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What Is the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment?

The Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment, provided by Cappfinity, is an online test used as part of the Deloitte recruitment process to screen candidates for apprenticeship and graduate positions.

For some roles. Deloitte has also been known to use the Arctic Shores Assessment, which you can read more about on our dedicated page.

The test is untimed but is estimated at around 60 minutes to complete. It contains 35 cognitive, situational judgement, and personality profiling questions.

5 sections are covered in the test:

We will soon dive into each of these sections, but let’s talk about some basic technicalities first.

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The Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment – The Technicalities

  • 35 questions in 5 sections
  • Untimed, but should be completed in one sitting (estimated at 60 minutes).
  • 3 question types – cognitive, situational judgment, and personality
  • A Calculator is allowed.
  • You can leave a section and get back to it later.
  • You may change answers until the final submission.


Deloitte Online Test Appearance and Structure

The main page of the Deloitte aptitude tests is an interactive homepage containing the 5 sections, as presented below:

Deloitte Online Immersive Assessment Homepage

Each section of the Deloitte Immersive Assessment is comprised of its own info sources, presented on top, and a question presented on the bottom, usually with 5 possible answer choices. The progress bar can be seen in the top right corner.

Deloitte Immersive Assessment Sample

Let’s explore each of the 5 test sections and what info sources and questions they include.

The 5 Sections of the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment

  • Section #1 – What Makes You Succeed

This section of the Deloitte aptitude test is a basic introductory questionnaire about your personality and behaviour style.

  • 8 questions
  • Contains 2 info sourcesa purpose video and a Deloitte values article. These indicate the expected spirit behind your answers.
  • Focuses around 3 key values – Purpose, Development, and Inclusion.
  • 2 question types – situational judgment and personality profiling questions
  • Assesses ambition, personal responsibility, openness to the views of others.
  • Section #2 – Getting Started at Deloitte

This section of the Deloitte aptitude test revolves around your induction to Deloitte as a part of a team working on a project called “The Future of Work”. The main purpose of this section is to assess your attitude as a new employee and a team member.

  • 9 questions
  • 3 info sources – an introductory email from your supervisor, a project brief including objectives and project structure, and a video regarding Deloitte’s inclusion policy.
  • 2 question types – situational judgment and personality profiling questions
  • Assesses the ability to work in a team, approach to learning, initiative, and adaptability.
  • Section #3 – Future of Work

This section of the Deloitte aptitude test continues the scenario presented in section 2. It will require you to integrate multiple info sources to answer questions related to the project. This is a much more cognitive-geared section than sections 1 and 2.

  • 8 questions
  • 8 info sourcesa news article, 5 tables and graphs containing verbal and numerical data, a brief voicemail from your superior, and a video featuring a Deloitte employee discussing an aspect of their work.
  • 2 question types – mostly cognitive, a few situational judgment questions
  • Cognitive questions include numerical and verbal questions.
  • Assesses cognitive skills, integration of info sources
  • Section #4 – The Rise of Automation

The section of the Delotte aptitude test is, again, a continuation of the scenario in section 3. You are requested to form recommendations based on the research you have done in section 3. Similar to section 3, it is also a predominantly cognitive section.

  • 10 questions
  • 7 info sourcesa news article, 4 tables and graphs containing verbal and numerical data, a brief voicemail from your superior, and a video describing Deloitte’s corporate culture.
  • 2 question types – mostly cognitive, a few situational judgment questions
  • Cognitive questions include numerical and verbal questions.
  • Assesses: cognitive skills, integration of info sources
  • Section #5 – Life at Deloitte

The last section of the Deloitte aptitude test does not include any questions, only a video presenting Deloitte as a business and as a working environment.

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The Questions on the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment + Samples with Answers

The Deloitte Immersive OnlineAssessment contains 3 question types:

Deloitte Cognitive Questions

This is probably the most dreaded type of question for most candidates.

Cognitive questions on the Deloitte Assessment test your ability to integrate, analyse and interpret numerical and verbal data.

Sample Cognitive Question

Adapted from the actual Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment

Which of the following NGOs had the second-highest percentages increase in subscribers to updates from Month 2 to Month 3?

