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Hiscox Preparation Packs

The Hiscox application process is long, with quite a few stages. The theme running through the entire recruitment process is the desire to find the best candidates at every level from graduate to experienced, who can work within their very unusual insurance product base. The packs arm you with the tools needed to let your skills stand out. Get a head start on your hiring process with JobTestPrep.

Hiscox Application Form

The online application form is your first opportunity to impress the recruitment team. The application form will ask you three questions about yourself designed to draw out information about you and your relationships with the people and the environment around you. You also have to upload your CV and a cover letter, which is an opportunity for you to tell the company anything you think is important to your application but is not included on the application form. Always remember that it is important that the information you provide on your CV matches that on the online application form. 

Hiscox Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Test

You will be asked to complete a psychometric test either before or after the telephone interview, provided your application has passed the stage before. This test will be a Watson-Glaser critical thinking test. Provided by Pearson, the test examines you on five key areas of critical thinking ability and decision making. In a Watson-Glaser test, you need to demonstrate your abilities in drawing inferences, recognising assumptions, deductive reasoning, logical interpretation, and argument evaluation. This test is often referred to as the Hiscox verbal reasoning test. 

As with anything new, it is important to revise before sitting the actual test. See JobTestPrep’s Watson-Glaser pages to understand more about the tests you will be sitting, and access the Watson-Glaser practice pack to prepare for the actual test.


Hiscox Personality Test

This assessment evaluates your personality, and aks you question related to how you relate to certain work-related occurrences. So keep in mind, you should present your professional attributes and the person you are in your personal life. To understand how to impress you recruiters in your personality test practice with our personality test preparation packs.


Hiscox Test Practice with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep offers Watson Glaser-style tests, logical assessments, and prepares you for your Hiscox interview and every aspect of their application process. Get ready today!


Hiscox Telephone Interview

If the recruiters like your application form, they will put you forward for a telephone interview. The aim of this interview is to determine whether you have the personal and professional skills required for the job. The interview is built as a skills-based interview, but it is possible that a more technical question would be included in the interview. As this interview is a telephone interview, it is possible to prepare answers to some of the commonly asked questions and keep them near you should you be asked them. Learn with JobTestPrep how to answer competency questions effectively in interview conditions.

Hiscox Interview Questions

Some of the interview questions that have come up in Hiscox interviews include:

  • Tell me a time when you have negotiated successfully.
  • Why do you want to work for this company?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years time?
  • What factors would you consider when insuring this building?
  • How much profit did the company make last year?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How do your skills match the position of an underwriter?
  • Tell me about a time you led a team.
  • Describe a work problem you have encountered and how you handled it.
  • Describe a time when you’ve had to deliver a difficult message to a group.
  • Describe a time when you came up with a creative solution to a problem.

Hiscox Assessment Centre

The Hiscox assessment centre is a whole day event which will test you continuously. It includes the following assessments:

Case Study Exercise

You will be given a brief and asked to complete a task relating to it. You then present your findings to a member of the recruitment team. An example of a case study exercise given is a brief on a chain of cinemas. The candidate is asked to give specialist advice to just one branch and prepare it into a presentation. There is a lot of information to process in order to come up with recommendations, and you will be asked questions about your presentation. It is important to make a good impression at this stage as the case study is an example of the type of work they do.  

Group Exercise

At a group of up to eight people, you will be given 45 minutes to work on an exercise. This exercise could relate to the brief used in the case study; for example, organise a charity event at the cinema to raise its’ profile. The most important element of the group exercise is not coming to a conclusion, but how you interact with the team, give over your ideas, how you listen to others, lead others and draw out their ideas. Getting the balance in a group exercise can be tricky, but JobTestPrep’s group exercise preparation can help you learn how to do this. 


This interview is a mixture of CV based questions, asking you about yourself and previous experience, and more technical questions that will test your knowledge of underwriting and your ability to work out more complex insurance packages. An example of such a technical question is: Underwrite a cargo ship going from Southampton to New York. This interview will be a face to face interview, with a very different feel to the earlier telephone interview.

See how JobTestPrep can help you prepare for your assessment centre exercises and interview.

Final Interview

The interview will be with senior managers, who will ask you questions about more strategic business issues, and your own ambitions for your career. Each interview is different, so don’t forget to prepare once again for this interview. You should also be prepared to complete Hiscox tests.

Role Play Exercises

You may also be requested to sit a vocational test. This could be a role play to test the skills that you need for the job. A past example of a test was a sales tests whereby you are required to identify a client’s needs for a particular item and sell him the item that best fits those requirements. Taking part in a role play requires acting, something that takes many people out of their comfort zone. See JobTestPrep’s advice on roleplays here.

Hiscox Graduate Scheme

The Hiscox graduate recruitment consists of an online application, a skype interview and finally an assessment centre. JobTestPrep offers practice material for all stages of the hiring process so you can successfully receive a graduate placement.

Hiscox Internship

As part of the Hiscox Summer Internship, you will contribute to your team's project and will receive training in presentations, Microsoft Excel, and an understanding of how a leading insurance company functions.

Hiscox 2018 Intern Programme

The program invites current students to participate offering them valuable experience between their studies. Make sure your grades qualify you and that your CV presents your interest in the position.

Hiscox Careers

Hiscox is an international specialist insurer, employing over 1,800 employees worldwide. They do not offer big insurance schemes, instead, they insure the rare and unusual. For example, some of the items they currently insure include a Picasso painting, a ship which sails through the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden, a classic car collection, pretty much anything. The skills and abilities to find an insurance solution for the unusual is something that they are looking for throughout the application process and is reflected in the questions you will be asked at each stage.

The application process for jobs with Hiscox is long with a number of different stages, each is designed to test you in a new way. Whether you are applying for an experienced job, an eight-week internship, or a two-year graduate scheme, your application process will include a similar set of stages.

The graduate scheme and internship recruitment process with Hiscox includes an online application form, psychometric tests, a telephone interview, an assessment centre, and a final interview.

Experienced hire applicants will experience a three-stage recruitment process, with a first interview, psychometric testing and final interview. Prepare for your Hiscox recruitment process with JobTestPrep.


Hiscox Subsdiaries
Willis Group Hiscox Inc. Hiscox Insurance Company. Hiscox Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd.
Hiscox Underwriting Ltd. R&Q Marine Services Limited Hiscox Underwriting Group Services Limited Hiscox Europe Underwriting Limited
Direct Asia Management Services Pte Ltd Hiscox Agency Ltd Hiscox Insurance Co. Ltd. Hiscox Syndicates Limited
Hiscox Ag Hiscox Insurance Services (guernsey) Limited Direct Asia Insurance (Holdings) Pte Ltd Hiscox Capital Ltd
Hiscox ASM Limited Hiscox Insurance Holdings Limited Kiskadee Investment Managers Hiscox, Ltd., ESOP
Hiscoxqualifying Employees Shareownership Trustees Limited Global Flying Insurance Service Ltd Applewell Ltd. Hiscox plc
Amershill Ltd Hiscox BV Hiscox Connect Limited Hiscox Insurance Company (Guernsey) Ltd.
Hiscox, Ltd., Asset Management Arm Hiscox Pension Trustees Limited Hiscox Trustees Limited † Hiscox Holdings Ltd
Hiscox Dedicated Corporate Member Limited. Hiscox NV Hiscox Assurances Services Sarl Altoha, Inc.


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