Prepare for Danske Bank's Personality Test and Interviews

If you are required to pass the Cubiks Logiks tests to be employed by the Danske Bank, the following PrepPack™ can increase your chances: This product includes Cubiks-style Logiks numerical and verbal tests, drills and more helpful tools. Excel on your examination and become chosen for your desired position by Danske Bank’s recruiters.

Danske Bank tests

Full-length Cubiks-style Tests:

  • 5 Logiks general intermediate practice tests 
  • 5 Logiks numerical advanced practice tests
  • 3 Logiks verbal advanced practice tests

Additional Materials:

  • 7 numerical drills
  • 18 study guides & video tutorials

This PrepPack™ offers Cubiks-style Logiks numerical and verbal tests, drills, tutorials and guides.

What Does This Product Offer?

This product guarantees that job applicants will pass their tests and interview with ease and good results. 

This all-inclusive PrepPack™ containing simulations of the Cubiks Logiks tests – the Numerical and Verbal Reasoning – that will improve your general intelligence and will teach you how to solve abstract, mathematical and verbalized problems quickly and with greater accuracy.

Because the Danske Bank’s employers also make certain that they hire pleasant people, the materials contain the PAPI and other Personality Tests. By practising with them, you will understand what qualities the Danske Bank looks for in employees.

In addition, you will be able to present your best professional traits more assertively during your interview. The interview kit will give you the most convincing and smartest answers to many possible interview questions. Get ready for your pre-employment assessment at Danske Bank by studying with our simulations of the Cubiks Logiks tests that appear below.

What are the Cubiks Logiks Tests?

Numerical Reasoning Test - 

This test is an accurate measurement of applicants’ numerical skills. Questions asked on this test presuppose your understanding of the information presented in charts, graphs and tables. To answer them, you will need to perform basic numerical calculations that may include working with ratios, fractions, full numbers and percentages.

There are twenty questions on the Cubiks Logiks Numerical Reasoning Test. You will be given 25 minutes to answer them. If you feel that you are running out of time on your examination, first address those problems that you know how to solve.

Also, you will significantly increase the accuracy of your calculations, if you practise with our exclusive test simulations. With the help of the offered PrepPack™, you will also be able to beat your own time record.


Abstract Reasoning Test - 

This test measures how well you identify logical connections between various diagrams. You are required to analyze several diagrams in a series and identify a diagram that should appear next in it.

The Cubiks Logic Abstract Reasoning Test is speeded: you need to answer 30 questions within 15 minutes. Correctly identifying logical connections between diagrams within such a short time can be daunting.

Go through a few dry runs of our simulation of the Cubiks tests and learn how to identify a logical relationship between diagrams within a minimum of time.


Verbal Reasoning Test - 

This is another test that you may encounter during your pre-employment examination at Danske Bank. This test evaluates potential employees’ verbal abilities.

On the test, you will be given to read a text followed by questions about its content. It is a speeded, multiple-choice test. You should complete all 36 questions posed on the test within 25 minutes.

Time pressure is certainly a problem. If you practise with our accurate test simulations before you set a foot in Danske Bank’s examination room, you will learn how to answer questions on the Cubiks Logiks Verbal Reasoning Test accurately and quickly.


What is the Interview Process?

The Danske Bank chooses its employees according to their test results and the impression they create on the face-to-face interview.

Both stages are important for the company's recruitment process. You will be required to take your tests after your application has been screened. In some cases, you may also go through a group assessment.

Good results on the tests will guarantee that you will be invited for a face-to-face interview in one of the bank's branches. Be prepared to talk about your education, former working experience and your career aims. Your recruiters may also ask you behavioural and situational questions.

If you make a good impression during this interview, you will have yet another interview with Danske Bank's senior VP, after which you may receive a job offer.

Doing well both on the test and interview is, therefore, the key to your employment. Invest into these exclusive practice materials, prepare with them to your pre-employment assessment and secure for yourself a place in the Danske Bank. 

With comprehensive Cubiks assessment test practice, our preparation materials contain all the resources required to prepare you both for your Cubiks Logiks tests and interview. Study with us and let employers welcome you on board the Danske Bank.


Ace the Danske Test

Getting ready for your upcoming recruitment procedure is essential, because only the best candidates who receive the highest scores on their pre-employment assessments will continue the process. Practise in advance with the top-notched resources and rise above your competitors.