Raven's Progressive Matrices Test 2024- Get Accurate Practice Tests

Raven's Progressive Matrices Test is a nonverbal IQ test that assesses your abstract reasoning skills and general intelligence. On this test, you must identify shape matrices' patterns and select the missing shape.

The Online Raven Test Preparation offered on this page is designed to help prepare for both Raven's advanced progressive matrices (APM) and standard progressive matrices (SPM). It includes:

  • Five timed Raven practice tests that accurately simulate Raven’s standard and advanced progressive matrices tests. Each test includes detailed answers and solving tips that improve your skills and cut down your solving time.
  • Raven matrices guide with matrix logic rules and solving techniques for improving your skills.
  • Over 10 extra practice tests of matrices and similar questions, to further sharpen your ability to easily identify patterns. 

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Raven Practice
  • 4 Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices Tests
  • 1 Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices Test
  • Raven Matrices Study Guide 
  • Extra Matrices Practice Tests

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What is the Raven Progressive Matrices Test?

The Raven's Progressive Matrices (RPM), sometimes known as Raven's Matrices, is a nonverbal exam designed to examine general human intelligence and abstract reasoning abilities.  It is similar in nature to other abstract reasoning tests such as the Alva Labs Logic Test and Matrigma.

The test consists of 36 questions you’ll have to answer in 40 minutes. In each question, you’ll see a 3x3 matrix of geometric shapes with one piece missing. Your task is to select the correct tile from a collection of six options to complete the general pattern in the matrix.

raven test
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When you progress through the test, the questions become more difficult; hence the test is called progressive.

Raven Progressive Matrices Test Format

This Raven APM Test has 36 questions, and test-takers have 40 minutes to answer as many as they can. As you advance through the exam, the questions get more difficult to answer.

There is another version of the test - the Short Advanced Progressive Matrices. The difference between the short APM and Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices is the number of questions and the amount of time it takes to finish the test. This simplified version of Raven's intelligence test consists of only 12 questions and must be completed in under 15 minutes.

Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices Practice Questions

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On the Raven APM test, in each question, you’ll need to find the underlying pattern in a series of images and pick the one that completes it.

Here are some questions that are solved by the popular rules. Try to answer them!

Raven Practice Question - Progression Rule

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raven test
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The correct answer is 

raven ansswer

The third image in the first two rows is the result of adding a diagonal line pattern to the top half of the first image in the first two rows. Thus, the third image of the bottom row must be the result of adding a diagonal line pattern to the top half of the first image in the bottom row.

In Progression rule questions the object changes, or rather progresses with every step throughout the row or the column (the direction may vary).

Ace the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test

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Raven Practice Question - Motion Rule

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The correct answer is 

The second image in each row is the result of moving the three shapes in the first image in each row closer together, and the third image in the first two rows is the result of placing the shapes from the first image in each row inside each other. Thus, the third image in the bottom row must have the shapes from the first image in the bottom row inside each other.

In motion rule questions, the objects move (change their position) with each step. Usually, the motion is of one or more of the objects inside a frame. To identify the movement of the inner object, it is useful to compare the outer object or frames across either the rows or columns.

Raven Practice Question – Rotation Rule

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The correct answer is  

The first image in each row has a small black square on the left side of the bigger square, the second image in each row has the same small black square now in the middle of the bigger square, and the third image in the first two rows has the small black square on the right side of the bigger square. Thus, the third image in the bottom row must have the small black square on the right side of the bigger square.

In rotation rule questions, the figures in the matrix rotate in a determined pattern across either rows or columns.

Raven Practice Question - Construction Rule

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The correct answer is 

The second image in each row looks like a second horizontal line has been added to the first image in each row, and the third image in the first two rows looks like a third horizontal line has been added to the second image in each row. Thus, the third image in the bottom row must look like a third horizontal line has been added to the second image in the bottom row.

In construction rule questions, two objects from the same row or column are combined to form the third object. In simple matrices, this combination might look just like a simple addition equation.

The Finest Prep Pack for Raven's Progressive Matrices Test

In our PrepPack™, you’ll find seven full practice tests that will improve your performance on Raven’s progressive matrices. Additionally, each question includes a detailed explanation to help you grasp the rule it is based on.


How is Raven's Progressive Matrices Test Scored?

Raven's scoring methodology is more complex than the typical calculation of a number of correct answers scores.

Each item has a level of difficulty and discrimination that is factored into the scoring. For example, suppose you answered properly the more difficult and discriminating questions in the test. In that case, you will obtain higher marks than a candidate who properly answered the easier and less discriminating ones.

To calculate your APM score, you'll first be given a theta score, which is the basic prediction of your capability. The theta scores range from -4.000 to +4.000. Scores at the bottom of the scale (-4.000) suggest someone with extremely low ability, while scores at the top (+4.000) suggest someone with extremely high ability.


raven scores

In the second step, your theta score is transformed to percentiles for easier comprehension and comparison after it is calculated. This will be the score displayed in the profile reports.

Can you prepare for Raven's Progressive Matrices?

You can absolutely prepare yourself for the Raven’s APM, and we highly recommend practice before taking it. Many of the Raven questions appear to be difficult at first look, but there are standard rules that repeat throughout the test that you can learn in advance.

Knowing these rules can tremendously assist you in achieving a high Raven APM score. To help you with that, our expert team made the Raven comprehensive PrepPack™.


Here is what it includes:

  • A Raven study guide that will teach you all the important rules to identify the matrix pattern easily. The detailed guide will help you understand the solving techniques essential for succeeding on the test and how to apply them.
  • Dozens of practice questions. Each question is accompanied with step-by-step explanations to help you strengthen your solving strategy.
  • Timed tests, resembling the actual Raven test as closely as possible. It will help you get used to the demanding time constraints, while reducing your anxiety. That way you’ll come to the test calm and ready to succeed.

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What Is the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test Used For?

The Raven test is used as a pre-employment screening tool. Candidates applying for positions in senior management or roles that need a high degree of cognitive and analytical abilities are given the Advanced Progressive Matrices.

Its purpose is to assist your employer in evaluating your ability to work flexibly with novel knowledge as well as your problem-solving abilities. As a result, even though the test appears to be unrelated to your actual job, it is an important stage in the hiring process.

Other Versions of Raven's Progressive Matrices

Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices

The SPM raven test is used when screening entry-level candidates. It is commonly used for positions requiring lateral thinking, decision-making skills and analytical abilities. It has 60 questions that are needed to be completed within 40 minutes. The type of questions in this test is a bit easier than the APM Raven’s test.


Raven’s Colored Progressive Matrices

These matrices were designed for people with general lower ability because of age - very old or young test-takers. It contains the two first sets from the Standard Matrices with an additional set of 12 items inserted in between the two. The questions are presented on a colored background to make them visually stimulating.