Online Test Preparation for UniCredit Group

UniCredit Group is currently listed on the #496 of the Global 2000 with a market cap of $33.3 billion with strong revenue of $24.42 billion. Since its founded in 1998, the company has grown to service clients through its workforce of near 150,000 in 8,500 branches across 17 countries representing 50 markets. There is no doubt that joining UniCredit Group can be great for your career, but you first have to jump through hoops to get there. As you can imagine the competition will be fierce, as will the pre-hire tests and interview be challenging. Make sure you are ready only with JobTestPrep.

UniCredit Group Assessment Test Practice
  • 7 SHL numerical test simulations
  • 7 SHL verbal test simulations
  • 11 SHL inductive test simulations
  • 2 SHL deductive test simulations
  • 5 SHL checking test simulations
  • 16 study guides and video tutorials



The UniCredit Interview Process

At UniCredit Group there are so many ways to advance you career, but you first have to know where you want to start. Whichever area of service excites you, be it consumer finance, investment, business analyst or credit management (just to name a few), each position will have a unique hiring process. Let’s look at the hiring process for Business Analyst, so you can get a sense of what is coming up ahead.

  • Stage 1: In the first stage a recruiter will call you for a short screening interview. Be prepared to talk about your CV, hard skills and general past. The interviewer will remind you of the job specs, working conditions and
  • Stage 2: Now you will administer assessment tests, which may include: Numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning, personality and SJT and excel among others. JobTestPrep will prepare you in a comprehensive manner with our practice tests and materials.
  • Stage 3: Lastly, you will be asked to come to the office for a meeting, which will include two managers and a representative from Human Resources. The interview will be a mix of technical and personality questions. Expect for the interview to last up to an hour and a half.

JobTestPrep will give you a fully comprehensive study and practice system before you take pre-hire exams.

Interview Questions to Consider

  • Q: If your former supervisor was here, and I asked him where you needed improvement, what would he say?
  • A: Think about a hard and soft skill and tell how you have improved under your former employee. They want to know what you can quickly adapt and learn.
  • Q: What do you bring to the table that others might not?
  • A: Do not trash anyone, keep it positive. Talk about your skills and programs you have taken to strengthen them and how you are a self-starter. This question is really asking if you know the job inside and out and can consistently perform at a high level. 
  • Q: How many trash cans are there in the city?
  • A: No one is actually expecting you to know the answer to this question. However, they will use this (or a similar variation) to test your ability to problem solve with minimal information. You might say, to get an estimate we have to check how many homes and office buildings are located in the city.