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What is the Standard Chartered Online Assessment?

The Standard Chartered Online Assessment is an evaluation tool designed to determine if you have the required abilities, skills, and personality traits needed when working at Standard Chartered.

The Standard Chartered tests are crucial parts of the application process of each of the organisation’s programmes, which include six steps –

  1. Online application
  2. Pymetrics games assessment
  3. Valued behaviour assessment
  1. Digital Pymetrics pre-recorded interview
  2. Assessment Centre
  3. Offer and hiring

  💡 Let's go through them!

Standard Chartered Pymetrics Games Assessment

The Standard Chartered Pymetrics Games Assessment is a series of 16 game-based tests, each assessing different skills, cognitive abilities, and traits such as attention, risk-taking, trust, logical reasoning, empathy, and motivation.

Each game has its own time limit of 1-3 minutes and the entire assessment takes about 35 minutes to complete.

Remember that you can't pause the game while playing them, but you will be able to take a short break between one game and another.

 The 12 Standard Chartered Pymetrics games ready for practice: 

  1. Balloon Game
  2. Tower Game
  3. Money Exchange #1
  4. Money Exchange #2
  5. Keypress Game
  6. Hard or Easy Task Game
  1. Digits Memory
  2. Stop Game
  3. Arrows Game
  4. Lengths Game
  5. Cards Game
  6. Faces Game

There are four more Standard Chartered Pymetrics games assessing numerical and logical reasoning:

  1. Magnitudes
  2. Sequences
  1. Shapes
  2. Letters

Let's check out one of the more complicated games on Standard Chartered Online Assessment!

  • Standard Chartered Pymetrics Tower Game

In this Standard Chartered Pymetrics game, you will be presented with three towers; each has a stack of coloured discs. You will be given a target image of how your tower needs to appear at the end.

You will need to rearrange the discs to match the target tower with the least amount of moves possible.

Standard Chartered Pymetrics Assessment

 This problem presents numerous ways to tackle it, making it a smart and straightforward method to compare candidates. Factors such as the number of moves, time taken for the first move, randomness of moves, and retracing steps are all considered. These measurements are used to generate a score that can be compared to the performance of other applicants.

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Standard Chartered Valued Behaviours Assessment

The Standard Chartered Valued Behaviours Assessment is a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) that aims to see how you will react in various job-related situations and if your responses align with Standard Chartered values. 

You will be presented with realistic work-related scenarios based on situations you may encounter when working at Standard Chartered, followed by four possible reactions. You will need to choose the most and least efficient responses for each scenario.

The number of questions differs between roles and locations. The Standard Chartered Valued Behaviours Assessment has no time limit and usually takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Keep in mind that all the questions are mandatory, and you can’t go back and change your answer once submitted.

Let’s see how it looks!

  • Standard Chartered Valued Behaviours Assessment Sample Question

You have been working in a financial organisation for about 18 months now. In this organisation, people in your position are usually promoted and/or get a raise after a year or so. It has been announced recently by management that due to re-organisation procedures, all promotions will be postponed. Other workers in your position are frustrated by this measure and appeal to you as the most experienced worker to speak to the department manager on their behalf. The chairman of the board claims that due to a poor quarterly report and difficult financial times, everyone must take part in the struggle to get back on track. He promises that in the future, as a result of the steps taken, promotion and salary improvements will be reinstated.

What would you do in this situation?

Rank TWO of the following options, one as the BEST and one as the WORST.


Contact a few charismatic colleagues and encourage them to approach the department manager.


Accept the situation for the time being. It is understandable that if the company is experiencing a difficult financial period, promotions will be postponed.


Set a meeting with the department manager. Tell her how frustrated you are, and try to glean from her when things will return to normal.


Set a meeting with the department manager and introduce your colleagues' demands. Suggest some alternative promotion policies based on research done on other companies.

Tip: In addition to your genuine response, you need to consider the position and rank you are applying for while ensuring that it fits Standard Chartered values

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Standard Chartered Values & Code of Conduct

Standard Chartered puts great emphasis on its code of conduct. Thus, it is crucial that Standard Chartered's workers share the same values, as it fosters a cohesive and harmonious work environment, promotes alignment in decision-making and actions, and enhances the overall mission and culture of the organisation.

This is manifested in Standard Chartered’s second step of the recruiting process, the Standard Chartered Valued Behaviours Assessment.

Standard Chartered Values

  • Act responsibly and within your authority
  • Use good judgment
  • Speaking Up
  • Comply with laws, regulations and Group standards
  • Fight financial crime
  • Reject bribery and corruption
  • Ensure fair outcomes for clients
  • Manage conflicts of interest
  • Do not engage in or support insider dealing
  • Protect confidential information
  • Compete fairly in the marketplace
  • Treat colleagues fairly and with respect
  • Be open and honest with regulators – give them your full co-operation
  • Respect our communities and the environment

 This list can be summarized into three basic rules:

  • Do the right thing, value braveness, challenge one another, and live with integrity while putting the client at the heart of what we do.
  • Never settle, continuously striving to improve and innovate, keeping things simple and learning from both the things that go well and those that don't!
  • Are better together, creating an inclusive place where each person is valued for being themselves, collectively working toward sustainable solutions.

💡 For more information about Standard Chartered Values, check out their code of conduct

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Standard Chartered Pymetrics Video Interview

The Standard Chartered Pymetrics Video Interview is a pre-recorded interview in which, rather than being conducted live with your recruiter, you will receive recorded or written questions that you will need to address by recording yourself via a webcam.

Once completing your interview, your answers will be reviewed by your recruiters.

You will be asked 4-5 questions regarding your professional background, motivation to join Standard Chartered, and future career aspirations. 

You will have 1 minute to prepare your answer, and up to 3 minutes to record it.

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Standard Chartered Assessment Centre

The final step of the Standard Chartered application process is a day in Standard Chartered’s assessment centre. During this day, you, alongside other applicants, will participate in a series of tasks and job simulations that can include a reasoning exercise and an individual or group case study.

Your day at the assessment centre will end with a one-on-one interview with a manager from the business division you applied for, which will determine if you gain a placement on the programme.

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What Is the Personality Test for Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered's personality test is called the Standard Chartered Valued Behaviours Assessment. This Situational Judgement Test assesses your response to various work-related scenarios to ensure you are aligned with the Standard Chartered values and code of conduct.

How to Pass Standard Chartered Valued Behaviours Assessment?

To pass the Standard Chartered Valued Behaviours Assessment, you need to familiarise yourself with the structure and characteristics of this Situational Judgement Test and learn how to address each scenario so it will reflect how your personality fits the Standard Chartered values and code of conduct.

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