HSBC Online Assessment Sample Question
A. Green Zoo
B. Elephants Project
C. Repairing Ocean
D. Bats World
E. Horses House
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

To solve this question, you need to check which NGOs had a decrease in their no. of subscribers between months 2 and 3 and calculate that difference. Then, convert the difference into percentages. The second-highest number is the correct answer.

STEP 1: Check which NGOs had a decrease in their no. of subscribers between months 2 and 3.

You can see three of the NGOs had an increase in their subscribers’ number. Note that two NGOs, “Repairing Ocean” and “Horses House,” had a decrease in subscribers between months 2 and 3. Therefore there is no need to calculate the percentage increase for these NGOs.

HSBC Online Assessment Sample Question

STEP 2: Calculate that difference

You can calculate the percentage increase for the other NGOs using this method:


Then, multiplying that number by 100 to get the percentage number:

  • Green Zoo: (1650-1100)/1100=0.5 -> 0.5*100=50%
  • Elephants Project: (850-450)/450=0.888-> 0.888*100=88.8%
  • Bats World: (820-550)/550=0.49 -> 0.49*100=49%

The NGO “Green Zoo” had the second-highest percentage increase in subscribers, and thus, answer (A) is correct.



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Deloitte Situational Judgement Questions

Situational judgement questions compose the majority of questions on the Deloitte Immersive Assessment.

In these questions, you are presented with a work or behaviour-related scenario with five response options. You are then requested to rank these responses from what you are most likely to do (1) to least likely (5).

Sample situational Judgement Question

Adapted from the actual Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment

You are currently working on an app project. The app features are being progressively enhanced during the development phase. You've discovered a new attribute that you think should be added, and you're giving a presentation to the rest of your team. While you're doing this, some of the team's more experienced members continue to interrupt you with questions and queries, while others opt out of the conversation during the meeting.

What do you do?

Please RANK the responses from 1-5 by, with 1 being what you would most likely do and 5 being what you would least likely do:

Note: On the actual test, the questions will be in a drag-and-drop format.

HSBC Online Values Assessment Sample Question
Show Answer and Explanation

The correct order is A, B, E, D, C.

A avoids engaging the interruptions in a fashion that still allows the primary messages to remain clear. Clear communication is the focus. (No 1)

B demonstrates a pragmatic and calm approach to the interruptions and to ensuring everyone gets to share their opinion. (No 2)

E involves moving efficiently through all the questions in a fashion likely to engage participants but may not be the clearest possible communication of the material. (No 3)

D involves recording questions in writing as an alternative to expressing them verbally and involves thinking outside of the box to engage team members. (No 4)

C involves ignoring the interrupters who are senior colleagues, which is likely to deteriorate the group dynamic even further and perhaps cause further reputation problems down the track. (No 5)

Deloitte Personality Questions

Personality profiling questions are aimed at assessing various personality traits that are considered important for your work with Deloitte.

These are formed as two statements about you, set on a two-sided scale. You should place the level to which these statements describe you in the appropriate place along the scale.

Sample Personality Profiling Question

Adapted from the actual Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment

Please indicate your natural preference for the following statement by choosing a number on the scale

Deloitte Online Immersive Assessment Sample Personality Question
How Should You Answer That Question?

Deloitte's attitude is to adopt a wide perspective that unfolds new opinions that might be different from your own.

They emphasise the advantages and new opportunities that arise from taking in various feedback. Working with that wide perspective in mind can lead to actions that are not exactly aligned with what you had in mind. Some flexibility is necessary to be a good and collaborative team member.  

Therefore, the correct range to respond to such a question is 1-3.

How to Prepare For and Pass the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment – 3 Tips

Here are the three most important prep tips for passing your Deloitte aptitude test:

Tip #1 – Understand the Spirit of the Test

Most sections on the Deloitte Assessment contain info sources that initially seem irrelevant. These include brief interviews with Deloitte employees, recorded voicemails from your superiors explaining the task ahead, and more.

The tendency of most candidates is to disregard those and resort back to their personal beliefs and perceptions when answering the test questions.

