Prepare for BCG Pymetrics Aptitude Tests and Interview

More than 60% of candidates applying for BCG Assessment are rejected simply based on their psychometric test results.

On this page, you'll find a step-by-step outline of suggestions and tools to help you pass the BCG online assessment recruitment process:

  • Job Application Submission 
  • BCG Pymetrics Assessment
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Assessment Centre

Note: This preparation pack is unsuited for the BCG Online Case Assessment. If you are requested to take the Case assessment, contact us.

BCG Pymetrics Aptitude Tests

Practice and Get the Job - Simulations for All 12 Pymetrics Games

  • Balloon Game
  • 2 Money Exchange Games
  • Cards Game
  • Tower Game
  • Arrows Game
  • Faces Game
  • And more...

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The Boston Consulting Group, or BCG, is a multinational management consulting firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, with 90 headquarters spread across 50 countries worldwide. It is the world's leading management and strategic consulting firm, with over two-thirds of Fortune 500 businesses as clients in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

The job application and evaluation procedure at BCG is split into five stages:

Stage 1: Fill up the BCG online application

You will be required to complete the online application form at this point. Make sure you provide all relevant details, as this will serve as the foundation for any future references. Invest some extra time on this form to ensure that it accurately reflects both you as a person and as a BCG ideal choice. 

When it comes to completing your entire application, the earlier, the better because candidates are typically evaluated on a rolling basis; submitting early improves your chances of clearing it and move to stage two. However, before submitting the application form, do double-check it for any errors.

There are likely to be some additional questions on the online form, such as: 

  • Why did you apply for this particular position at BCG? 
  • What makes you want to work with BCG? 
  • What are your most significant accomplishments? 
  • When was the last time you shown exceptional motivation to attain a goal? 

Make sure you have a duplicate of everything you've given them. During the interview, you may be requested to furnish more information. Know everything there is to know about your Résumé. If the details in your application and the information given during the conversation mismatch, your application may be rejected for processing in the future.

Make sure to mention some of the critical skills that BCG recruiters are looking for throughout your application. When you demonstrate such abilities, use examples — both in your online form and during interviews. These skills may include: 

  • Problem-solving skills while operating in groups 
  • Resilience 
  • Organizing and planning skills
  • Innovative bent of mind 
  • Initiative taker 
  • Making Decisions capabilities



Stage 2: BCG Assessment Online aptitude tests

Following the completion of the BCG Assessment online application form, you will be notified if you have advanced to the next step of the recruiting process, which will include BCG Pymetrics test and online aptitude tests. 

What is the BCG Pymetrics test?

Pymetrics is a leader in the field of using neuroscience games and artificial intelligence to match candidates with jobs without bias.

The BCG Pymetrics test is a collection of small mini-games that you can play on your phone. 

  • There are 12 mini-games in total, with each allotted 2-3 minutes timeline 
  • 91 abilities and attributes tested
  • Total time: 25 minutes 

The characteristics of job applicants are compared to those of high-performing employees for the hiring organization, as determined by the results of these same neuroscience tests.

Why is the BCG Pymetrics Test used to assess personal characteristics?

BCG, like other top management consulting companies, is searching for exceptional problem solvers, which is why the case interview is so critical in determining which individuals will be offered positions. 

They are, however, attempting to hire a diverse group of people, particularly those who have opposing viewpoints. 

Different types of business situations confront consulting clients: 

  • Markets that are stable and slow-growing, 
  • fast-growing markets with advancing technology, 
  • Markets that can be manipulated by dominating companies, 
  • Markets that are disrupted by innovative and disruptive business models



Online aptitude tests

These may include the following depending on the post you apply for: 

  • Numerical Reasoning test
  • Verbal Reasoning test

BCG Numerical Reasoning Test 

The BCG Numerical Reasoning Test basically assesses your ability to reason numerically. It will evaluate your ability to comprehend a previously unseen section, as well as the information contained within it. Basic GCSE math calculations will be expected of you.

The only way to be successful is to prepare for the exam by taking mock tests. You will get more confidence as you become more familiar with the types of questions being asked. You will not be rejected simply because you were unfamiliar with the process if you learn how to handle your stress in a secure environment.

Verbal Reasoning Test

BCG's Verbal Reasoning Test aims to determine whether a candidate can accurately retrieve key details from a previously unseen excerpt of text to analyze if the ensuing arguments are valid, incorrect, or impossible to predict based on the information contained in the passage. The process is similar to how a Numerical Reasoning Test determines the confidence level of a candidate while solving given queries.

