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About Barclays

The Barclays Group offers a range of jobs within three core areas: Investment Banking, Personal and Corporate Banking, and Business Functions. In each of the three areas, Barclays offers graduate programmes, internships, and school-leavers schemes. The various types of Barclays graduate schemes recruit about 250 new candidates each year. Continue reading below to learn about how JobTestPrep can help you succeed in the recruitment process with our preparation packs for popular Barclays roles. 

Barclays Online Tests

Barclays' online tests consist of numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, situational judgement, and personality assessments, all provided by CEB-SHL. In the graduate schemes, these tests apply to Analyst and Quantitative Associate applicants, but some experienced hire applicants can also expect tests as a part of their recruitment processes. These tests are designed to assess your logical thinking skills, your ability to work under pressure, and your fit with Barclays and the job you have applied to. Find out more about these Barclays aptitude tests and how to prepare for them below.

Barclays Numerical Test

The Barclays numerical test assesses your ability to work with information provided in numerical formats such as graphs, tables and charts. In order to answer 35 multiple choice questions in 35 minutes, you must be able to identify the correct information and carry out calculations such as percentages, ratios, and basic arithmetic quickly and accurately. Due to the emphasis on numeracy skills for some types of work, the Barclays numerical reasoning test is challenging.

Practising for your numerical test will help give you the confidence you need to achieve a high score in the online test stage. Prepare for your Barclays numerical test with our SHL-style numerical reasoning practice pack.

Barclays Logical Reasoning test

You might be asked to sit a Barclays logical or inductive reasoning test. In this test, you are given 25 minutes to answer 24 questions. The questions are designed to assess your logical reasoning skills and your ability to detect and predict patterns. If you have received an invitation to the Barclays numerical reasoning test, you will not receive an invitation to sit this test. Prepare for this test with our SHL-style inductive reasoning test practice packs.

Barclays Situational Judgement Test

The Barclays situational judgement test contains a series of workplace-based scenarios. Your task is to choose the most appropriate response to the situation set out. The aim of this test is to assess whether you represent Barclays’ values and the skills needed for the job you are applying for, and the test has been specially designed for Barclays. In order to prepare for this test, you need to read about the company’s values and about your job description. Prepare for this test with our situational judgement tests .

Barclays Personality Test

The Barclays personality test is another psychometric test measuring your fit to the person specification for the job you are applying to. This test is CEB’s SHL’s occupational personality test (or OPQ32) which has been adapted to Barclays requirements for their workers. Once again the clues as to what they are looking for are in Barclays’ values and core competencies for staff working with them. Learn more about the OPQ32 and take practice tests showing you how to answer with our personality test package.

If you come through these Barclays psychometric tests you will be invited to book a time to have a Barclay’s telephone interview.


Gain the Skills you Need for Your Barclays Application

JobTestPrep's mission is to lead job applicants to the successful conclusion of their pre-employment process. To this end, we possess a wide variety of different tests so that no questions should be too much of a surprise when you see it on your Barclays online tests. Start practicing now to give yourself the best chance of success.


Barclays Application Form

The first step of the process involves completing an online questionnaire about your educational and occupational experience, and any other extra-curricular activities in which you have participated. You are asked to answer competency-based questions in this section of the application process, using fewer than 300 words. The point of these questions is to determine if you demonstrate Barclays' core values, which are comprised of the following:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Stewardship

You should provide examples of when you have shown these qualities in your past professional and academic experiences. If you pass this stage, you will move on to Barclays' online testing stage.

Barclays Telephone Interview

The Barclays phone interview will be administered by an HR representative. You will be asked questions pertaining to your skill levels and why you think you are a good fit for the Barclays team. There are also some competency questions that you will have to answer. This is best done in the STAR method where you outline a real situation that you were involved in and achieved the desired result. Some example Barclays interview questions are:

  • Why do you want to work for Barclays?
  • Why that division specifically?
  • What can you bring to this role?
  • What issues are affecting the industry as a whole and Barclays more specifically?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to persuade someone to do something that they didn't want to do.
  • Tell me about a time you had to change your approach in order to explain something to someone.
  • Describe a time you encountered a problem within a team framework.

Every applicant has to go through a Barclay’s interview at some time or another, from the Barclays internship to the experienced hire. For an understanding on how best to answer these questions and how we can help you achieve your desired result, check out our interview service.

Barclays Assessment Centre 

The Barclays assessment centre is the final stage in the Barclays hiring process. If you are successful during your phone interview, you will be contacted by the Barclays recruitment office to arrange an assessment day. This is a full day of activities and you will be assessed throughout the day on your relevant skills and competencies. 

