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Here’s what you need to know:

Scoring High on the SHL Test Is Super Important for Your Career

Doing well on the SHL psychometric test is essential since a good score will carry weight:

  • Your likelihood of being invited for a job interview
  • Your success in the job interview
  • The salary you will be offered
  • The possibility of being offered a higher-level position
  • The likelihood of being promoted in the future

So, now you understand the importance of scoring high on the SHL test.

But what should you do?

How do you prepare for the test and score higher than your competitors for the same position?

In this case, you have two different options to choose from, depending on your ultimate goal:

Choose Your SHL Practice Method & Start Preparing Right Away

Look at the differences between the SHL preparation materials and tap on one of the buttons to start practising for your test!

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Here’s what one of our recent customers had to say about the full SHL PrepPack™:


Richard M. Verified Reviewer
"It was a great decision to buy all the tests that JobTestPrep offer. It was really useful to get familiarized and understand what the real assessment required with all the explanations. The tips and guides helped me to be in control and succeed.”


To summarise it and help you make the right choice, here are the main differences between the free practice and the full preparation pack:

Free SHL Practice VS Full SHL Preparation – Which One is the Right for You?

Free SHL tests offer mainly generic SHL-style questions, which resemble some of the questions you may encounter on the actual test, but cover only a small portion of the tested material. Additionally, they don’t have the same time constraints as the actual test.

Almost 90% of the SHL test-takers choose the free practice found online. Thus, they tend to get only average scores on the test and usually don't make the cut.

If you only want to get a general feeling of the SHL test, the free practice is for you.

On the other hand, the full SHL preparation offers tailored SHL-style questions, answers and explanations that cover 100% of the test material, meaning you won’t get caught off guard and know exactly what to expect on the test.

Moreover, the full preparation has the same time limits as the actual test, which help you learn how to answer questions correctly under time pressure.

In addition, it includes study guides and specific drills that help to strengthen areas in which you feel weaker.

In short: The full preparation is the one to choose to significantly increase your chances to get shortlisted for the job.

What Are SHL Tests?


SHL is one of the largest providers of job applicant screening tests in the UK and worldwide. For example, here at JobTestPrep approximately 25% of our users are studying for at least one SHL test.

The tests conducted by SHL are one of the first screening stages between you and your new job. They assess your abilities compared to your competition and significantly narrow down the pool of candidates.

Typically, SHL tests will disqualify around 80% of the candidates. So, study hard.

Your goal is not only to be part of the top 20% of test-takers who pass the SHL test, but also to be part of the top 5% who get an outstanding score!

How Does a High SHL Test Score Affect the Interview Process?

When you come in for a job interview at the company you are applying to, the interviewers will usually already have your SHL test results in hand.

If you are among the top 20% of candidates to get a passing score on SHL test, the interviewers will assess you in the same manner as they would other candidates who received a similar score. In this case, your chance of being hired for the job is the same as another 10-20 candidates whose scores fall into your score range.

If you get an outstanding score on SHL test that places you in the top 5% of candidates the interviewers will treat you differently. Your chances of getting hired will rise exceedingly since you will be given top priority during the interview and hiring process. Since every company is searching for the most outstanding candidates, getting an outstanding score can significantly improve your chance of success.

How Does a High SHL Score Impact Your Salary Offer?

Think of it this way – if the average salary for the job you are after offers £55,000 per year, you will have a significantly higher chance of being offered a salary of £65,000 per year if your SHL test scores are exceedingly high (within the top 5%).

The reason for this increase in salary is because companies are looking to hire the best candidates possible, so they are willing to offer better compensation to exceptional candidates. In a nutshell, investing in our professional preparation course now will pay off for you in future.


How Can a High SHL Score Help You Get Promoted?

After you are hired for the position you applied for, your SHL test results will be stored in your personnel file. When there is an opening for a higher-level position, your test scores may be reviewed by the company to determine your suitability for promotion.

