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This PrepPack™ offers numerical, verbal and logical practice tests, and many more efficient materials.

About Nomura

If you are looking for a career in international banking, Nomura is a great place to get your start. Their rigorous recruitment process aims to get the best of the best, and with some good preparation under your belt, you’re sure to come through successfully. JobTestPrep gives the tips and tricks you need to get that practice. 

Nomura Application Form

The Nomura application form is fairly simple to fill in. You are given the opportunity to upload your CV, and to fill in any work experience you have. As Nomura is a global bank, there is also a section where you are asked if you know any additional languages; mentioning them can help your application stand out. As well as this, you are required to submit a cover letter attesting your fit with the company. This letter is highly stressed in Nomura, so make sure that it really fits the bill.

Nomura Core Competencies

A good tool to use when filling out your application is the Nomura core competencies, as they can help you focus your answers on skills the company is looking for. They are:

  • Leadership
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Professional presence
  • Initiative

The more you manage to include these competencies, the more your application will stand out. If your application is liked by the HR team, you will move onto the next stage, the Nomura online tests.

Nomura Online Tests

Graduate and internship applicants to Nomura alike face a series of online aptitude tests which includes numerical, verbal and inductive, or logical, reasoning tests. Note that not all divisions require both test types; therefore, read your correspondence with the Nomura recruitment department carefully.

Nomura Numerical Test

On this test, you are given 24 questions to answer within a 24-minute limit. You are presented with various pieces of data in the form of charts and tables. You have to analyse the data and select the correct answer from five options. This test seeks to assess both your numerical abilities, and your ability to work under time constraints. Get the practice you need with our numerical reasoning practice tests.

Nomura Verbal Test

Your vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and text analysis are evaluated here.

Nomura Inductive/Logical Reasoning Test 

On this test, you have 24 questions to answer in 12 minutes. You need to identify a pattern among a set of objects and predict the following expected object. Here again, both your logic and problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure are under examination. Learn to master the assessment with our inductive reasoning practice tests.

Nomura Assessment Centre

If you come through the tests successfully, you will be invited to the Nomura assessment centre. This assessment centre is the first of two rounds of interviews. The number and type of interviews at this stage varies between positions, so read carefully.

For candidates applying to the graduate scheme, the first round interview includes 3 interviews: two competency-based and one case study interview.

For candidates applying to internship positions, the first round interview includes 2 interviews: one competency-based and one case study.

Nomura Competency-Based Interviews

The competency-based interviews with Nomura generally last 30 minutes. Questions focus on the Nomura competencies mentioned above. It is a good idea to think of an example related to each competency that you can share with the interviewer in your answers.

Some Nomura interview questions include: 

  • Why Nomura?
  • What is your motivation?
  • Tell me about a time when you had conflicting priorities and were not been able to deal with them.
  • What preparation did you do for this interview?

Interviews can be nerve-wracking but preparation can help keep you calm. Get some tips from our competency-based interview preparation and practise with our interview package.

Nomura Case Study Interviews

The Nomura case study interviews include one hour of preparation and a 30-minute question and answer session with the assessors. You are given a brief related to your field. You can expect technical details and tasks that may include making calculations. All the necessary information is given to you so there is no need for guesswork. You must come to a conclusion based on the information and present this conclusion to the assessors in the Q&A session. Nomura is looking for candidates with strong analytical skills and the ability to work under pressure. Find out how to show off your skills and practice case studies with our case study preparation pack.

Nomura Second Round Interviews

If you perform well in the first round of Nomura interviews, you will be invited to the second round. This time, the schedule is the same for both internship and graduate program candidates: four 30 minute competency based interviews. These interviews have similar content and questions to the previous competency-based interviews. However, they are conducted by senior representatives from the company. Although this is the last stage of the process before the job offer, don’t let confidence cloud your judgment. Preparation is still vital. Review our competency-based interview preparation or even have a live mock interview with our face-to-face practice pack.

Nomura Careers

Nomura is an international bank that provides retail, asset management and wholesale banking services to individual, institutional, corporate, and government clients. Nomura hires students for both internship and graduate scheme positions and the recruitment processes can be very similar. The following article details both graduate and internship applications, what you can expect, and how to excel. Applicants to other jobs will find that they will experience some of the stages listed below. 

Nomura and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders is affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.


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