How to Get Ready for the HSBC Recruitment Process

What is the Pack?

This pack was developed to help you prepare for the stages of the recruitment process at HSBC. It includes preparation materials for the aptitude tests, assessments and all other required tasks. 

The preparation materials in this pack are suitable for candidates applying for an HSBC graduate scheme or internship, or for any other graduate job at the company.

HSBC Numerical Reasoning Test

The pack includes hundreds of numerical practice questions similar to those found on SHL tests (the type of tests used by HSBC). The tests are accompanied by detailed explanations, topic-based drills and a rich collection of video tutorials and study guides. Among these materials, you can find a Financial Terms guide and practice drill covering topics such as profit, tax, inflation, stocks and more. With the help of those preparation materials, you will be able to improve your weak spots and master the basic concepts required for succeeding on HSBC’s numerical test.

HSBC Verbal Reasoning Test

The pack offers an extensive amount of verbal practice questions, all accompanied by detailed answer explanations. The questions are written in the true/false/cannot say format and are similar to the questions found on SHL tests (the company delivering HSBC verbal tests). The pack also includes video tutorials, which provide valuable solving tips and strategies for successfully passing verbal reasoning tests.

HSBC Logical Reasoning Test

The pack includes SHL-style next-in-series practice questions, similar to the questions seen on the actual HSBC inductive reasoning test, as well as other question formats for additional practice. It also includes a comprehensive video tutorial, demonstrating common logic patterns used in next-in-series questions and providing some useful tips. By practising the tests and watching the tutorial, you can increase your speed and ultimately improve your overall performance on the actual aptitude test.

HSBC Situational Judgement Test

The pack includes online practice drills and tutorials. These provide an overview of situational judgement tests, as well as explain how to identify the dilemma presented in each question and the competencies involved in it. By reviewing the tutorials and completing the drills, you can gain important insights into this type of test and also learn how to solve the HSBC SJT in a way that best fits HSBC’s values.

HSBC Personality Test

Here you will find two professional personality tests accompanied by a personalised and detailed report. Together with this complete guide to personality questionnaires, the pack gives you an overview of key traits often assessed on personality tests and helps you learn how to approach these tests.

HSBC Phone Interview

The pack features a detailed guide with important insights and tips for successfully passing interviews. This guide includes a section dedicated to phone interviews.


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