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Inductive Reasoning Practice

Inductive reasoning, a form of logical reasoning, is one of the most popular formats of non-verbal reasoning tests used by employers in the hiring process. Similar to deductive reasoning tests, abstract reasoning tests, and diagrammatic reasoning tests, it serves as a tool for measuring candidates' intelligence and cognitive abilities. 

JobTestPrep offers practice packs for each of these types of non-verbal reasoning tests. Each package contains hundreds of practice questions, detailed answer explanations, and score reports. 

Start your practice with this free inductive reasoning session, and then continue with our comprehensive inductive reasoning pack. Once you submit your answers to the downloadable example questions, you will receive a score report detailing which answers you got correct or incorrect. You will have the opportunity to go back and try to answer any questions that you may have missed again.

PDFs for Download

Due to a large number of requests from our site visitors, we have attached a PDF version of our free logical reasoning test questions. Download the PDFs and start practising now!

Questions and Answers Click here to download
Questions Only Click here to download

How to Prepare For Inductive Reasoning Tests

Ready for the comprehensive preparation experience? See what JobTestPrep has to offer, with hundreds of practice questions, study guides, tips, explanations and more. Be sure to go through a variety of question types and examples as well as to review your answers. This will allow you to pinpoint your weaknesses and polish your test-taking skills. JobTestPrep experts have designed many different preparation resources that reflect the various formats and styles of different test providers, such as the Cubiks aptitude testsPrepare with JobTestPrep's preparation packages and enable your success today. 


Prepare For Success

JobTestPrep has created practice materials free of charge to give job candidates a sense of what to expect on their pre-employment assessment. Performing well on the test requires, however, more rigorous preparation than is offered by our free resources. You will find the required intensity of practice exercises only in our comprehensive PrepPacks™. They contain tasks designed to lead you to a job offer. Purchase our materials and become your recruiters’ first choice for the advertised position.


Inductive Reasoning Test Questions and Answers

To ensure your success on any test, it is important that you practice beforehand. Considering that it may have been years since you worked through this type of logical reasoning problems, you need to familiarise yourself with the concepts and question types prior to taking the test. It's key that you not only take the test and check your answers but that you go back and review difficult questions again. If you got any answers wrong, return to them and try to solve them. Our Inductive Reasoning packs include example questions and answers that will allow you to optimize your inductive reasoning skills in time for test day. 

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