Free McQuaig Mental Agility Test Practice 2024

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test is a cognitive ability test measuring the speed of thought and reasoning skills. It is a short test with a 15-minute time limit. It consists of 50 multiple-choice questions divided into mathematical ability, verbal reasoning, and vocabulary. 

The main challenge of it is correctly answering as many questions as possible at a tight time limit of only 18 seconds per questionYour goal here is not to complete all 50 questions, as very few people can do this, but to answer as many questions as possible fast and error-free. Therefore, getting a good score requires much effort and preparation. 

The practice on this page contains several questions from all three fields. Each section contains sample questions, thorough explanations, and tips on best preparation. The sample question on this page was specifically selected from our full McQuaig Mental Agility PrepPack to familiarise you with the different types of pilot aptitude questions you might face in your exam.

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Let's begin with the type of questions most people are struggling with on the McQuaig assessment, the math reasoning:

Mathematical Ability

 Question # 1

What is the next number in the series?

105 85 65 45 25 _____

a. 25

b. 35

c. 15

d. 10

e. 5


The correct answer is:

E - 5

In this series, the numbers constantly decrease by 20. Therefore, the next number will be 25-20=5


 Question # 2

If songs on the “music app” cost $3 per half a dozen, how much would it cost to buy 24 songs?

a. $6

b. $9

c. $12

d. $18

e. $24


The correct answer is:

C - $12

There are 6 songs in half a dozen, therefore in order to buy 24 songs, you need to purchase 24/6 = 4 times half a dozen songs. Each half a dozen costs $3, thus: 3*$4 = $12.


 Question # 3

What one number can replace both question marks in these fractions?

1/? = ?/25


The correct answer is:


1/5 = 5/25.

McQuaig Tip: In this section, you'll face 15 mathematical questions of 3 main forms: Numbers series, Algebra calculations, and word problems. Calculator is not allowed on the test. Since there is a significant time limit and no penalty for wrong answers, it is advised not to leave any answers blank and to make an educated guess if you can't keep the recommended test pace of 18 seconds per question. 

McQuaig Score: The mental agility score is converted into a percentile to assess performance relative to others. As math questions tend to be the most challenging within the time limit, it is very important to gain a competitive advantage and learn time-saving solving techniques. 

While using the dedicated McQuaig Numerical Practice Tests & Study Guides on our PrepPack, you'll be able to improve your calculation skills, speed and accuracy and make sure you'll be able to finish more questions accurately and gain a competitive advantage. 

After we've finished covering the first type of question you'll face in the MMAT exam, we can now move on to another type of aptitude question - the Verbal Reasoning Question. The main goal of the verbal reasoning questions is to assess your verbal comprehension abilities using deductive and inductive methods. Let's dive in and see what it is all about:


Verbal Reasoning

Question # 4

Which word does not belong on this list?

a. Skin

b. Oesophagus

c. Heart

d. Brain

e. Intestine


The correct answer is:

(A)- Skin

The oesophagus, heart, brain, and intestine are all internal body parts. Skin, on the contrary, is an external body part.



Question # 5

Embarrassment is related to Blush as Fear is to

a. Stressful

b. Rattled

c. Perspire

d. Precipitation


The correct answer is:

(C)- Perspire

Blush is a bodily expression of Embarrassment just as Perspire is a bodily expression of Fear.


 Question # 6

Pick the letter of the alphabet that is as far beyond C as M is beyond F 



The correct answer is:


M is the seventh letter after F, just like J is the seventh letter after C.‎


 Question # 7

Except for one letter, the letters in the word READ follow one another in the opposite order to ‎which they occur in the alphabet. What is the letter?‎


The correct answer is:


R, E, and A follow one another in opposite order to that in which they occur in the alphabet, but D ‎follows A in the order in which they occur in the alphabet.‎


 Question # 8

If the words below are arranged to make a proper sentence, what is the last letter of the second ‎word?‎



The correct answer is:

D ‎

The correct sentence is: The third floor has two bathrooms and one staff room.‎

McQuaig Tip: To solve the verbal reasoning questions, you’ll need to derive conclusions from statements that appear to be ambiguous. Additionally, you might be asked to identify a syllogism, a form of deductive reasoning. When solving those questions, try to look for important keywords, phrases, or concepts in the passage that are relevant to the question. Highlight or underline these elements to help you reference them easily when answering the question within the time limit.

