Nationwide Assessment Test Preparation

To pave your way into Nationwide, you will need to study, pass the SHL pre-hire testing and survive competitive interviews. Don’t worry, this PrepPack™ has SHL-style numerical, verbal tests and everything you need to make your preparations a breeze.

  • Topics Covered: Numerical & verbal tests
  • Includes: SHL-style practice tests & guides
Nationwide Tests


This PrepPack™ offers useful SHL-style numerical and verbal tests.

About Nationwide

With 15 million members, 18,000 employees and assets at around £208.9 billion, Nationwide Building Society has become the largest building society in the world. The workforce includes a wide range of positions and career paths, such as: customer service representatives, claims adjusters and specialists, commercial underwriters, IT, sales, project managers, software engineers, lawyers, consultants and so much more.


Getting through the Nationwide hiring process is harder than in the past due to increased reliance on SHL testing. This PrepPack™ has been specially designed to walk you through everything you need to know to outscore your competitors.

Nationwide Pre-Hire Process

This product will help you fully prepare for your upcoming Nationwide hire process. To help get you started, let’s look at the hiring process for the customer service representative position. This should help give you a feel for what to expect during your interview and hiring process.

Customer Service Representative Interview:

  • Online Application: The online application is straightforward, simple and will include uploading your CV, as well as other useful information, to help the company consider your candidacy.
  • Phone Introduction: After filling out the online application, a representative will call you for a 5-minute phone chat to briefly review your CV and to ensure you are both interested and understand the full nature of the position.
  • Face to Face Interview: In the next stage, you will be invited for a sit down with the branch manager. The interview will include a broad range of questioning in rapid form and a roleplay scenario concerning financial matters.

Customer Service Representative Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to work with our firm?
  • Are you able to personalize customer service and how so?
  • Do you get overwhelmed with deadlines?
  • How would you help ensure that product X is right for customer Y?

Nationwide Pre-Hire Exams

The company is known for using SHL to ensure the value of their candidates. Here are some tests you should look out for:

Verify Numerical Reasoning Test

This test examines your ability to make correct decisions or inferences based on numerical or statistical data. The test consists of 18 questions divided into 6 sets. Each set contains 3 questions, related to a certain table or chart. Overall, the questions on the test become progressively more difficult. The time limit is 25 minutes to complete the test, though most of the people answer all questions within 18 minutes or less.

SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning test measures your ability to fully comprehend written passages. The passages are harder than most reading comprehension passages; many times, the questions cannot be answered without deduction, inference and logical understanding. There are 10 passages and 30 arguments in the test and you are asked to determine if they are True, False, or that you Cannot Say. For the 30 questions, you have 19 minutes. Practising this test will improve the candidate reading abilities and his deduction skills.