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About JobTestPrep's Personality Tests

JobTestPrep's free personality test allows you to experience a sample pre-employment personality test and to get an analysis of your personality traits based on your answers. Access the free test using the free link above. 


Get the Real Thing

At the test's completion, you will be able to view an analysis of a specific aspect of your personality and see how you are ranked in comparison to the average distribution. Our full practice pack includes many other question formats as they appear in other popular pre-employment personality tests. Start today so you are fully prepared.

Why Should You Prepare for a Personality Test?

Employers are trying to understand whether you can do the job you are required to do, whether you will actually do it and whether you will fit in the company. Personality tests answer these questions for the most part. These tests assist your employers or screening companies to evaluate your traits, and your likelihood to work and succeed. Sometimes a specific personality is required to do a specific job, and employers will be looking for candidates who closely resemble such a personality. HR candidates, for example, must have great communications and people skills, while candidates for more mechanical roles, like engineers, are required to be able to cope with pressure in the workplace. Personality traits greatly assist companies in evaluating potential candidates. For job seekers who wish to successfully land a job, preparation is important.

Personality Test Providers

The Predictive Index which offers the PI Behavioural Assessment. The PI Behavioural Assessment measures four primary characteristics of personality: Dominance – To what extent do you try to control your environment? Extroversion – To what extent do you seek social interaction with others? Patience – To what extent do you look for consistency and stability in your environment? Formality – To what extent do you try to conform to formal rules and structure? Two additional personality traits are highlighted on the Predictive Index test: decision-making, including the way you process information and make decisions, and response level, which reflects your energy, activity level, and stamina.

Cubiks, which offers personality assessments. Personality assessments explore your preferred work style, and also what drives your behaviour. Whilst it is unlimited, it takes around 30 minutes to complete. Here you’ll have to agree or disagree with the statements. Another aspect to this test is that you may be required to choose, from sets of three statements, which you like the most and which you like the least.

Personality Test Examples

Here are some examples of personality questions:

Example 1

Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statement. My life is fast-paced. 1 (Strongly Disagree) ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7 (Strongly Agree)

Example 2

At a marketing meeting with your supervisor and the senior marketing manager, you find yourself in the midst of a conflict between them. You know that the two do not get along professionally and that they are in constant disagreement. They are now arguing about strategies for a new campaign and are asking you to pick a side. What would you do and why? Choose ONE option.

  • Response #1: You accept the idea of the senior marketing manager. Since she is more senior, she has more influence on your status in the company, and therefore it is in your best interest to support her.
  • Response #2: You accept the idea of your supervisor. Since he is directly above you, he has more influence on your daily routine in the company, and therefore it is in your best interest to support him.
  • Response #3: You weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each side and decide accordingly, without getting involved in their personal conflict.
  • Response #4: You believe that getting involved in this dispute would be detrimental to you as both sides are superior to you. Therefore, you refuse to pick a side, saying that both strategies are equally successful.


Personality Testing Tips

  • Change your behaviour, not your personality: On personality tests, it is vital to portray only your “professional persona.” This may sound simple; however, upon taking a practice test, you will start to understand why this point is worth mentioning.
  • “Right” and “wrong” answers: Those who administer personality tests claim there are no “right” or “wrong” answers and often refer to personality tests as personality “questionnaires” instead of “tests.” This is untrue. A personality assessment serves as a tool to help find the person who fulfils the criteria of a specific position.
  • Relax-stress influences your answers: It is normal to feel stressed prior to taking a personality test, as you are expected to take a psychological test that is unfamiliar to you without understanding the evaluation criteria.

Preparing with JobTestPrep

Our personality test can help you prepare for assessment centres and selection processes by eliminating the element of surprise, reducing stress levels, and helping you to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, our practice tests provide a report that demonstrates your personality profile based on the answers you provided to the personality questionnaire.

Ready for the full preparation experience? Practice with our comprehensive personality preparation package today. 

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