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Sample Question 1

On which pole does the weight press harder?

  1. #1
  2. #2
  3. The weight presses equally on both poles

free mechanical reasoning test 1


The rectangle pivots about the point of contact with the floor. The farther the pole is from the pivot point, the less force it needs to apply to achieve the same torque (the torque needed to keep the rectangle static). Thus Pole 2, the pole farther away from the point of contact with the floor, applies less force on the rectangle. This is essentially the Law of the Lever.

According to Newton's 3rd Law, the rectangle applies less force on Pole 2 as well.

Therefore, the correct answer is 1.

Sample Question 2

What would be the current flowing through point X if another identical power source were to be added in parallel to the circuit?

  1. Twice as strong
  2. Half as strong
  3. There is no difference

free mechanical reasoning test 2


Observe how the extra power source was set up: both the positive and negative terminals are connected. Therefore, the same electric potential is kept at each end. In other words, the voltage remains the same. Since the resistors have not been modified, the resistance remains the same as well. Finally, according to Ohm's law (V=IR), the current remains the same.

Trivia: Adding a cell or battery in parallel is usually devised as a form of electrical backup to a circuit, not as a means to change the voltage.

Therefore, the correct answer is 3.


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