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 What Is the Lazard SJT?

The Lazard SJT, also called Lazard Online Assessment, is a Situational Judgement Test that assesses if your behavioural tendencies, personality traits and social skills match the Lazard values and culture.

You will be presented with typical scenarios you may encounter when working at Lazard.

For each scenario, you will have four potential responses. You will need to choose the response you believe to be the most effective and the response you believe to be the least effective.

You will have 14 questions, and 10 minutes to answer each.


Lazard SJT Practice Questions

Lazard SJT Practice #1

1. On a Thursday, Elena receives instructions from her Senior Analyst to prepare a pitch presentation for a prospective client by week's end. While the directives encompass market study, an area Elena is confident in, they also entail a market-based valuation. This is an analysis Elena has minimal familiarity with, leaving her uncertain about the right approach.

If you were in Elena's position, how would you proceed?

Please select your Most and Least preferred responses.

Lazard SJT q1


The relevant Lazard value to this question is Excellence, which refers to "act with conviction informed by deep research and analysis."

Option C is the most appropriate response, since it demonstrates thinking outside the box and approaching to more experienced workers to complete challenging tasks.

Option A is the least appropriate response since it shows a lack of conviction, working only in your comfort zone.

Lazard SJT Practice #2

2. Sophie is in a discussion with her Senior Analyst. She's been in her current role for over a year and recently expressed a desire to transition to the Property Development division, aligning more closely with her career aspirations. The Senior Analyst relays that the Head of the division has mentioned they cannot accommodate her at this time since they are expecting two Entry-Level Analysts to join next month.

How would you handle the situation if you were Sophie?

Please select your Most and Least preferred responses.

Lazard SJT q2


The relevant Lazard value to this question is Engagement, which refers to the ability to "Develop our people in an environment of learning, respect and dignity." Option D is the most appropriate response since it shows not only a respectful approach to a disappointing situation but also seeking advice on how to improve the chances of changing it in the future.

Option A is the least appropriate response, since it lacks respect for the decision made, going behind senior analysts and not accepting decisions made in the company. 

Lazard SJT Practice #3

3. While shadowing an analyst who's crafting a financial model for a client, you take notes to enhance your knowledge. Given your existing comprehension, you spot a minor mistake in the analyst's work, which could result in the model being off by several hundred thousand pounds.

How would you handle this situation?

Please choose your Most and Least preferred actions.

Lazard SJT q3



The relevant Lazard value to this question is Excellence, which refers to "live by the highest standards of integrity and discretion".

Option A is the most appropriate response since it shows an immediate concern to mistakes, which may be costly, and approaching with a response.

Option D is the least appropriate response since it is passive, and it is crucial to demonstrate an active approach to any mistake and never withhold information that may be costly to clients or the company.


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Lazard SJT Answering Tips


Just like other SJT tests, the Lazard may seem baffling at first, but proper preparation and a knowledge of what to expect go a long way. Here are a few helpful tips:

Identify the key issue in the scenario
Ask yourself what are the aspects of efficiency, from inclusiveness and respectfulness to productivity and adaptability. 
Evaluate the pros and cons of each option
Ask yourself what are the aspects of efficiency, from inclusiveness and respectfulness to productivity and adaptability.
Consider Lazard’s values 
Ask yourself what the company emphasises in its culture and environment.
Remain genuine
Ask yourself what would you actually do in the presented scenario, and what do you honestly think is the best and worst response. 

Lazard Values

While taking the Lazard SJT, you need to keep in mind the Lazard Values and choose your response to match them and the company’s culture.
The Lazard Values are:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Partnership
  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • Engagement
  • Empowerment
  • Inclusiveness


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Lazard Internship Programmes

As a prominent finance and asset management firm, Lazard offers a range of graduate programmes, including a summer internship and a spring insight week. Not only do these programmes give you an inside look at what it's like to work in the financial world, but they also boost your resume and give you a head start on your career.

During these programmes, interns get to participate in networking events and mentorship opportunities and establish connections within the organisation.

For more information, check out Lazrd’s site.

Lazard Application Process

The Lazard SJT is only the second step of the Lazard application process. After you pass it, you will be invited to a pre-recorded interview.

Here are all the steps of the Lazard application process:

  • Application Form
  • Online Assessment
  • Video Assessment
  • Final Round Interview


What Is the Lazard Online Assessment?

The Lazard Online Assessment is the second step of Lazard’s application process.

This Situational Judgment Test assesses applicants’ behavioural tendencies, characteristics, and social skills to ensure they fit the firm’s values.

What Is the Situational Judgement Test at SJT Lazard?

The Lazard SJT (Situational Judgment Test) is a behavioural assessment aimed to evaluate applicants’ characteristics, personality traits and social skills by presenting them with real-life work-related scenarios.

For each scenario, there are four possible reactions, from which the applicants need to choose the most effective and the least effective.

What Questions Are Asked at Lazard Intern Interview?

The Lazard intern interview is a pre-recorded interview, taken as part of the Lazard application process for its Graduate programmes.

This interview resembles a traditional face-to-face interview, in which you will be asked:

  • Typical HR questions, such as "Why do you want to intern at Lazard?"
  • Personality questions, such as "What are your hobbies outside of work?"
  • Questions that assess your way of thinking, such as "What is the daily count of trips taken on the London Underground?"
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