Westpac Culture Assessment – The Complete Guide [2024]

Westpac Group is a multinational Australian banking corporation with branches worldwide, including the UK.

Westpac offers a wide variety of positions, as well as graduate and internship programs. To screen applicants and ensure they match the organisation’s values, Westpac administrates a multi-step hiring process that includes the Westpac Culture Assessment.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about the Westpac Culture Assessment, with the assessment’s structure, sample questions, and answering tips.

Our Westpac Culture Assessment preparation pack simulates the real test and will guide you on addressing all types of questions to fit Westpac's values. It includes –

  • Full Westpac Culture Assessment Simulation, with the same format, sections, and the number of questions that will prepare you for the real assessment.
  • Detailed explanations on recognising the answer that best fits the organisation's culture. 
  • Describe Your Approach study guide providing you insight into your unique work style.
Westpac Online Test

The PrepPackTM Includes:

  • Westpac Culture Assessment
  • Working With Others Simulation
  • What Motivates You" Simulation
  • Describe Your Approach Practice Simulation & Study guide

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What Is the Westpac Culture Assessment?

The Westpac Culture Assessment, provided by Modern Hire, is an evaluation designed to help both you and your recruiters determine if you  fit into the organisation’s culture and environment.  It aims to predict how you will deal with work problems, handle interpersonal issues, and what drives you and make you prosper professionally.

The assessment is divided into three sections; each will present you with a series of scenario-based questions you will need to address as best you see fit and according to the Westpac values.

The assessment has no time limit and typically takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Westpac Values

Keep these in mind when answering the sample questions below:

 Helpful: being passionate about assisting and delivering a good customer experience –

Work as one team for the organisation’s colleagues and customers

Support customers and colleagues in times of need

 Ethical: being trusted to do the right thing –

Ask “Why should we?”

Speak up and challenge constructively

 Leading change: being determined to be and make better –

Look for ways to innovate and embrace new working methods and technologies

Inclusive and embody a diversity of thought and experiences

 Performing: being accountable for completing the work

Clear on your role and deliver your commitments

Take ownership of protectively managing risks

 Simple: being motivated to keep it plain and straightforward –

Ask “Can it be simpler?”

Clear the way to make it easier and quicker

Westpac Culture Assessment Section #1 – Working With Others

This section of the assessment evaluates your inter-relationship approach and how you act as a colleague.

In this Situational Judgement Test, you will be presented with 10 work-related scenarios, followed by several possible responses. For each scenario, you will need to choose the response that is most like how you would react to the situation and the response that is least like how you should respond.

Let’s see how it looks!

Westpac Culture Assessment Working With Others Sample Question

You are busy with your work when a newly hired team member approaches you, expressing feeling overwhelmed and seeking your assistance. Helping them will require you to sacrifice some of your time and fall behind on your own tasks.

Which of the statements is MOST and LEAST like how you would respond?


Take on your team member's responsibilities in addition to your own, seeking help from other team members whenever possible.


Apologize for your unavailability and explain your current workload, suggesting that they seek help from a less busy team member.


Discuss the situation with your manager and seek guidance on how to proceed. If they instruct you to help your team member, then you should prioritize that.


Guide your team members to finish their tasks by showing them how to make sure they understand each step and ensuring they can do it on their own next time.

In this scenario, the third option is the best response because it aligns with the organisation's value of being “helpful” to your colleagues while also showing respect for the chain of command. You assist right away when there's a problem, and you also teach them how to finish their tasks better so they'll be ready next time.

The least desirable response in this scenario is answer B. 

The correct answer is C

In our Westpac Culture Assessment PrePack, you will learn how to answer each SJT question to match Westpac’s values.

Westpac Culture Assessment Section #2 – What Motivates You

This section of the assessment evaluates what drives you and which type of working environment will motivate you to be your best professionally.

You will be presented with 25 sets of statements regarding your job preferences.

You will need to select the response that best suits your preferences.

Let’s see an example!

Westpac Culture Assessment What Motivates You Sample Question

I prefer a job where -


creativity and innovation are encouraged


There is a strong focus on work-life balance

In this example, the first option fits better with the organisation’s value of "leading change”. By expressing a preference for creativity and innovation, you demonstrate that you are comfortable taking risks, challenging the status quo, and have a growth mindset.

The correct answer is 1

Our PrePack provides you with detailed explanations guiding you on how to choose the most suitable statements to align with your job requirements while remaining genuine.

Westpac Culture Assessment Section #3 – Describe Your Approach

This section of the assessment evaluates your work approach, tendencies, and preferences.

You will be presented with 89 sets of statements.

First, you will need to decide which of the statements fits you best. Next, you will need to rate to which extent this statement describes you.

Let’s take a look!

Westpac Culture Assessment Describe Your Approach Sample Question

Which statement is most like you?


I value the learning process and am not deterred by setbacks.


I am highly motivated by making meaningful contributions to my team or organization.

How much is this statement like you?

A lot like me

Somewhat like me

In this example, the second reply, “I am highly motivated by making meaningful contributions to my team or organization,” is better, as it aligns with the organisation’s value of " Performing”. It demonstrates that you are driven to achieve results and committed to contributing to the company's success.

The correct answer is 2

Our PrePack includes a Describe Your Approach guide, showing you how to present best who you are and your working preferences.

Westpac Culture Assessment Tips

It’s not personal
When addressing the questions, think of what you are like in a professional environment and how you would react to work-related situations rather than your personal life or character traits irrelevant to your job.
The higher value
Westpac emphasises its values significantly, and the assessment aims to evaluate if you are aligned with its principles and culture. Thus, remember the Westpac values   when answering the questions and let them guide your reply. 
Your role matters
Your answer can change according to your position. If you applied for a managerial role, you should highlight your leadership skills, and if you are applying for a role in which you are part of a team, you should highlight your collegiality qualities.

Westpac Hiring Process

The Westpac Culture Assessment is significant in the hiring process as it is the initial screening stage, where most candidates are eliminated. Nonetheless, it is just the first stage among several steps that need to be completed:

  1. Online application
  2. Culture assessment
  3. Psychometric assessments (required only for certain roles)
  4. Pre-recorded interview
  5. Face-to-face interview
  6. Reference and background checks

Prepare for your Westpac Culture Assessment with JobTestPrep's tailored PrePack, which includes a full simulation, detailed answers and explanations to help you ace the test!

Westpac Psychometric Assessments

For some positions, you will need to take a psychometric test that assesses the skills and abilities required on the job. The assessment can include one or more of the following tests –

Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test assesses your verbal comprehension and evaluates how quickly and efficiently you can understand, analyse, and draw conclusions from written materials.

You will be presented with a paragraph followed by a statement, and according to the information provided in the text, you will need to determine if the statement is true, false, or ‘cannot say.’

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to understand and interpret numerical data.

You will be presented with graphs and tables containing numerical information followed by a question. You will need to analyse the information and make the needed calculations to reach the answer.

Abstract Reasoning Test

The abstract reasoning test assesses your ability to reach logical conclusions and make the needed deductions.

You will be presented with a sequence of shapes or symbols. You will need to identify the governing rule to complete the missing symbol.