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This page will help you prepare for the Nomura Online Assessment. It includes free sample questions, a detailed guide about Nomura Programmes and Internships and answers to commonly asked questions.

Let’s get started!

What is the Nomura Online Assessment?

Nomura’s Numerical online assessment is an exam that consists of two subtests: The Nomura Numerical Reasoning assessment, in which you need to complete 37 statements in just 12 minutes and the Nomura Inductive assessment, which gives you 12 minutes to complete 12 Logical Thinking questions.

The assessment is the first step of the Nomura application process and the most crucial one.

To be considered for continuing in the application process and move on to the first-round interview, you will have to score above the benchmark.

The Nomura online tests, provided by Cut-e (AON), are the same across the board for all divisions and business areas of the bank. These are the ones you must take:

  • Inductive Logical Thinking Test
  • Numerical Reasoning Test

Note: Usually, you will get the assessment invitation email right after completing the online application.

Once you get it, you will have five days to complete the tests. After five days, the link will be terminated automatically, and your application will be withdrawn.

Listed below are some other relevant Cut-e pages:

Nomura Online Assessment Sample Questions

Nomura Inductive Logical Thinking Test (Logical Reasoning)

The test includes 12 tasks. Each task screen presents you with six tables containing numbers and letters.

The tables are divided into two groups, so the numbers and letters in each group follow a certain rule or set of rules.

Each table is marked by colour according to the group it belongs to orange (above the table) or blue (below the table).

Inductive Logical Reasoning Sample

At the bottom of the test screen, there are four additional tables with numbers and letters.

Logical Thinking Example

Your task is to decide which group each of these tables belongs to. You then need to assign each table to its group by clicking on the appropriate circle (either above or below the table).

Give it a try.

Can you recognise the pattern in the example above and assign each table to its group?

Answer and Explanation

Pattern: All tables with marking above (orange) have A's in the 4 corners.

What Makes the Nomura Inductive Logical Thinking Test Hard?

  • Unique question type – the format of the questions is one of a kind, and it takes time to get used to.
  • Sometimes, only one of the groups in each question has a pattern, which means that you could waste a lot of time trying to find a pattern where there isn’t any. Knowing when to look in a different direction is a skill you need to acquire.
  • Pressing time limit – you have only 12 minutes for 12 questions.

Imagine there was no time limit at all – it would be pretty easy to solve, won’t it?
But there is one, and a minute per question is just what is needed to confuse you.

The best way for you to overcome these challenges is to practise.
Practising will make sure you know the potential patterns and recognise them quickly enough.

It will also help you know instantly where there isn’t any pattern and start looking elsewhere.

Start practising now with accurate test-like questions to ace the Nomura inductive logical thinking test & beat the time limit.

Nomura Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test is designed to test your ability to retrieve and analyse numerical data organised in charts and diagrams.

In this test, you have to work with six sheets of data that you can go back to at any point.
You are given 37 statements; each one is relevant to only one sheet of data. Which one exactly is for you to determine on your own.

Your job is to analyse each statement in regard to its matching sheet of data and determine whether it is true, false or that you cannot say.

Test yourself with a sample question:

Numerical Reasoning Sample Question

Sales in the fourth quarter in fiscal year four will be higher than sales in the first quarter.

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Cannot say

Tip: Before you even read the first question, look at the titles of the six sheets of data and very quickly scan through their contents.

Note the axis titles of the charts and the column titles of the tables. This will help you shorten the time wasted on finding the right sheet of data for every statement.

This solving tip and many others are found in the preparation pack.

What Makes the Nomura Numerical Reasoning Test Hard?

  • 37 questions in 12 minutes – that is only about 19 seconds per question.
  • 37 questions are a lot. This is one of the longest tests out there. It is very hard to stay focused for all these questions at the high pace that you need to answer them.
  • six sheets filled with tons of data. Not only do you need to analyse the data quickly, but you also first have to choose the right sheet to analyse. Obviously, not simple in 19 seconds.
  • Statements are sometimes ambiguous. It is difficult to know for certain whether a statement is absolutely true or false. To choose “cannot say,” you have to eliminate both “true” and “false”, which takes time.

The best way to deal with this kind of test is to practise.

Practising helps you learn to skim through the data quickly and efficiently so that not even a second is wasted.
It will also make sure you know exactly what makes a statement absolutely true or false.

Start practising now to familiarise yourself with real test-like questions and solve them in under 19 seconds.

Nomura Programmes and Internships

Important note: Nomura does NOT hire outside talent for the graduate programmes (full-time jobs). The only way for you to get this placement is to first complete a Nomura summer internship, off-cycle internship or industrial placement.

If you are a final-year student who did not complete a Nomura internship and still want to apply for the graduate programme – there is a way.

Nomura states that you can apply to the Global Markets or Investment Banking summer internship and have an option to immediately convert to the graduate programme.

Nomura Spring Week (Spring Insight Programme)

The Spring Week is an insight programme for 1st-year students in a 3-year course or 2nd-year students in a 4-year course.

It is a 4-day general programme designed to give you a taste of what it’s like to work in an investment bank. During the programme, you will rotate through different business areas of the bank and have a chance to shadow employees doing actual work.

If you are contemplating whether it is a good idea to apply – it is. Don’t hesitate.
This is why:

  • The nature of the programme makes it a great way to start thinking about what fields interest you in the investment banking world.
  • A great chance to network and get to know people in your industry. It will be VERY handy in the future.
  • Nomura (or any other bank for that matter) will fast-track top interns to the final interview for next year’s summer internship.

Nomura Internship Programmes

The most common and sought-after internship is the Nomura summer internship (summer analyst).

This is a 9-week programme in one of the four divisions:

  • Global Markets
  • Investment Banking
  • Risk
  • Technology

No matter which division you go to, you will enjoy the same degree of exposure as a full-time analyst and will have a chance to do some actual work.

You can only apply for one specific division, so choose wisely before applying.

Other than the summer internship, you have two additional internship options:

  • Off-cycle internship – Offered in the Global Markets or Investment Banking divisions and has different application deadlines. This is a good option if the standard timeline does not suit you for some reason.
  • Industrial Placement – Offered in the Technology and Risk divisions, and it is much longer (12 months). This is less common and usually happens as part of a university degree that requires a placement.

Note: ALL interns are given the opportunity to be considered for the Nomura graduate scheme. So, you can be sure that no matter what internship you get, you will enjoy the same benefits and opportunities.

Nomura Graduate Scheme (Graduate Programme)

The Nomura graduate scheme is a full-time job as an analyst in one of the four divisions:

  • Global Markets
  • Investment Banking
  • Risk
  • Technology

Doesn’t matter which division you join; the onboarding will start with 2-3 weeks of basic training to familiarise you with the division and its areas of expertise and resources.

Following the basic training, you will go on to the Continuing Professional Development, where you will develop skills needed for an analyst. This will happen through lectures, e-learning, mentoring etc.

After that, you will be starting your actual analyst work and continue to a hopefully successful investment banking career!



I have applied for a summer internship programme and have been rejected. Can I apply for a different programme?

No, Nomura does not allow this. You can apply to only one programme per year.

I go to a semi or non-target school. Do I have a chance?

Definitely. If you are a good candidate, ace the online tests and interview well, they will not ignore you based on where you attend.

How long do I have to complete the online assessments?

Once you receive the invitation email, you will have 5 days to complete the tests. After 5 days without completion, your application will be terminated.

When should I apply for a Nomura programme?

Nomura usually recruit on a rolling basis, which means that once they fill all their positions, they will stop looking at new candidates. So apply as soon as possible!

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