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What Is the Macquarie Psychometric Assessment?

The Macquarie Psychometric Assessment is comprised of 4 tests:

  • Elements Numerical
  • Elements Verbal
  • Elements Logical
  • Dimensions (Personality Profiling)

The estimated time to complete the entire Macquarie Assessment is around 75 minutes.

All 4 tests of the assessment have a unique structure and formatting you should be familiar with in advance to gain a high score and pass the assessment.

Let’s take a brief overview of each:

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Macquarie Assessment Sample Questions

Macquarie Elements Numerical

Macquarie Elements Verbal

Macquarie Elements Logical

Macquarie Dimensions

Macquarie Psychometric Assessment Test #1 – Elements Numerical

The Elements Numerical test assesses your ability to calculate and draw conclusions from numerical data, namely graphs and tables.

Macquarie Elements Numerical Test - Sample Question

How many BA overseas (OS) students study in the UK?

Talent Q Numerical

* OS = Overseas
** Percent out of full tuition fee

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The table is plentiful with different types of data; however, the only information that is relevant for answering the question is the number of students studying for a BA in each department (2nd column from the left) and the percentage of OS students out of it (6th column from the left).

To answer the question, you need to calculate the number of OS students for each department. For instance, in the History department, there are 250 thousand BA students, of which 10% are OS students. So, the number of OS students in the History department is 250,000 x 10% = 250,000 x 0.1 = 25,000 (for simplicity, you can omit the thousands throughout the calculation and add it in the end). similarly, you can calculate the number of BA OS students in each of the departments:

Finally, sum up all the departments to get the total number of OS students (remember to add the thousands):
(25 + 135 + 354 + 17 + 124 + 63 + 3) x 1,000 = 721,000

Thus, the correct answer is 721,000.

Macquarie Elements Numerical Test - Quick Facts


  • 12 questions in 16 minutes overall.
  • Questions present you with a table, followed by a short question.
  • Each table covers 3 consecutive questions.
  • The limit per question - 90 seconds for the first question of each table, 75 seconds per question for the next two.
  • Up to 40(!) answer choices are arranged in a drop-down menu.
  • Only one answer option is correct.
  • You are allowed to use a calculator during the Elements Numerical test.

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Macquarie Psychometric Assessment Test #2 – Elements Verbal

The Elements Verbal test assesses your ability to interpret and understand short texts.

Macquarie Elements Verbal Test - Sample Question

Read the following passage and answer the question below:

A prolonged labour market recession is in the making as long-term unemployment is on the rise and many workers are becoming excluded from the labour market. The shift to austerity measures has further deteriorated labour market conditions in countries hit by the debt crisis. The depressed employment situation has been accompanied by growing job precariousness for those who have a job. The incidence of part-time work has risen significantly as has that of temporary employment.

Given the significant slowdown in economic growth, job loss can increase severely as businesses tend to decrease expenditure, leading to higher unemployment. At the same time, the crisis has resulted in the contraction of bank credit for small and medium-sized businesses and this, in turn, has reduced the growth in self-employment.

Measures that will increase employment and speed up economic growth should be taken promptly. Given the impossibility of financing expenditures with deficits, one can realistically suggest budget-neutral increases in training programmes and subsidies to businesses. This must be coupled with government programmes to facilitate credit to small and medium-sized businesses, financed with increases in taxes in other areas such as environmental or tourist taxes that will not distort the economy adversely.

Adapted from europa.eu

A. The application of austerity measures
B. Reduced business expenditures
C. The proliferation of part-time jobs
D. Employment instability
E. Lack of financial support for small businesses
F. Increased unemployment
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C.

The question asks us to identify five causes (or potential causes) of the recession and one that is not a cause. Let us go over the distracters and find the corresponding sections in the text that relate to them:

A) Given as a cause: ’the shift to austerity measures has further deteriorated labour market conditions’.

B) Given as a cause: ’job loss can increase dramatically as businesses tend to decrease expenditure’.

C) Given as a symptom: "the depressed employment situation has been accompanied by… part-time work has risen significantly..." In other words, the proliferation of part-time jobs is a symptom of increased unemployment, not a cause of it.

D) Given as a cause: ’a prolonged labour market recession is in the making as...many workers are becoming excluded from the labour market’.

E) Given as a result and a consequent cause: ’at the same time, the crisis has resulted in the contraction of bank credit for small and medium-sized businesses and in turn reduced the growth in self-employment,’ which in turn negatively effects the labour market.

F) Given as a cause: ’a prolonged labour market recession is in the making as long-term unemployment is on the rise’.

The only answer that is not a cause or a potential cause of the labour crisis is: answer C.


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Macquarie Elements Verbal Test - Quick Facts


  • 15 questions in 16 minutes overall.
  • Questions present you with a piece of text, followed by a short question.
  • Each text covers 3 consecutive questions.
  • Time limit per question - 75 seconds for the first question of each text, 60 seconds per question for the next two.
  • Questions mostly revolve around drawing correct meanings and conclusions from the text.
  • 6-8 answer options per question.
  • There are 1-2 correct answers (depending on the question).

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Macquarie Psychometric Assessment Test #3 – Elements Logical

The Elements Logical test assesses your ability to recognize rules and patterns in abstract shapes.

Macquarie Elements Logical Test - Sample Question

Identify the missing symbol:

Talent Q Elements Logical Test Solutions
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Let's go through solving this question using JobTestPrep's 5-step method for solving matrix questions:


Examine the matrix:
The cells in each row have a different number of symbols: 3, 2 and 1 (if you noticed immediately – good for you).


Formulate the logic:
This is a strong clue that the pattern is related to this.

You can already deduce that the answer must have one single symbol, as the row with the empty cell already has cells with 3 and 2 symbols in them.

