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'I took the CEB SHL verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning tests. They were both quite difficult but the time pressure was the worst part.'

Ramsha S.

About PwC

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) receives over 100,000 applications each year in the UK alone for only a handful of open positions. To help narrow the list and find candidates with the best skills for the job, PwC asks prospective candidates to complete several online psychometric tests at the beginning of the recruitment process. Only those who manage to successfully pass these tests make it to the next stages of the process. (At the assessment centre, candidates are often required to retake the tests in a paper-based version to verify the integrity of their results. So, if you had any doubts, avoid cheating on the online tests.)

To make sure you are one of the candidates who passes the exams and joins PwC, you need to know which types of tests to expect and prepare for each of them with the appropriate materials.

Below we will outline the most common tests PwC uses, as well as offer tailored practice materials that will help you succeed on these tests.

PwC Online Tests

Almost every candidate applying to PwC needs to take one or more online psychometric tests. These tests are usually provided by the well-known assessment company CEB SHL, with some candidates taking tests provided by other companies, such as cut-e (Aon) or Saville. In addition, candidates are often required to complete a Watson Glaser test.The exact types of tests you will be asked to complete and their difficulty level depend on the job or programme for which you are applying, as well as the level of the position. Thus, when preparing for the tests, carefully read the information you receive from the recruitment team.

This page focuses on the four most prevalent CEB’s SHL tests used by PwC: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical (or inductive) reasoning, and the personality questionnaire (OPQ). It also briefly discusses the numerical and verbal tests provided by cut-e (Aon).

The preparation materials we offer on this page are tailored for students, graduates, and other candidates applying for graduate-level jobs at PwC UK. For recommended resources for other candidates, check out the relevant page for you: PwC Experienced Hires, PwC School Leavers, PwC Australia, or Strategy&.


Prepare for the PwC Online Tests

If part of your PwC application process is the aptitude tests you should ensure you understand the assessments you are required to complete. The practice materials include full-length practice tests, study guides, score reports, and other helpful resources. Ensure your success by practising with JobTestPrep.


PwC Numerical Reasoning Test

If the online numerical test is at the top of your biggest fears list, you are in good company. Many candidates dread a numerical assessment of any kind. The format of the PwC SHL numerical reasoning test is as follows: you are presented with numerical data in the form of a table or a graph, which is followed by multiple choice questions relating to it. Answering the questions often requires performing calculations involving fractions, percentages, ratios, and conversions. Thus, make sure you master these basic concepts and practise answering data interpretation questions. Most candidates are allowed the use of a calculator and those who are not being notified beforehand.

Looking to brush up on your maths skills before your numerical test? Our PwC SHL–style numerical practice tests have everything you need to prepare.

PwC Verbal Reasoning Test

Less intimidating than its numerical counterpart, the PwC verbal test can be a surprising challenge for many. On this test, also provided by SHL, you are presented with a short text that is followed by several questions. Each question presents a statement that you need to quickly analyse and decide if it is true, false, or you cannot say based on the text.

Quick reading and sharp verbal reasoning skills give your test performance a boost. Practise these skills for your upcoming online assessment with our PwC SHL–style verbal reasoning tests.

PwC Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning includes a broad spectrum of tests and PwC’s SHL logical test focuses on inductive reasoning. This is very different from the other online tests used by the company as it works with shapes and patterns rather than words or numbers. The format of the PwC logical reasoning test is as follows: You are shown a series of images that follow a set of rules you need to figure out. Once you have determined the rules, you must choose the next image that logically fits in the series.

Finding the right type of practice for this test is essential. Use our tailored PwC SHL–style logical reasoning test practice pack to understand and master the finer points of this online assessment.

PwC Personality Test

Behavioural tests like the PwC personality questionnaire (also known as the work style preference questionnaire or the OPQ) give the company a fuller picture of your potential fit in the workplace and company culture. This untimed, online test has over 100 questions that look at multiple personality traits. The PwC personality test presents a two-fold challenge: giving honest answers whilst also showing your best character traits. Preparing for this test can help you overcome this obstacle by giving you the tools to fully understand each question.

Improve your skills and gain confidence with our all-inclusive PwC SHL–style online tests bundle pack. Get all you need to prepare for your numerical, verbal, logical, and personality tests.


PwC Tests from cut-e (Aon)

Some candidates face aptitude tests provided by a different assessment company—cut-e (Aon). These include a verbal reasoning and a numerical reasoning test. cut-e (Aon)’s tests are different from other psychometric tests you may be used to as the concepts, test format, and question types are all unique to cut-e (Aon).

On a cut-e (Aon) verbal ability test, you are given 12 minutes to answer 49 questions, making this a strict time-limited test.

The cut-e (Aon) numerical ability test gives you slightly more time per question, with 37 questions to answer in the same 12 minutes.

Our cut-e (Aon)–style bundle pack includes both numerical and verbal reasoning practice along with useful video tutorials to make preparing for these tests a breeze.

How to Pass the PwC Online Tests?

PwC recommends that all candidates prepare for their psychometric tests in advance. Our experience shows that the majority of applicants take this advice very seriously and dedicate a considerable amount of time and effort to practising. (After all, the competition for every spot in PwC is high, and no one wants to get eliminated just because of a bad test score.) So, a casual approach to these tests is probably not recommended. If you do not want to remain behind, you better get to work.

The best way to prepare for PwC’s aptitude tests (i.e. the numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests) is to get to know the basic concepts important for each type of test and to practise under time constraints. To pass the PwC personality test, it is recommended to review the company’s core competencies and to gain a better understanding of how to answer personality tests.

To help you pass your online tests at PwC and move on to the next stages of the recruitment process, our experts have created a unique preparation pack. This pack offers you numerous online practice tests, with questions similar to those found on CEB’s SHL numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests. Together with our study guides and video tutorials, these practice tests help you master the major concepts important for succeeding on PwC’s tests, increase your speed, and improve your performance on the actual tests.

The pack also features two professional personality tests, which are accompanied by a personalised score report as well as study guides. These offer tips on how to approach personality tests and improve your results.


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