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EY Careers Application Process

Depending on the job you are applying for, your application process will vary. Detailed below are the possible different stages that you might encounter. For more detailed information and preparation for your specific application, please select the appropriate page which gives you more information on your application and what you will find in your preparation pack.

The possible steps are:

EY Practice Tests Online


*Please note that if you are applying in the USA, see our sister site JobTestPrep.com.

EY Online Assessment Tests

The online application requires you to provide details of your academic background. Your marks, however, will not screen out your application. Once you have provided this information, you will be given an email link to the Strengths Portal where you will be typically given three different assessments. Before you enter the Strengths Portal, it is highly useful to familiarise yourself with EY’s company values. 

EY Strengths Assessment Portal

After you have completed and submitted your EY internship application form, you will be sent a link via email inviting you to access the EY Strengths Portal. Here you will find a series of four different tests, each of them focusing on a separate skill. These tests are provided by CAPP (also known as Cappfinity) and are administered by Jobmi. They are described below.

EY Situational Strengths Test

The EY Situational Strengths Test assesses your ability to demonstrate the strengths that EY is looking for. The test is made up of 16 different workplace scenarios that may occur in your office. After each scenario description, you are asked to choose the best possible course of action from a list of five different options. In some cases, you are asked to rank the options given to you on a scale from most advisable to least advisable. 

EY Business Behaviours Test

In the EY Business Behaviours Test, you perform the role of someone who has recently joined EY and go through their day from beginning to end. There are eight questions on the test, each of which has five answer options to rank in order from most to least appropriate. This test is similar to the EY situational strengths test in that you have to rank the options in order of appropriateness. The main differences are that in the Situational Strengths test, the questions are independent of each other and come with accompanying videos, while the Business Behaviours test questions are all based on a single scenario. 

EY What's Your Mindset Test

In the EY What’s Your Mindset Test, you are presented with a series of statements relating to your personality characteristics. You are presented with a series of statements and 25 points, which you must divide according to each statement. You will assign the most points to the statement that best suits you. There are five different mindset dimensions assessed in this test: concentration, detail focus, learning languages, problem solving, and technology affinity. 

EY Numerical Test

In the EY Numerical Test, you must answer 12 questions assessing your ability to evaluate, analyse, and interpret numerical information. This test has no time limit, but your score will benefit from completing the test quickly. You are scored according to seven levels, with seven being the highest level. You can prepare for this tests with the EY preparation pack for your position.

EY Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests assess your written and verbal communication skills and how quickly and accurately you analyse text. In this assessment, you are presented with a passage of text that can take on the form of an instructional manual or a particular topic. Preparation for your verbal reasoning test is included in our EY PrepPacks, customised according to the position for which you are applying.

EY Assessment Centre

EY's assessment centre lasts for a day, during which you will face various evaluations and group exercises. Whilst not every Ernst & Young assessment centre is the same for each specialisation, on the whole, the process is very similar. Many of the tasks and exercises overlap in format and content. The assessment centre also provides you with the opportunity to learn more about the company. During the lunch break, employees and current graduate scheme members are available to chat and offer useful advice.

Group Exercise

The group exercise is a team activity in which candidates are split into groups of four, with each group receiving a packet of information to use to complete the exercise. You have 15 minutes to read through the brief and analyse the information individually, followed by a 30-minute discussion period among the members of your group. In this exercise, you want to make sure that your voice gets heard without being overbearing. Be polite and listen to the other members of your group and whenever possible, take a leadership position. Remember that EY is looking for individuals who work well in a team and who have exemplary leadership skills. 

Case Study

The case study is one of the most demanding EY assessment centre tasks. You are given the details of a fictitious company facing tough business decisions, and a set of relevant materials. In the allotted time frame, you must go through the materials, analyse the case in hand, devise a recommended plan of action, and prepare a written report, or short presentation of your findings and recommendations. The key to success in this exercise is working quickly through the documents, prioritising and identifying the key issues.

The case study exercise lasts for 40 minutes and is divided into two parts. In the first part of the exercise, you have to work your way through a case study on a new topic. You need to analyse different facts and figures similar to that of what you will face if you are given the job. For example, you might need to summarise profit trends and percentage increases or decreases. You then present them in a report in the correct manner with tables and succinct points along with different recommendations.

The second section of the Ernst & Young case study asks you to plan a way to deal with a team that you are going to be leading. You have to devise timetables, progress reports, deadlines, contingency plans and everything else that you need to run a team of individuals working towards a common aim.