Another indication towards this direction is that the column with the empty cell only has cells with 1 symbol.

Reduce choice options using elimination:
According to this we can eliminate answers (C) and (F).

So we know that the last cell has just 1 symbol, but that’s not enough for a definitive answer. We need to look deeper for additional logical rules.

We need to go back to step 1.

Examine the matrix:

Look at each row and try to find the relationship between the cells.


Formulate the logic:
In each row, the symbols in the left cell are a combination of the symbols from the other cells so that: 

The left cell consists of all (and only) the symbols from the other cells in the row.

The symbols from the middle cell switch places and the symbol from the right cell is added to their right in order to create the left cell.

According to this, the missing cell should contain the symbol which, when added to the middle cell, creates the left cell.

The answer is thus alternative (E).

Macquarie Elements Logical Test - Quick Facts


  • 12 questions in 15 minutes overall.
  • Each question includes a 3x3 matrix with a missing shape you are requested to find.
  • The missing shape completes a logical rule existing both in the rows and the columns of the matrix.
  • Time limit per question - 75 seconds.
  • 7, 14, or 21 answer options per question.
  • Only one answer option is correct.

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Macquarie Psychometric Assessment Test #4 – Dimensions (Personality Profiling)

The Dimensions test is a personality profiling test, designed to assess how well your personality and behavior fit the job.

Macquarie Dimensions Test - Sample Question

Talent Q Dimensions Sample Question

Macquarie Dimensions Test - Quick Facts


  • 40 questions, untimed.
  • Although the test is untimed, you are encouraged to give immediate responses.
  • Each question includes a “block” of four statements. You need to rate the degree to which these statements describe you, from 1 (completely untrue) to 5 (completely true).
  • You cannot give the same rate to multiple statements in the same block. If you do, you will be asked to rank them on the following screen.

Learn more about the Dimensions Test

How to Practise and Pass the Macquarie Psychometric Assessment?

Here are the three most crucial guidelines to follow when preparing for the Macquarie Psychometric Test:


Practice Guideline #1 – Practise with Actual Test Simulations

The Elements tests included in the Macquarie Psychometric Assessment have a very unique structure, the like of which you have probably never seen before.

As such, it usually takes q while to get comfortable around these questions, to know how to approach them, and to make good use of the time you have.

Therefore, to ace the test, it is crucial to already be familiar with the types of questions the Elements Numerical, Verbal, and Logical tests include.

That is exactly what full-length simulations of the actual assessment get you – familiarity with the questions and content world, as well as a firsthand experience with the tests’ rigorous time constraints.


Practice Guideline #2 – Learn How to Extract Only What’s Relevant

A great portion of the challenge posed by the different tests comprising the Macquarie Psychometric Assessment is the overload of information.

Each question, especially in the Numerical and Verbal Elements tests, is loaded with an abundance of data, most of which is unnecessary for solving the questions.

Remember that each data source (table or text) is relevant for three questions only. So, always start from the question and make your way to the data, not the other way around.

Developing a skill of quickly locating the most relevant information for every question is one of the best techniques you can take to improve your chances of passing the Macquarie Assessment.


Practice Guideline #3 – Don’t Neglect the Personality Section

Although most candidates are certainly more concerned about the three cognitive Elements tests, the Dimensions personality profiling assessment is not to be overlooked.

Firstly, your personality traits play a major role in your chances of working with Macquarie. And as the years go by, personality profiling is becoming more and more important for recruiters, especially for internships and student positions.

Secondly, many candidates mistakenly believe that they cannot prepare for the personality section of the Psychometric Assessment and that they should just “be themselves”. That misconception is fortified by the test instructions, which state that “there are no right or wrong answers.”

Well, news flash. There are.

The Dimensions personality profiling assessment is, well, an assessment. Some candidates will pass it and others won’t. So, there naturally ARE right and wrong answers, and you can definitely learn how to know them

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About the Macquarie Group

The Macquarie Group is one of the leading providers of financial services, including banking, financial, advisory, investment, and funds management services. It has over 14,000 employees spread across the entire financial world and is obviously looking to hire the best of the best. This page walks you through the application process, helping you to produce the best application you possibly can.

The Macquarie Interviews

For most streams of entry, including the Macquarie graduate program, you can expect at least two interviews. These may or may not precede the Macquarie online tests, so don't be surprised either way.

There are two sections of the interview that can take place together but are commonly split into two separate 45-minute interviews. One of the Macquarie interviews is competency-based and the other is more skills-based.

When you come to prepare for the competency-based interview, you are assessed on the following key values of the company:

  • Client commitment
  • Integrity
  • Fulfillment
  • Teamwork
  • Aiming for the highest standards
  • A striving for profitability

Furthermore, there are a number of different skills that you must demonstrate in the Macquarie interview:

  • High level of motivation
  • High level of analytical skills
  • High level of communication skills
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • A genuine interest in financial services

Incorporating these skills into your answers is your way of ensuring you are doing the best job you possibly can. In order to do so, you should prepare sample answers for the most probable questions. You can do this with the interview preparation section of our package.

Macquarie Interview Questions

Here are some sample Macquarie interview questions that are popular with the company:

  • Why Macquarie?
  • Walk me through your CV and qualifications.
  • What were your goals before you started university, and have they changed over time?
  • What extracurricular activities have you been involved in throughout your life?
  • Have you made an impact in university?
  • Tell me about a time when you led a team.
  • What obstacles have you encountered working with a team?
  • What are the latest developments in the news that have interested you?
  • Tell me about a time when you have had a setback in your life.

You may also be asked some brain teasers that involve simple mathematical logic as part of this interview. These interviews are very important to your application process, so ensuring that you are fully prepared for every eventuality is highly central to your progress.

Free Macquarie Psychometric Assessment Practice Tests

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