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Are you thinking about applying to BNP Paribas, either for the BNP Paribas internship, graduate programme or any other position? In this article we will go through the entire process providing tips and guidance to help you produce the best possible result and get that prized offer.
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BNP Paribas is a global banking group with offices throughout the UK and Europe. There are a range of internships available in investment solutions, corporate and institutional banking and retail baking as well as in supportive roles such as HR and IT.There is a detailed recruitment application process involving online tests, interviews and culminating in the BNP Paribas assessment centre Learn more about these stages and how to apply below.

BNP Paribas Recruitment Process

The steps in the BNP graduate scheme are as follows. Please note that in general the same steps apply to the internship program as well, whereas for an experienced position you will only face an online application and some interviews. The stages are:

BNP Paribas is one of the world’s largest banks with assets of over three trillion dollars. In the UK alone, there are approximately 3,000 employees and they have bases in 87 different countries. We will go through each of the application stages below.

BNP Paribas Online Application Form

The first stage of the recruitment process is the completion of the application form. Here you are given the opportunity to upload your CV as well as complete information regarding your extracurricular activities that may be of note to your application. In addition, you are required to complete the BNP Paribas situational judgement test which we will explain in greater detail below.

When uploading or completing statements for the company you are not merely asked to list your skills and activities, rather, they want to know what you personally bring to the company. This is manifested in your skill set measured against the core values and competencies that BNP Paribas hold dear. These values are:


Alongside these key values, there is also a set of managerial principles that you need to possess if you are applying for a managerial role. These are:

Client FocusPeople Care
Lead by ExampleRisk-aware Entrepreneurship

Even if you are not applying for a managerial role, you may in the future see your role in the company adjusted so it is therefore ideal if you can show that you have used all of these values in real life situations. Perfecting your CV in order to fit with your answers and skills is a complex task so make sure you refer to these competencies when revising. 

BNP Paribas Situational Judgment Test

Part of the application form for BNP Paribas requires you to complete a series of 10 questions that form a short situational judgement test, or SJT. You are presented with a short passage detailing a situation that you could expect to find on a day to day basis working for BNP Paribas. Four possible ways to deal with the situation are outlined, and you have to select what you are most and least likely to do in the situation if you were working for BNP Paribas. In order to understand exactly what is wanted from you in this task it is recommended that you learn how this test works and how to answer the questions in the most suitable way. Learn the ins and outs with our practice SJTs.

BNP Paribas Aptitude Online Tests

The next step of the recruitment process is the completion of the BNP Paribas ability tests. These include numerical,verbal, and logical reasoning. Depending on your role, you may be asked to take some or all of these tests following a successful application and SJT. These tests are provided by the cut-e company and are used to see if your abilities are a match for what BNP Paribas is looking for. These tests are a crucial step in the recruitment process as your results determine how you can progress. Give yourself the necessary preparation to make sure you continue.

BNP Paribas Numerical Test

Numerical reasoning tests evaluate your ability to understand information presented in a numerical format. The information is presented in charts and graphs, all of which pertain to a specific company. Following the information, there is a statement and you must determine if it is true, false or you cannot say based on the information in the table. You have 12 minutes to answer 37 questions, meaning you must work quickly and efficiently. The best way to overcome this challenge is to be fully aware of how you deal with the test and this is done by practising these tests with our cut-e style numerical practice tests.

BNP Paribas Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests measure your reading comprehension skills and how well you can analyse complex verbal information. This test presents you with information containing numerous facts condensed into a small passage. After carefully analysing the text, you need to answer the multiple-choice questions on it. There are 49 questions and they need to be answered within a 12 minute time frame. Sharpen your verbal reasoning skills and prepare for the test with our cut-e style verbal reasoning practice pack.

BNP Paribas Logical Reasoning Test

Logical, or inductive reasoning tests ask you to identify rules based on a series of images. You are presented with two groups of tables and must figure out the rules and interrelations of each group. Once you have discovered the rule, you need to decide with of the multiple choice answers fits the necessary criteria. There are 12 questions to answer in 12 minutes so you need to be able to analyse and identify quickly. Learn more about cut-e logical reasoning tests on our dedicated page

Following a successful performance on the ability tests, you will be invited to the next stage of the BNP Paribas recruitment process.

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