Your SHL test score can impact whether you get the promotion you want by assessing certain traits and skills, which can demonstrate whether you possess the required capabilities for the position. An example of a relevant trait can be seen on the SHL personality assessment, which measures for high leadership ability. If you score high on this attribute, you will be more likely to be considered for a higher-up role.

There may even be a chance that, during your hiring process for a specific role, the company will also be searching for a candidate to fill an open, higher-level position than the one you are applying for. In such cases, recruiters may assess candidates who are already applying for different roles yet have received an outstanding score on their SHL test. If you are one of the few applicants with an outstanding SHL, you may even be offered the more senior position on the spot.


What if My Test Score is Average – Or Just Slightly Above Average?

Getting a below-average (approximately the bottom 40% of candidates) or average score on the SHL exam usually makes it difficult to be considered and hired for the job, even when you are facing a relatively low level of competition.

However, if you score slightly above average (within the top 35% of candidates) then you will be less likely to be overlooked. A strong SHL test score is crucial to stand out from other applicants, especially for highly competitive positions.

Note - Your test results will be kept on file at the company that is recruiting. This means that candidates who received a low or average SHL score will have a reduced chance of being hired by the same company in the future.


The Importance of Preparing for SHL Tests

  1. Prepare with high-quality resources - It is important to utilise practice materials from only the most professional sources. This will save you time and money and ultimately bring you closer to meeting your career goals.
  2. Prepare with tailored simulations rather than generic drills – Practice with drills that simulate not just the material on the real test, but also its look, feel and timing. If you use accurate and realistic test materials you won't be surprised on test day.
  3. Prepare for the right test – If you are told which SHL test(s) you will sit, focus on the specific subject(s) on which you'll be tested.
  4. Prepare yourself for anything – If you were not told which of the SHL tests you will be required to sit, then it would be best to stay on the safe side and utilise our SHL All-Inclusive PrepPack™. This exclusive preparation package includes practice for all the SHL tests, allowing you to enhance your skills in every area and fully prepare yourself.
  5. Prepare with our help - At JobTestPrep, we offer personalised online and over-the-phone guidance to help you practise difficult material. We offer assistance in helping you understand the material and improve your test scores to land you the job your desire!

SHL Free Tests

Free SHL Numerical Reasoning Free SHL Verbal Reasoning
Free SHL Inductive Reasoning Free SHL Deductive Reasoning
SHL OPQ32 Personality Test SHL Motivation Questionnaire

See SHL Tests Tailored PrepPacks™>>


SHL Sample Questions & Expert Solving Tips

The following are examples of numerical, verbal, inductive, SJT (situational judgment test) and behavioural questions from JobTestPrep’s SHL All-Inclusive PrepPack™. The pack includes drills, study guides, and most importantly, accurate simulations of real SHL tests. We include full solutions and detailed explanations of every single practice question. The test includes tailored materials to prepare for every kind of SHL test, including: Numerical, Verbal, Deductive, Inductive, OPQ32 Personality, and Motivation.

Each of these subjects have been broken down to give you a better feel of each one, allowing you to easily comprehend what is needed to pass your exam.


SHL Numerical Reasoning Sample: Tables and Graphs

Oftentimes in the SHL numerical test, you will encounter maths equations in the form of tables and graphs similar to the one you previously solved.

Frequently, questions will be centered around time change. Your task is to calculate, examine and interpret the changes presented in the question.


A few things to note:

1. Depending on the specific assessment, calculators may or may not be used. Be prepared for either scenario.

2. The number of questions and solving time for SHL numerical tests varies depending on your position.

3. SHL also administers tests geared specifically towards calculation abilities.


Try it:

Example 1: Numerical

Share Sales and Dividend

SHL numerical sample question 1

In the first half of the year, what was the total cost of buying 450 HPQ shares at their highest price and a fifth of this amount of DELL shares at their lowest price?

Answer & Explanation

✔️ The correct answer is (D) £12,330

According to the table, the highest price of HPQ shares in the first half of the year

(i.e. between Jan-June) was £25.
Thus, the cost of 450 HPQ shares was: 25 x 450 = £11,250.