McQuaig Score: The MMAT test consists of 50 questions from 3 different types, but all the questions have an equal impact on your score. Because the Verbal Reasoning section is much easier than the math section, it is recommended to spend a bit more time on those questions and make sure you solve them correctly and gain those points. 

While using the dedicated McQuaig Verbal Practice Tests & Study Guides on our PrepPack, you'll learn new skills and techniques for time management during the test, learn solving strategies for the Verbal Reasoning section, and practice dozens of verbal reasoning questions and improve your skills before test day. 

How Can You Score High On The McQuaig Mental Agility Exam?

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT Test) is a short test with a 15-minute time limit, consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions in mixed order. This means that you have around 18 seconds to solve each question.

In this game, the main challenge is answering as many questions as possible correctly during the short time limit. A few people are capable of answering all 50 questions in a timely and error-free fashion, your goal is to answer as many questions as possible as quickly and error-free as possible. Getting a good score requires much preparation and effort. 

To overcome this challenge, it is essential to prepare for each section of the test, familiarise yourself with all the question types, fully understand the precise rules of each test section, and practice accordingly. By that, you'll be able to improve your expertise in the question types and complete as many questions as possible correctly. 

Our McQuaig Mental Agility PrepPack includes numerous accurate simulations of the real exam, practice tests, and study materials, which will enable you to familiarise yourself with the time constraints, formatting, and content of the actual test. This will help you practice under realistic conditions and become confident in your answer-solving abilities so that when the time comes, you will be able to answer the questions quickly and accurately under pressure,  and therefore score higher.

With our Watson Glaser PrepPack, available for only £39, you can ensure you are at your best when you take the assessment and get the high score you deserve.

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After we've finished covering the second type of question you'll face in the McQuaig assessment, we can now move on to another type of cognitive question - the Vocabulary Questions. Although both questions assess aspects of your verbal skills, the focus of the vocabulary questions is on your vocabulary and grammar skills. Now, let's move on to the last type of question you might face in your McQuaig exam: 


Question # 9

PERTINENT is the opposite of

a. Urgent

b. Stressful

c. Unsuitable

d. Bank

e. Congenial


The correct answer is:

(C)- Unsuitable

Pertinent means suitable or relevant to the matter at hand, and therefore, Unsuitable is its antonym.



Question # 10

TURMOIL is a(n)‎

a. Upheaval

b. Growth

c. Stability

d. Difficulties

e. Serenity


The correct answer is:

(A)- Upheaval

Both Turmoil and Upheaval mean a state or condition of extreme confusion.‎

McQuaig Tip In the Vocabulary Section, you may encounter words in the context of sentences or passages. Utilise the surrounding words, phrases, or sentences to deduce the meaning of the target word. Look for synonyms, antonyms, examples, or explanations that provide hints about the word's definition.

McQuaig Score: The mental agility test score that is normalised relative to others refers to a scoring method that takes into account the performance of a test-taker in comparison to a larger group of individuals who have taken the same test. While using the dedicated McQuaig Vocabulary Practice Tests & Study Guides on our PrepPack, you'll be able to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills and make sure you'll stand out compared to others.


Our PrepPack includes comprehensive preparation materials, including:

  1. 3 Full-Length McQuaig Mental Agility Simulations that will allow you to practice the actual test's time constraints, formatting, and content and determine whether you have improved. 
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  3. Mquaig Mental Agility Study Guides that will give you a professional grasp of the theory behind each test section and the best ways to solve questions. 

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