Shir Enzer

Shir Enzer

Expert in Sova, Korn Ferry, Aon, Saville, and recruitment tests for the finance, banking, and accounting industries.

Shir's expertise in the world of psychometric testing began with a keen interest in psychology and behaviour. He has a BSc in psychology from Ben Gurion University.

Shir's position at JobTestPrep spans multiple sectors, including finance and accountancy firms. These firms often employ psychometric testing to screen candidates for work placements, graduate programmes, junior and experienced roles, and promotions within the organisation.

Using his knowledge and experience with these industries, Shir's courses aim to provide optimal preparation by aligning the candidate to the specific needs of the employer.

Shir also covers Aon / cut-e, Korn Ferry / Talent Q, and Saville assessments on JobTestPrep.