their online application system. You may also be asked to answer some questions before submitting your application. Once all applications have been screened, you will be invited for an interview, if you are suitable.
  • Stage 2: You will attend between one and two interviews, in which you will meet either a manager or a member of the HR team. You will be assessed for how well you fit into the Nordea team and the corporate culture. You will be asked several questions. You may also need to take the company’s online work-related tests, such as numerical and verbal reasoning. These will highlight your personality, ability and suitability.
  • Stage 3: After your interview and assessment, you will be evaluated against other potential candidates.

Graduates Nordea Applicants

The recruitment process for graduates is as follows:

The Nordea graduate programme enables you to become employed in a job role that specifically matches your skills and knowledge. There are specific application periods for each year, so you must apply within one of these. The locations for the jobs may change. Ultimately, they are looking for the best recruits in any of the four Nordic capitals.

  • Stage 1: If you are looking to apply for a role, you should then send off your application for the position. If you are applying for numerous roles, you will need to send off more than one application if you are applying for numerous roles.
  • Stage 2: Your application will be processed and, if necessary, you may be requested to take the Nordea aptitude tests. Once you have passed them, if you are successful, you will be through to the next round of the recruitment process and will be invited for a face-to-face interview.