SHL Excel Sample Questions - Free Excel Test

Interactive Test Questions

To complete the following questions, you must first copy the table below into a new Excel Spreadsheet. Make sure the cell marked with (A1) is pasted in cell A1 on the spreadsheet. After the table is in place, proceed to the following question.

Maker (A1) Type Class Full Model Name Year Annual Sales
Missam SLX Business Missam SLX 2014 55
Dubaru Double Van   2015 60
Tia Jet Van   2013 76
ZMV Cruise Compact   2016 75
Fonda Life Compact   2015 60

Basic Level Questions

  1. Align the Text to the right.
  2. Insert a now row between Missam and Dubaru.
  3. Change the Page Orientation to Vertical.

Intermediate-Advanced Level Questions

  1. Highlight every cell with Annual Sales over 70 (mil. $) green.
  2. Under “Full Model Name”, in cell D4, write a function that combines the “Maker” and the “Type” (like in cell D3).
  3. Create a PivotTable for Annual Sales per Year.

Multiple Choice Test Questions

Submit your answers to the questions below and fill the consequent form. A PDF file with answers and explanation will be sent to the Email provided by you.


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