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Free Aptitude Tests

An aptitude test is an important part of the hiring process. When a company asks you to take one, it gives you a chance to leap to the top of the candidates list by demonstrating skills not found on a resume or in an interview. While aptitude implies something you either have or you don’t, you can prepare for these tests, and score higher than you, or others applying for the job normally would. JobTestPrep offers comprehensive practice packages for a wide variety of aptitude tests.

Free Numerical Reasoning Test Free Verbal Reasoning Test
Free Inductive Reasoning Test Free Situational Judgement Test

Prepare for Aptitude Tests

Our free tests are only a glimpse into the huge amount of resources we offer. You can read more about aptitude tests, and check out our job-specific packages. Our Aptitude PrepPacks™ include hundreds of practice questions tailored to specific jobs. They also include study guides, detailed explanations to questions, and score reports to track your progress. 


Get Ready to Succeed with JobTestPrep

Even though our free tests give you a chance to try and answer these questions, they do not and cannot guarantee that you will pass your upcoming tests. Carefully prepared, our renowned PrepPacks™, by contrast, provide a more complete preparation for tests and will lead you to employment. Make an investment in our materials and start carving a career in your desired position.


More Free Aptitude Test Resources

Have a go at some of our other free practice resources. JobTestPrep offers the largest online practice inventory of employers' selection tests. 

Free Epso Test Free Psychometric Test
Free Pilot Aptitude Test Free Mechanical Reasoning Test
Free UKCAT Test Free Personality Test
Free Spatial Test Free Inductive Reasoning Test
Free Hudson Test Free RAF Aptitude Test
Free SHL Numerical Test Free In-Tray Exercises

PDF Versions of Our Free Aptitude Tests

Psychometric Tests
(Questions & Answers)
Mechanical Aptitude Tests PDF
(Questions & Answers)
Numerical Reasoning PDF
(Questions & Answers)
Verbal Reasoning PDF
(Questions & Answers)
Situational Judgment Test
(Questions & Answers)
Free UKCAT Practice
(Questions & Answers)
Logical/Inductive Reasoning
(Questions & Answers)
Spatial Reasoning
(Questions & Answers)

Score High with Your Aptitude Test PrepPack™

See our full list of aptitude test practice packages and show the hiring team that you are the best person for the job. 

What’s Included

  • Timed or step by step practice tests
  • Thorough explanations for every question and answer
  • Study guides that make the most of the time you spend preparing for the test
  • On-demand access from any device at any time
  • Our PrepPacks™ are constantly updated, providing the most up to date material you need to learn
  • Score reports to track your progress
  • Secure payment

Take your preparation to the next level. Get yourself an aptitude test preparation package today.


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