Non-native English speakers may find the BCG Verbal Reasoning Test a bit more challenging. However, by practising Verbal Reasoning Test questions ahead of time, you can get a better understanding of how texts are constructed on the basis of questions asked.


Step 3: Telephonic Interview

If you pass the BCG online assessment, you will be scheduled for a phone interview with a BCG professional. This is your chance to show that you're interested in the position and that you have the qualities that make you a good fit for it. 

Revisit your Résumé and start preparing examples of situations where you exhibited key skills of perfect candidates: teamwork, perseverance, creative thinking, innovation, resilience, leadership, and so on. This interview will be competency-based (CBI) and will be centred around your CV and personal motivations. 

Based on the most prevalent kinds of interview questions, you should prepare several cases that you can use during your interview. 

Make sure you're in a quiet area place while taking the call so that you won't be distracted.


Stage 4: BCG Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre is next stage four of the BCG hiring process, during which you will be evaluated by senior people of the relevant business areas in two exercises. These could be in the form of: 

Group Activity

This test looks at how well you can communicate and come to decisions as part of a group. BCG recruiters will be watching you during this exercise, so try to show your strengths, share and explain your views, but also be open to building on someone else's input and developing on their points. Make an effort to convince others of your point of view while also asking thought-provoking questions. Above all, maintain your composure and talk clearly and confidently.

Presentation Exercises

This activity will mostly put your communication abilities to the test. Your assessors will also look at your body language and tone to determine how you'd handle giving professional presentations, participating in group debates, and explaining your points of view. 

Always maintain an upright posture, maintain continuous eye contact with all in the audience, and avoid speaking too quickly.


Stage 5: BCG Final Interview

Congratulations, you've made it almost to the finish line. The final level of the BCG online assessment and application process is the Final Interview. You just need to pay attention to a few more details. 

Gather as much information as you can on BCG and its business culture. You must have a thorough awareness of the BCG mission, as well as any pertinent recent major events and prospective developments. Consider the retail business as a whole; are there any structural changes that you might discuss?


Questions & Answers from the BCG Final Interview

The answers to questions may vary depending on the industry and position you applied for because each profession necessitates a specific set of skills and expertise; conduct a thorough study to determine exactly what is required for this role. 

Many competence and motivating questions are likely to be asked during BCG interviews, with many of them focusing on your general business acumen. We've compiled a list of some of the most typical BCG interview questions, along with advice on how to answer them. 


The following are examples of possible questions:

Have you ever had a disagreement with a co-worker? How did you come up with a solution? 

To accurately answer this question, you must relate to a disagreement in which you were involved: it is not enough to declare you are not a troublesome person who has never been in dispute with anyone. Conflicts are unavoidable in the workplace. Consider an instance in which your viewpoint varied from that of another person. Explain the context and provide reasons for why you believe your perspective is superior, but avoid being rude or arrogant. Demonstrate appreciation and understanding for other team members, and explain how you came to a conclusion; referencing skills such as Communication, compromise, and professionalism are all essential factors. 

Tell us about yourself in more detail. 

Refer to your academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and general passions and hobbies to answer this interview question. Although these don't have to be relevant to the position you're applying for, be sure to highlight any new talents or experiences you've gained. If you competed in sports, for example, don't only emphasize how much fun you had; emphasize the discipline and hard work it required, as well as the team skills you learned, and so on.

You may also be asked questions about commercial awareness, such as: 

  • What are your thoughts about BCG? 
  • What distinguishes BCG from other market competitors? 
  • What are your impressions of BCG's corporate culture and values? 

Use your understanding of the firm and industry that you should have collected while preparing for the interview to answer these BCG interview questions. Make your points clear and succinct.

The BCG Final Interview is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the firm and the team you may be operating with. However, there's a lot more to asking insightful questions in an interview than that. 

Prepare some thought-provoking answers that set you apart from the competition and intimate your genuine intent to work for the organization. 

Do not be hesitant to inquire about your interviewer's personal experiences with the firm and career path. They want to see that you are genuinely interested in working for BCG, not simply another "job seeker." Your excitement and interest may be able to compensate for some of your interview flaws.

Some of the specific careers options available after clearing BCG online assessment:

  • Software Engineer.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Digital Strategist.
  • Risk Management Team.
  • Retail Sales.
  • Human Scientist.
  • GeoAnalytics Specialist.


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