SHL Excel Test Sample Questions

Are you planning on taking the SHL Excel test? This challenging exam will assess your Excel skills under the pressure of a tight time limit, meaning that without proper preparation you could be overwhelmed and miss out on the high final score you are aiming for. 

On this page you will find SHL Excel test practice questions to get a sense of what types of questions you will face in the actual test and what your level is. 

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*The SHL Excel Test prep pack is not compatible with Apple operating systems

What is the SHL Excel Test

Excel tests can vary in complexity and length depending on the job description, with some companies creating their own in-house test and others turning to external testing companies, such as SHL - one of the world's leading assessment companies. The SHL Microsoft Excel test comes in three versions:

  • SHL interactive - a timed SHL Excel assessment that includes 30 questions with a 35 minutes limit
  • SHL interactive essentials - a slightly shorter version of the SHL interactive, with 20 questions that need to be answered in 25 minutes
  • SHL adaptive - in this test, the level of questions changes based on your performance in the previous question - becoming harder or easier.  

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Sample SHL Excel Test Questions and Answers

Below are sample SHL Microsoft excel test questions and answers to give you a sense of what you will face on your test. Once you have finished answering the questions, open the Questions and Answers page to see the full answers. 


To get started, copy the table below and paste it into a new Excel spreadsheet. Make sure the table is aligned correctly and that the top left cell is pasted in cell A1 on the spreadsheet.

MakerTypeClassFull Model NameYearAnnual Sales (Mil $)
MissamSLXBusinessMissam SLX201455
DubaruDoubleVan 201560
TiaJetVan 201376
ZMVCruiseCompact 201675
FondaLifeCompact 201560

Excel Sample Test Questions - Basic

  1. Align the text to the right
  2. Insert a new row between Missam and Dubaru. 
  3. Set the page orientation to landscape.

Excel Sample Test Questions - Intermediate

  1. Highlight all cells with yearly sales above 70 mil.$.
  2. In cell D3, write a function that combines the maker and the type (like in cell D2).
  3. Create a PivotTable for annual sales, per year.

Now that you are done working on the spreadsheet, try the following general Excel practice test questions:

General Sample Practice Test Questions - Basic

A. How would you select non-contiguous cells?

  1. Hold Ctrl → left-click on each cell
  2. Hold Shift → left-click on each cell
  3. Right-click on each cell
  4. Hold Alt → left-click on each cell


B. Which of the following commands doesn't affect the text font?

  1. Bold
  2. Underline
  3. Borders
  4. Italics


C. How should the following formula be written: Multiply Cell A1 by 6, and divide that by 4? 

  1. =A1X6/4
  2. =A1X6%4
  3. =A1*6/4
  4. =A1*6%4


General Excel Sample Test Questions - Advanced


A. Fill Handle will generate content based on the following:

  1. Mathematical Series
  2. Alignment Pattern
  3. Design Pattern
  4. All of the Above


B. The “Save As” command will NOT allow you to… 

  1. Save as a PDF
  2. Save as a template
  3. Save as a Word document
  4. Save at a specific location


C. The Conditional Formatting feature is used to: 

  1. Set the default cell format
  2. Format conditional statements
  3. Format cells conditional on the text size
  4. Change the style of cells meeting a condition


Done answering the questions? Open the Questions and Answers page to see how you did, and access complete SHL Excel test answers and solving tips.

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