In general, you will need more time to do the first part of the exercise than the second. Your reports are written in Microsoft Word so you can utilise the spelling and grammar check when you come to proofread your work. It is very important that your work contains no spelling mistakes as this will count against you. 

EY Interview

As a general note, the partner interview can be scheduled either during the assessment centre or at a separate date and time according to the partner’s availability. The interview is also done either at the beginning of the day or the end in order to keep the flow of the activities going.

The EY Interview is about 25 minutes long and is designed to understand your individual strengths. To this end, the questions are pointed towards reasons why you have chosen EY, the position, and the area of the country you are applying to. They also want to know about your motivation for joining EY. In order to demonstrate this, you have to come across as relaxed, even if you are not on the inside.

This is a strength-based interview so you have to really show why you are good at something. You must take a strength of yours and think about how this applies to the possible work situation that you could encounter. As EY themselves state: a strength is what you’re naturally good at. By using your strengths to find the role that’s right for you, perform at your best in it and, most importantly, enjoy it, you can make your impact in the way that’s most natural and comfortable for you within EY’s entrepreneurial, inclusive and flexible culture.

Other Types of Interview

There are two different styles to this approximately hour long interview. It can either be a conversational interview, walking you through your CV and application form, or it can be more business related. For the latter, you are asked how you think Ernst & Young should deal with with an issue that has something to do with the business world at the moment. This leads into a discussion with the partner about the case. Make sure you are fully aware of the services that EY provide because it is very easy to be caught off guard. It is impossible to know which of the two you will get for the simple reason that you won’t know who your interviewer will be until the assessment day itself.

EY Interview Sample Questions

We have prepared a separate PDF that you can use to get a better understanding of the EY interview. It contains numerous questions that you can prepare answers for so you will really be able to answer any question that comes up.

Preparing for Your EY Interview

There are a number of different options available to you here that you can use to give yourself full preparation for your upcoming EY interview. One popular option is our recording service where you are asked the questions through an automated service. You record your answers through a webcam and microphone. You can then replay your answers and mark them using the same indicators that assessors use.

Live Interview Preparation

Preparing for an interview is difficult and here at JobTestPrep we offer a full selection of different interview preparation packages to help you get through this final stage of the Ernst & Young recruitment process. See our PDF on the Ernst & Young interview questions for more tips and example questions.


EY Positions JobTestPrep Can Prepare You For

We have a number of different EY assessment PrepPacks to help you prepare you for your EY application. Simply select the appropriate pack and you will be able to practise for your position's hiring process. 

EY Aptitude Tests EY Undergraduates Preparation EY School-Leavers Preparation EY Graduates Preparation EY Experienced Hires 


What are some EY questions that I will face in the interview? 

Please see our EY questions PDF.

How can I prepare for the EY strengths tests? 

Be sure that you are aware of the different strengths and values that EY is assessing, which is reviewed below in the EY Values section. In addition, make sure to get enough practice with our PrepPack so that you will understand how to answer the questions in the best possible way.

What is the most difficult aspect of the EY Strength tests?

EY is looking for specific answers and you have to understand what you are answering, and not to go immediately with your gut instinct. This is not to say that you are pulling the wool over their eyes and answering dishonestly. Rather, it is understanding how to put the best version of yourself forward so they take your application to the next step. 

About Ernst & Young

Headquartered in London, Ernst & Young (EY) is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. It is one of the largest professional service firms in the world with operations in more than 140 countries. EY employs people at many different job levels, from school-leavers all the way up to experienced professionals. We have laid out the application and hiring process for EY’s student and graduate careers. This includes their scholarship programs, year-long internships, summer internships, as well as positions you can have with them during school and once you graduate.

Ernst & Young Values

Ernst & Young has a set of values that is visible throughout the recruitment process and in the workplace. Show the company you are a perfect fit for your chosen position by displaying these values in your application, aptitude tests, interviews, and assessments. These values are:

  • The ability to excel: This doesn't simply mean people who are academically gifted. It refers to people who are leaders and have demonstrated their leadership in the past.
  • Good team member: You have to able to be listen, learn, share, and develop through working with others.
  • Integrity: You have to show that you are committed to doing the right thing and have a clear sense of accountability.
  • Respect: You have to show that you respect people who come from different backgrounds than yourself and use this multicultural workplace to grow into something stronger.
  • Energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead: You have to show complete motivation for your job and the company.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

Putting in enough preparation time with the right materials can really make a difference in your performance. Choose the appropriate pack from the preparation packs we offer and start practising now. Good luck!

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