Barclay’s Numerical Test

This numerical test is very similar to the one you have already taken in the online testing stage of the hiring process. It is provided by CEB’s SHL and the purpose of the test is to verify the scores from your previous test. In this test, you are given 35 questions to answer in 35 minutes. Some of the questions are more difficult than those which you encountered on the first est. Start practising now with our CEB SHL numerical test preparation pack.

Group Exercise

In this Barclays assessment, you will be grouped with other candidates and briefed about a situation which you must managed as a group, such as one company which wants to merge with another company. You must complete a cost-benefit analysis as well as answer a number of other points that need to be addressed within a 90-minute time frame. Throughout the 90 minute exercise you are given additional information on more options to discuss. Something to bear in mind during this exercise is that time is taken off at certain points throughout proceedings. In addition, you have to prepare notes for a 10-minute presentation which each candidate will give afterwards. Find out how to best showcase your skills during the group exercise.

Barclay’s Presentation Exercise

Following the group exercise, each of the groups will get a chance to present some of their findings. Following the presentations, there is a 15 minute question and answer session with all the candidates in your group. Make sure that you take part in this session as it is impossible to be assessed if you don't express yourself. Find out more about presentations here.

Barclay’s Interview

There are two separate interviews that take place in the assessment centre. The first interview is similar to the Barclays telephone interview. The second interview has a more technical nature. The interviewer asks questions relating to the information found on your CV and you must explain the details you have written and give full examples of any previous job experience you have had. In addition you are asked a variety of brain teasing questions such as to calculate 2×2×2×2×2 as well as some other maths based problems such as working out probabilities. For helpful tips and practice, see our interview preparation pack.

Come Prepared

In this article we have outlined what you can expect during your day spent at the Barclays assessment centre. By practising your skills in numerical reasoning skills, interview techniques and presentation abilities, you will feel confident in your abilities in the assessment centre. We hope that you have found the information on this page informative and helpful and look forward to helping you throughout the application process. Good luck!

Ten Things You Should Know about Barclays' Recruitment Process:

  1. Barclays recruits for many positions across the banking industry. Some popular positions include tellers, analysts, community bankers, and internships. Barclays expects their employees to demonstrate the following competencies: respect, integrity, service, excellence and stewardship.
  2. The stages of the Barclays hiring process are somewhat different based on the particular role, and may even differ from person-to-person, depending on the specific circumstances. The first step after you submit your application is one or several online assessments, including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and/or logical reasoning tests. Subsequently, you may be asked to participate in a video or phone interview. If you complete these stages successfully, you will be invited for an in-person interview as part of an assessment day. If you complete all the recruitment process steps to your recruiters' satisfaction, you will likely be offered a job. 
  3. Barclays' HR Team is very efficient, and you should hear back about your application steps and whether you will be proceeding to the next stage relatively quickly.
  4. Barclays uses SHL for their recruitment process assessment tests. These tests are not known to be easy, and Barclays is very selective about who they accept, and you must pass the assessment tests to be considered. Preparation is key for success on these tests, and JobTestPrep provides you with the comprehensive preparation resources you need to succeed. 
  5. JobTestPrep provides preparation packs for various positions, including tellers, analysts, community bankers, and internships. JobTestPrep's packs may also be relevant for other Barclays positions. 
  6. The Barclays recruitment process consists of several interviews based on position. You may face a video interview, a phone interview, and/or an in-person interview. Besides for its full assessment test preparation packages, JobTestPrep also offers a full suite of interview preparation materials. 
  7. Looking to succeed on your Barclays interview? Here are some tips from JobTestPrep: Typically you should emphasise why you are the correct choice for the job. You should bring in good examples from past experiences to show that you have the skills needed to succeed. Use the STAR method to answer questions as this provides a complete picture and is an engaging way to answer. 
  8. The assessment tests can be stressful. Here are some tips for success from JobTestPrep: for numerical tests, practise your maths in advance – The problem solving exercises and aptitude tests require a strong ability to perform mental arithmetic quickly. For verbal tests, practise reading. Try to read relevant reading materials as much as you can during the period before the assessment. For example, read articles in financial newspapers. In addition, practise reading under a time limit.
  9. JobTestPrep's mission is to lead job applicants to the successful conclusion of their pre-employment process. Therefore, we possess a rich arsenal of generic tests, each of which targets different cognitive abilities and professional skills. Even if you see your test for the first time on your Barclays' pre-employment assessment, you will know how to answer its questions. Our carefully selected resources will improve your numerical, verbal, and logical skills so well that you will pass your pre-employment assessment at the company with unqualified success. 
  10. Start practising with JobTestPrep's exclusive Barclays PrepPacks and get the job you want. 


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