According to the table, the lowest price of DELL shares in the first half of the year

(i.e. between Jan-June) was £12.
The question specifies that the number of DELL shares bought was 1/5 of the number of HPQ shares (=450).

Hence, the number of DELL shares bought was: 450 x 1/5 = 90 shares.
Thus, the cost of DELL shares was: 12 x 90 = £1,080.

Therefore, the total cost of the transaction was: 11,250 + 1,080 = £12,330

Visit our SHL numerical test page for more in-depth examples and preparation tips.

SHL Verbal Reasoning Sample: True, False & Cannot Say

The SHL verbal test presents questions based on passages of text. During the assessment, you will be asked to determine the validity of statements based upon each passage.

These tests are commonly known as TFC (true/false/cannot say) tests.

  • A true statement follows logically from the information or opinions contained in the passage.
  • A false statement is logically false from the information or opinions contained in the passage.
  • Select cannot say if you cannot determine whether the statement is true or false based on the information given in the text.


Try it:

Example 2: Verbal

Read the passage and answer the following question:

Companies wishing to increase their growth rate occasionally employed the method of franchising, which provides a new owner with a permit to use their business identity, and in return, they purchase products exclusively from the company. However, today, most companies aim to minimise the use of this method and often prefer the expansion of the companies' own branches. Companies that have used franchising have learnt the necessity of monitoring the business operation of the franchised branch. Inadequate attention to the monitoring of franchises on the part of the companies was typically the cause of sundry problems. Difficulties arose from franchisees and companies disagreeing on business policies such as customer care, service delivery efficiency and quality of human interaction.

 Thus, overseeing the company's franchises is required to minimise various difficulties.

Answer & Explanation

✔️ The correct answer is true.

The passage states, 'Companies that have used franchising have learnt the necessity of monitoring the business operation of the franchised branch.

Inadequate attention to the monitoring of franchises on the part of the companies was typically the cause of sundry problems'.

It can be concluded, to prevent various problems (sundry means various), a company must oversee its franchisees' business operations.

Therefore, the argument is true.

Visit our SHL verbal reasoning page for a comprehensive study guide, tips, tricks and more question examples.

SHL Inductive Reasoning Sample: Identify the Pattern/Find the Next in the Series

In the SHL inductive test, you are presented with a row of abstract figures.

You need to identify the underlying pattern of the sequence and choose the figure that comes next in the series from the possible answers. This type of question is commonly known as a next in series.


Try it:

Example 3: Inductive/Logical

SHL Inductive sample question 3

Answer & Explanation

✔️ The correct answer is 

Each frame contains four lines that change their direction and position alternately.

In each step, the four lines either rotate 90° or move closer together to the centre of the frame.

Thus, just as the first, third and fifth frames create an X, the second, fourth and sixth frames create a diamond.

Expand your knowledge with our free SHL ieductive reasoning Test and our SHL Inductive preparation tips page.

SHL Deductive Reasoning Sample: Use Logic on Given Data

Unlike verbal tests, where the required piece of data is typically hidden in a larger textual context; deductive reasoning has its data up-front.

The challenge is to follow the logic and quickly draw the correct conclusion.

SHL deductive tests contain two types of questions:

  • Syllogisms: The word 'syllogism' ('conclusion' in Greek) can be found in the works of Greek philosophers, mainly Aristotle. Syllogism questions present you with a number of premises (taken as true). You are requested to decide which conclusions follow.
  • Seating Arrangements: Named after the mother-in-law’s favourite part of the wedding; this type of question presents you with a set of rules that must be followed in order to arrange a number of objects, people, etc. It is your job to decide the correct order following the listed rules.


Try it:

Example 4: Deductive

  • Tim lives in a big apartment
  • Abby lives in a small apartment
  • There are no big apartments in Tinyville
  • Small apartments have one bedroom


Which statement must be true?

Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is C (Abby's apartment has one bedroom)

According to the data, Abby lives in a small apartment, and small apartments have one bedroom. Therefore, Abby's apartment has one bedroom.

Answer (A) – Since Tim lives in a big apartment and there are no big apartments in Tinyville, the conclusion that Tim lives there is illogical.

Answer (B) – According to the data, Tinyville has no big apartments. No information is provided that contradicts the suggestion that Abby lives there. However, not enough information is available to corroborate it, either.

Answer (D) – The fourth fact says that small apartments have one bedroom. However, there is no way of telling whether that also holds true for big apartments.

For further information, check out more example questions dedicated to SHL Deductive.

SHL SJT Sample: Real Situations on the Job

SJTs, or situational judgement tests, measure your behaviour and compare it to the role you are applying for.

Thus, the test presents you with real situations you may encounter on the job and presents you with viable multiple choice options to handle each situation.

Your task is to choose what you would likely do if the opportunity presented itself.

A typical SJT has 12 to 25 scenarios either with no time limit or enough time allotted to read, contemplate and answer all questions comfortably.

Commonly used SJT question types:

  1. Choose two viable responses in the given situation
  2. Pick what you consider is the best response
  3. Rank all responses from most likely to least likely typically on a numerical scale

Try it:

Example 5: SJT

You run a staff of 20 people. You have made a conscious effort to establish good relationships between team members and have managed to build a cooperative team. The atmosphere is positive, and your team members seem to enjoy each other’s company, forming friendly connections. However, in the last couple of weeks, you have begun to feel that the atmosphere is 'too fun', as people take long breaks and procrastinate. You are happy that your employees enjoy coming to work, but you also want to make sure that work is actually being done. You want to establish some regulations regarding breaks in the workplace, including the number of authorized breaks per workday, the number of employees who can take a coffee break at the same time, and the need to request a break before taking it.


How should you implement these changes?

A) Gradually and sensitively make a comment to individual employees when they take breaks so that the new rules become habits.

B) Gather the team for a serious discussion on the current situation and introduce the new rules, explaining that things got out of hand and we need more discipline.

C) Send a memo that simply states the new regulations. There’s no need to turn this into something dramatic.

D) Assemble a meeting, explain that there has been some procrastination lately, introduce the regulations, and say that you wish to keep the good atmosphere while also maintaining productivity.

Answer & Explanation

✔️ The best response is (D)

Primary Competency: Effective communication

Secondary Competency: Maintaining authority

In this question, you aim to set boundaries (by introducing changes) while also maintaining a good atmosphere and team motivation.

Response A aims to avoid conflict surrounding the changes you wish to implement, as well as to avoid offending anyone. However, it’s unlikely that so many changes will go 'unnoticed'.

Additionally, this response includes indirect, and ineffective, communication. Making individual comments to every employee could make each comment seem personal.

A serious discussion (response B) is a more direct method of communication. However, a dramatic discussion might seem reprimanding and discourage the team.

Sending a memo (response C) is, again, an indirect means of communication. The team is left without any explanation about the changes and without the opportunity to respond to them.

Response D includes an actual discussion, which comprises an explanation for the changes and an option for the team to respond.

In addition, you let the team know that you do appreciate the friendly atmosphere and hope that it remains.

Of the given options, this response best combines discipline and motivation.

Note: Deepen your understanding of SJT with our comprehensive SJT free test, tips and preparation guide.

SHL Behavioural Tests: a Different Category Altogether

Behavioural tests focus on the personality traits and behaviours relevant for the job.

These examinations differ from cognitive ability tests as they try to evaluate your behaviour, work-related skills and personality traits together. Thus, we made it its own guide.


Take a look at our SHL personality test guide to learn what our experts have researched and compiled.

Does Everyone Have a Chance to Excel?

Through our experience in helping job seekers since 1992, we have found that given enough practise with high-quality resources, everyone has a chance to succeed. For this reason, we highly recommend utilising our personal guidance and study guides as well, to boost your level of performance and outdo the competition.



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