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Here are some of our most recommended PrepPacks:


Watson Glaser

Our Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA) PrepPack contains a Watson Glaser Diagnostic Test, 22 Additional Practice Tests, 2 Full-Length WGCTA Test Simulations, Interactive Study Guides, and much more!


Our SHL All-Inclusive PrepPack will make sure you're ready for any SHL test ahead of you. It contains interactive and non-interactive full simulations of the SHL General Ability Test, Dozens of Additional Practice Tests, Interactive Study Guides, etc.

Saville Executive

There is no doubt that the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test is quite challenging, as it is primarily taken for senior management positions. Our PrepPack includes 3 full test simulations, 50+ additional practice tests, study guides, etc.

Cut-e (Aon)

Cut-e tests is a general name for more than 20 tests assessed by Aon. Our All-Inclusive PrepPack includes dozens of test simulations and practice materials to ensure your success in any of the cut-e tests ahead of you.

Thomas GIA

With around 200 questions in less than 20 minutes, the Thomas GIA test is one of the most challenging tests that exist. Our PrepPack includes 2 full simulations of the test, 10 additional practice tests, and study guides.

Korn Ferry (Talent Q)

Our Korn Ferry/Talent Q All Inclusive PrepPack contains test simulations, practice tests, and study guides that will prepare you for any Korn Ferry test that exists: Leadership, Numerical, Talent Q Element, Talent Q Aspects, and more.


Pymetrics games are a series of 12 games designed to assess your personality traits and cognitive abilities. Our PrepPack contains mock tests for all 12, study and solving guides, and tips to guide you through each game.

Banking Internships

Have you been dreaming of an internship at a major Bank? Our Banking Summer Internship & Spring Week Test PrepPacks will ensure you're fully prepared for each of the leading banking tests - UBS, JP Morgan, HSBC, and many more!



At JobTestPrep, we offer accurate prep courses for more than 100 different tests!
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Why JobTestPrep? 

During the past 15 years, JobTestPrep prepared more than 1,000,000 candidates for their pre-employment exams.

To ensure the most accurate prep possible, our psychologists, psychometric instructors and engineers constantly work 
to improve and update our PrepPacks.   

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Our PrepPacks Are Builts Based On Our 3-Step Success Module

1. Diagnose Your Level

Our diagnostic test, tailored to your exam, will give you an idea of where you stand in each section and give you an initial feel for the test.
Afterwards, you will receive a detailed analysis of the sections you struggled with, helping you focus on the skills that need improvement. 

2. Solving Techniques & Practice Tests

 Our PrepPacks cover all the topics and sections you'll encounter on your exams.
With these practice tests and study guides, you can practice the areas you are weak, as revealed by your Diagnostic Test,
and learn how to solve each test section.

3. Test Simulations

Our Full Test Simulations aim to mimic the actual exams to the greatest extent.
This allows you to practice the actual test's formatting, content, and time constraints and gauge whether your performance
has improved during the practice tests.  






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