Master the Klarna Logic Test With Your Complete Preparation Guide [2024]

The Klarna Logic Test is a unique and challenging assessment of your logical and spatial reasoning. It is a central pillar of the Klarna recruitment process. The Klarna Logic Test combines a tight time limit with five question types dubbed “The Five Movements”.

On this page, we will review all that you need to know about the Klarna Logic Test and explain how you can maximize your chances of acing the test. With our accurate Klarna Logic Test preparation pack, you will receive:

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  • In-depth explanations for all Klarna questions with detailed solving tips, showing you exactly where you can improve next time and helping you sharpen your ability to identify patterns and solve Klarna test questions quickly and accurately.
  • A Klarna Logic Test Study Guide that goes into more detail about all the kinds of Klarna questions, deepening your understanding of the theory behind the Klarna Logic Test and the unique characteristics of its questions. 
Klarna Logic Test

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What is the Klarna Logic Test

The Klarna Logic Test, (also known as the Kattis Test, Klarna Kattis Test, or Klarna logical thinking test), is an assessment of your logical thinking skills used by Klarna Bank. Its unique test format focuses on inductive reasoning and problem-solving skills by using matrix-type questions.

The test features 18 questions to be answered in 15 minutes. For each question, you will see a logical sequence of 5x5 matrices. After identifying the hidden pattern, you must select a matrix that completes the sequence.

What Kinds of Skills Does the Klarna Logic Test Examine?

The Klarna Logical Reasoning Test examines soft skills such as spatial and abstract reasoning, attention to fine detail, and your ability to make quick judgement calls under pressure. Through these kinds of aptitude tests, the employer gets a better understanding of the candidate's ability and logical skills that could make them a good fit for the job.

Let's briefly review some useful terms, answer sample questions, and provide some context regarding the Klarna Logic Test:

Klarna Logic Test Terms

Two key terms essential to understanding the Klarna questions are shape and figure:

Shape: When you see the term “shape” you have to look out for individual circles and squares, which will be presented in black.

Figure: A figure is more expansive than shape because it represents the combination of a number of shapes to create a larger figure.

Klarna Logic Test Question Types

There are 5 primary types of “movements” which the Klarna questions are based on. Let's review each type of question in the Klarna Logic Test, and then solve some practice test questions:

Rotation: While the rotation can go either clockwise or counterclockwise, it is important to note that it may relate to the figures, the entire frame, and sometimes both.

Encirclement: Shapes will be on one end and in the next frame come back on its polar opposite, circling from behind.

Growing or diminishing in motion: No matter which direction the figure is moving in, the shapes in it either grow or diminish.

Snake: The figures move throughout the frame, winding like a snake.

Merging and Dividing: Multiple black shapes become white when the merge on the same spot, and then return to black when they separate.

Klarna Logic Test Sample Questions:

Klarna Logic Test Practice Question #1

1. Look at the progression of figures below, and select the figure that should follow:

klarna logic test question 1
klarna logic test answer 1

Click to select the correct answer:







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In this series, a diagonal composed of small squares is filled in each frame, alternating between gray and black colors. The filling starts at the top-left square and goes downwards (diagonally). Since the last diagonal line filled in was gray, the answer will contain one additional black diagonal row. Following this pattern, the next frame should be the one in answer (D).

The correct answer is D

Klarna Logic Test Practice Question #2

2. Look at the progression of figures below, and select the figure that should follow:

klarna questions 2
klarna questions answ 2

Click to select the correct answer:







View Explanation

In this series, the left-most and right-most columns grow by one black square each step, while all the other columns get shorter by one black square each step (from down-up: the lowest black square in the columns is dismissed).

The correct answer is D.

Klarna Logic Test PrepPack™

The complexity of the Klarna Logic Test questions, along with the stress-inducing time limit, means candidates preparing to take this test can benefit from proper practice.

With JobTestPrep's accurate practice tests, you will be well-drilled in every aspect of the test, after solving Klarna questions under real test conditions. After completing a Klarna Logic Test practice test, you will be shown your test score, to see how you did. After solving all three, you will be able to answer questions quickly and accurately, giving you a vital advantage over the competition. 

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Klarna Recruitment Process

Now that you have a solid overview of the Klarna logic test, let's look at the Klarna hiring process:

  • Tests
  • Pre-screening
  • Interview stages
  • Klarna Leadership Principles
  • The final stage of the process

First Klarna Logical Reasoning Test

After you submit your application via the Klarna job board, you will be invited to take your first logical reasoning test. This step is an integral part of the recruitment process, no matter the position you are vying for.

The Klarna Kattis Test does not utilize either numerical or verbal information. The skill set it's looking at is your ability to evaluate information and make decisions via shape sequences and the logical patterns they represent, and accurate practice tests are your best way forward here.

You can learn more about the Klarna test by viewing our video on it:

Pre-screening and Second Klarna Logic Test

This is your first chance to make an impression. The goal is for Klarna to gain a better understanding of where you truly fit in their pipeline, and for you to ask questions regarding how they operate - indicating seriousness and genuine interest. 

Next, you will be administered a second Klarna logical reasoning test similar to the first.

First-Round Interview

The questions and framework of the first step of your interview process will very much depend on the position you are applying for. For instance, if you applied for an engineering position, questions will focus on coding and specific aspects of the job.

In addition, you also might be asked to take a coding test. 

Klarna Leadership Principles

Here are the eight Klarna Leadership Principles that you should internalize before the first interview.

  • Customer obsession
  • Deliver quality results
  • Let the team shine
  • Start small and learn fast
  • Challenge status quo
  • Courage
  • Detailed thinkers
  • Hire and develop exceptional talent


It is important to remember that each of these principles was not developed out of crises, but rather at a time of 40% year-on-year growth.

These principles are used as a guide to ensure that the company will never become bogged down with bureaucracy, which can hinder growth. 

Second Round Interviews

The next stage is a second round of interviews dives deep into the specific roles you will play within your team. You will be asked by the hiring manager about your skill sets and you will also get an opportunity to talk to some team members. Remember, they are, in a sense, part of your interview, so speak with them wisely.

On-Boarding at Klarna

Congratulations, you will receive a job offer to work at Klarna, meet your full team, get a start date, and receive a comprehensive briefing on the technical aspects of the job.

Klarna Logical Test Tips

The Klarna recruitment process is in place to help Klarna ensure that new recruits are ready and suitable to join this fast moving company, be it in regard to their cognitive abilities, personality, and values. Before beginning your journey through the recruitment process towards a fulfilling career with Klarna, there are a few tips you should consider:

  • Learn as much as you can about Klarna. There are many other candidates applying and entering the recruitment process every day, and showing that you want it more than them by showcasing deep knowledge of the company and the field it operates in will help set you apart. 
  • Practice. Improving your score in logical reasoning tests such as the Kattis test (Klarna test) boil down to how much you practice and how good your practice tests are. With JobTestPrep's accurate practice tests, the number of correct answers you get will improve significantly from the first practice test you take to when you take the real Klarna Logical Test. 
  • Time-management. With unlimited time, the Klarna logical reasoning test would be much less challenging. With 15 minutes to answer 18 questions though, time becomes a significant factor, and the best way to make sure this doesn't prevent you from reaching the high score you need is by repeated practice under the same time limit.