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Our Team

The JobTestPrep Team

Our Founder and CEO

David Meshulam has dedicated his career to supporting other people on their path to success. This started at school, continued at university and ultimately led to the founding of the company JobTestPrep.

David has studied at the Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama as well as the Air Command and Staff College. David holds a master’s degree in psychology, having written his dissertation on how people make decisions under pressure. He is a leading authority in the job preparation market and has been featured in numerous newspapers and journals.

As CEO of JobTestPrep, he assigns great importance to customer satisfaction, which is why you can rely on all of our products to undergo comprehensive quality control. If you still need help or have criticism you would like to share, our international helpdesk is available around the clock.

Our Products

To date, across all out websites, we have close to 1,000 different products, all aimed at giving you the best chance of success. We try and map the best solutions for you so that whatever job you are applying for, and whatever the position may be, we have the answer for you.

Our test developers are all trained psychologists and know how to mix their unique skills into the tests that they create thus giving you perfect preparation for your upcoming tests. We are proud of them and their ability to cut to the chase and really focus on what specific skill you need in order to pass the tests. Their skills are not only in test creation but also in the explanations in the answers. They are aimed to help you understand the logic behind the tests in order to give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

Our Vision

We have always and continue to work with one goal in mind: Have a solution for every job seeker, in every market, everywhere in the world. A lofty one perhaps, but we are well on the way to doing this. We want you to get your dream job! 

Our Story

We started out with just an idea and an entrepreneurial spirit. Trained in psychology but not exactly sure how or what we would do with it. However, one thing was always clear. We want to help people and will do everything in our power to do so. With this in mind, and casting our sights at the job world, we came across the idea.

There are so many people that come into their interviews underprepared, unsure of how to answer the questions, and being thoroughly bamboozled by the experience. This was happening to every type of graduate, whether they be from the top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge or Imperial or the “unbranded” universities and colleges. They all had the same issue: Knowledge and results don’t seem to be the key to getting through an interview.

Then the process got harder as more and more companies started adding multiple layers to the application process. Now applicants had to take any variety of psychometric tests: numerical, verbal, abstract, inductive, personality, situational judgement tests, and many more besides.

Just how were they going to get their dream job?