Capital One Graduate Scheme

The Capital One graduate scheme offers a highly competitive salary. This reflects the opportunities that are available for new graduates. The scheme offers graduates an opportunity to build on their creative instincts and grow within the company. The flat structure of the company allows graduates to work with the most senior people in the organization, which can help further your development.

This would suggest why the recruitment process is highly competitive as many graduates consider this opportunity to be highly attractive.

The first part of the application process is designed to be straight forward. The contents of your CV will form most if basis of the decision on whether the HR team at Capital One decides to move your application forward. If you are shortlisted, you will be asked to complete some online tests.

Capital One Online Testing

Capital One online tests are provided by SHL. The first test which you will have to take is a competency questionnaire. You can practice for this test by utilising the materials here at JobTestPrep.

Following on from this test, you will be asked to take the Capital One numerical reasoning test and the Capital One verbal reasoning test. Both of these tests are supplied by SHL. Preparation for these tests is critical in order to help your overall performance.

Capital One Interview

The capital One interview will consist of two parts, a behavioural interview and a case-study interview.

Part 1

If you successfully pass the online testing, you will be invited to take part in an interview. This kind of interview can best be described as a behavioural interview. You will be required to talk about specific experiences that you may have had at school, at university or at the work place. The format of the interview will be a standard question and answer format. Typical questions might include…

  • Can you tell me about the time you used your influencing skills?
  • Describe a project that made you very proud

Part 2

The second part of the Capital One interview which will occur, should you be successful with your behavioural interview, is a case study type interview.

This kind of interview will let you experience what it would be like to work for Capital One. It will involve discussing a business problem with your interviewer. The discussion will be broad and more like a two-way chat than one-way question and answer session. The object of the exercise is not just about reaching a solution, the interviewer is also interested in how your reach the solution and your thought processes. You can practice for these interviews using the materials that JobTestPrep provides. The materials are available here.

Capital One Assessment Day

The final part of the recruitment process is the Capital One Assessment Day. You will be invited to attend the Capital One Assessment Day only if you are successful in the previous interview stages. The Capital One Assessment Day will include two or three additional case study interviews (depending on how many people are in attendance) plus a further behavioural interview.

There will also be an additional interview that is specific to the role that you have applied to. The final part of the Capital One Assessment Day will be your chance to ask more in-depth questions about the company and the scheme in general. It is important to ensure that you have come prepared for this. Good Luck.