However, the purpose of these seemingly unnecessary info sources is to convey the spirit Deloitte expects to see in its employees.

It is therefore recommended to look at these info sources FIRST, and ask yourself what their underlying message is, before heading off to solve the questions.

Tip #2 – Become Familiar with the 4 Strengths Deloitte Is Looking For

The Deloitte Assessment is a strength-based test, aiming to assess your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding the strengths Deloitte puts emphasis on and letting them shine through your test answers is a necessary step in passing the Deloitte Immersive Assessment.

These 4 strengths are:

  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Staying Positive
  • Leadership

When practising, keep these strengths in mind and always aim to manifest them in your answers.

Tip #3 – Develop the Ability to Estimate and Use Common Sense in the Cognitive Section

 Tests are a stressful experience. We all know that. You will usually check your answers numerous times before submitting them.

That is even truer for cognitive questions, requiring a single, definite answer.

However, the Deloitte Online Assessment is not an ordinary test. Deloitte does not only assess your calculation and reading abilities but your ability to pass judgement and make decisions based on data.

As such, practise how to use your judgement effectively, even if the question does not seem to have one definite answer.

Want an example? Here’s a simple one, adapted from the actual assessment:


A recent technical problem has caused the shutdown of six different apps across Europe. Provided the data below, where would you address the issue first of the options given?

Deloitte Online Immersive Assessment Numerical Sample Question
A. Match Glass in Poland
B. Gamelytical in the Netherlands
C. Connect Ninja in Austria
D. Fusion Fun in Austria
E. Lovejet in the Netherlands
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The only indication we have as to where to prioritise the effort is the number of users. So, let’s calculate which combination of app and location has the most users.

Now, note that there is no direct information on the proportion of people who use each app However, you CAN estimate their number based on the information you have on app users’ distribution in general.

  • Match Glass in Poland = 0.32 x 800,000 = 256,000
  • Gamelytical in the Netherlands = 0.21 x 1,000,400 = 210,084
  • Connect Ninja in Austria = 0.14 x 2,000,200 = 280,028
  • Fusion Fun in Austria = 0.14 x 1,500,000 = 210,000
  • Lovejet in the Netherlands = 0.21 x 1,900,000 = 399,000

It can be seen that the highest number of users of the options provided is Lovejet users in the Netherlands, so this is where we’d recommend to start addressing the issue.

Tip: Note that to save time, we can disregard options B and D. Since Lovejet has more users in total than Gamelytical, and Connect Ninja has more users than Fusion Fun, it is self-evident that they have more users in Austria and the Netherlands by themselves as well.

Get Yourself Fully Prepared for the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment

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Deloitte Immersive Assessment Results

Once you complete the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment, you will receive a personalized feedback report. The report will not reveal whether your answers to specific questions were correct. It will also not include any form of “score”.

Rather, it will reveal your highest and lowest performing strengths, with recommendations on how to develop them further.

The Deloitte Online Assessment Test Provider – Cappfinity

The Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment is administered by Cappfinity, a UK-based test provider focusing on strength-based assessments. Apart from Deloitte, Cappfinity provides immersive assessments for other employers such as KPMG, HSBC, Lloyds, and more.

Although the test is similar in concept to other immersive assessments by Cappfinity, the Deloitte Immersive Assessment is specifically tailored for Deloitte in terms of content, traits measured, and structure.

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Deloitte Hiring Process

The Deloitte immersive online assessment is the second out of five steps of the Deloitte recruitment process, which include:

  1. Online application
  2. The Deloitte aptitude test – Deloitte immersive online assessment
  3. The Deloitte job simulation
  4. Final stage assessment – which can consist of a video interview, a group exercise, a connect event, and a presentation
  5. A job offer

Deloitte Job Simulation

If you pass the Deloitte immersive online assessment, you will receive an invitation to the Deloitte Job simulation. This is an online assessment that mirrors the familiar routine of a typical day at Deloitte.

Administered by HireVue, the time-limited job simulation includes several evaluation methods, such as cognitive exercises, video inquiries, written answers, and competency-based Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs).

Learn more about job simulations, what they include, and how to best prepare for them.

Start preparing now for your Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment:

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