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Aviva has a variety of positions, including the Aviva graduate scheme, internships and apprenticeships. In the application process to any of these roles, you face a combination of aptitude tests, interviews and assessment exercises to help the company determine if you are the right person for the job. This page details the process and how you can prepare.

Aviva Application Form

Firstly, there is the Aviva application form. This pulls together all the relevant information about you and your academic history that Aviva wants to know. This includes the context of your achievements, not just the grades you came out with. It is worth reading the Aviva website very carefully to learn about their core values and other useful information so that you can tailor your application form towards the qualities they are searching for - make it clear that you really want to work for Aviva in particular (and you’re not just applying because they offer positions for graduates) and it is more likely to be viewed favourably.

Aviva Core Competencies and Values

As well as having the necessary academic credentials, Aviva wants graduates who have the following qualities:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • The confidence to influence others
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Real leadership potential
  • Curiosity
  • Enthusiasm and ambition
  • Open-mindedness
  • Seeking a challenge

Aviva has specific values (more details of which you can read about on their website), which are:

  • Care More
  • Kill Complexity
  • Never Rest
  • Create Legacy

Reading more about what these values mean can help you to get through the hiring process successfully. Aviva recruiters will also be looking to see why you want to join Aviva - so again, a good knowledge of the company will be important.

Once you have completed the Aviva application form and submitted it you will receive an email confirmation.

Aviva Aptitude Tests

When applying for Aviva Graduate Scheme, you must pass two online aptitude tests: the Aviva numerical reasoning test and the Aviva logical reasoning test. Both designed to test your ability to apply abstract thought and reasoning to various questions. The assessments are provided by CEB’s SHL. To make sure your are fully prepared for this crucial stage in the recruitment process, it is highly advised to use practice tests beforehand.

Aviva Numerical Test

Numerical reasoning tests are an assessment of your ability and skill level for working with numerical information. Data is presented in the form of graphs and charts and you must work with the information and use basic maths functions to come to logical conclusions. Beyond the challenging maths concepts, there is the added difficulty of working under a strict time limit. Brush up on your skills beforehand with our SHL-style numerical reasoning tests.

Aviva Logical Test

Logical reasoning test, also called inductive reasoning tests, can be tricky as they use shapes and patterns rather than numbers and letters to present information. During the test, you are shown a series of shapes which follow a certain pattern. Your task is to determine what the pattern is in order to correctly choose the next item in the pattern from the possible answers given. Using practice tests to hone your skills prior to the test can greatly increase your chances of success so make sure to have a look at our SHL-style logical reasoning pack.

Aviva Video Interview

The next step, if you have been successful in the numerical and logical reasoning tests, is the online video interview. The Aviva interview online is designed to let you tell the company more about yourself and your values. Aviva will use this information to decide whether your values fit neatly with their own corporate values.

You won’t know the questions beforehand, but the online video interview comes with full, step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the interview and you’ll also be given a practice question to have a go at before you’re ready to start. The best advice is to be open and honest in your answers - it is important that you answer truthfully so that they can get an accurate measure of whether you will fit in at the company. Passing an interview with a false impression may lead to you being given a job that you are not really suited to.

For some positions an Aviva telephone interview might be necessary, and for others you may be required to deliver a presentation.

Aviva Assessment Centre

If you have successfully passed all of the above steps, you will be invited to an Aviva assessment centre. This is your chance to show Aviva face to face what you can do and why you are right for a position in their company. You will spend a day there, taking part in a group exercise which might involve working together on an Aviva case study, and then being interviewed by one of the Senior Business Representatives.

Aviva Group Exercise and Case Study

In order to gain a full understanding of how you work, you will be asked to participate in a group exercise at the Aviva assessment centre. For many, this assessment involves completing a case study together with a group of fellow applicants. This is an opportunity to show Aviva recruiters how well you work in a team setting so make sure to make your input heard without being overbearing. Case studies involve working through a lot of information in a short time to help come to a solution a problem. Our group exercise and case study packs can help you smooth out your skills before the big day to make sure you give a great performance.

Aviva Interview

The interview is the final step in the Aviva application process. This interview is a mix of both competencies questions and questions more specific to the role you’re applying for.

Typical Aviva interview questions you might be asked include:

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Can you give an example of a time when you had to change what you were doing to get the right outcome?
  • Why did you choose your degree?

You may also be asked questions relating to the Aviva core values again, such as "How has your past influenced your present?" ('Create Legacy'). If you are given a question about a situation in which you behaved in a way that is in tune with the Aviva values, you will be expected to give a specific scenario from memory, rather than to make up a hypothetical situation. You will be given time to think though! When preparing for your Aviva interview, think carefully about actual experiences you have had or projects you have been involved in, and how these might fit in with the core values.

For in-depth interview preparation, our interview training pack and preparation sessions via Skype with our trained assessors can help you overcome those interview worries.

In Summary

Aviva has a lot of great opportunities at all job levels but getting that sought after offer can be a challenge. Make sure you are prepared for all aspects of the recruitment process with the right materials for JobTestPrep.

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