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Deloitte's online tests for 2016-2017 recruitment include numerical reasoning tests as well as a critical thinking test that follows the format of the Watson Glaser test. Graduate programme applicants may also be asked to sit a Service Line Questionnaire.

The use of tests may vary depending on the level of recruitment you are at.
  • Deloitte Graduate programme and Deloitte BrightStart (Deloitte School Leavers Programme) applicants will sit the numerical reasoning test first. If you pass this test you will then be invited to take the critical thinking test.
  • Summer vacation applicants will be invited to both tests at the same time.
  • Experienced professional hires may be asked to sit a range of tests including psychometric tests or case studies. The key to what to expect will be in the invitation and link you are sent for your tests.

Deloitte Numerical Test

Provided by Pearson, this numerical test examines how well you are able to use numerical information in the form of a table, chart, graph or more to draw a conclusion, or answer a question in this test. The test contains 21 questions, and you will be allocated up to 30 minutes to answer, depending on the difficulty of the test you are taking. You are given two or three pieces of information in every new set of information, and there are three questions per set. Questions are either multiple choice or free response (you write in the correct answer). The Pearson Numerical Reasoning test also contains an extra choice in some multiple choice questions, an insufficient information choice, asking you to make a judgement whether more information is needed to answer the question.

In order to answer the questions in the test you need to be able to draw the appropriate information out of the data, including graphs, tables or charts; as well as make basic calculations and be able to work out decimals, fractions, percentages and more. The free response questions require you to be able to work out the answers accurately, and mean that you get no help from the answer choices. You may use a calculator to help you work out your answers. The test is a timed test, creating pressure on you to work quickly and accurately through each question in order to get a good score.

The right kind of preparation is important for this test, especially to familiarise yourself with the subtle differences between this test and any others you may have taken. By taking practice tests you will know your strengths and weaknesses, how long you need to answer each question, and what is required from you to answer the question, all of which adds up to a better score on the day.

Prepare for your test with our specially created Deloitte numerical test practice pack.

Deloitte Critical Thinking Test

The Watson Glaser critical thinking test is a type of verbal analysis test that goes further than the tests you may have come across so far. The critical thinking test measures your problem solving and decision making skills. The test looks at comprehension, analysis and evaluation skills, and will then score you on three areas:
  • Recognising assumptions
  • Evaluating arguments
  • Draw conclusions
This test is more analytical than a verbal reasoning test, requiring you to think more critically in order to answer each question. The test contains 40 items to answer in 30 minutes. This time limit creates pressure on you to answer questions quickly and accurately. Practising for the Watson Glaser test enables you to familiarise yourself with the types of question and the thought processes you need to undertake to answer each one. It sharpens your skills, and gives you the ability to work more quickly through each question, important when you have such a short time allocation per question.

Prepare for your test with our specially created Deloitte critical thinking test practice pack.

Service Line Questionnaire

Deloitte graduate programme applicants will be asked to submit a third test at the end of the testing period. The aim of the service line questionnaire is to help Deloitte know more about your career and qualification interests, and where to put you for interview. This test is not scored.

Once you have successfully passed the online tests, the next stage of the recruitment process are the Deloitte interviews.

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