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The Thomas International GIA Test

The Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) is a speed test that measures your ability to quickly learn, comprehend and retain information.

The test has 5 sections, each taking 2-3 minutes:

  • Perceptual Speed
  • Reasoning
  • Number Speed and Accuracy
  • Spatial Visualisation
  • Word Meaning

Each section has a single, very distinctive type of question. I have scattered some samples throughout the page for you, and if you want to take a closer look at the test, I recommend watching the following video:

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The Thomas-GIA-Tailored Practice

Generally speaking, whenever you are challenged with a task, the best way to practise would be to perform the exact same task at least a couple of times. The Thomas GIA test has 3 main features that make this notion even more significant.

Let’s go over them, and how accurate practice achieves the most of them.

Benefit #1 - Get to Know the Test’s Unique Question-Style

The questions on the Thomas GIA test are exclusive for that specific test, and you will see them nowhere else.

Here’s a sample question from the perceptual speed section:

thomas gia test sample question

The question basically asks you: “how many vertical pairs of letters depict the same letter?” The answer can, therefore, be between 0 (none) and 4 (all).

When such a question is presented to you with no time limit, it looks pretty simple. However, 40 such questions, 5 seconds each, is a challenge that increases your chances for errors and failure.

Research has shown that to achieve any improvement in any cognitive task, you must practise that specific task. That is why practising with related or similar, yet non-accurate material will do very little for you.


How JobTestPrep’s Tailored Thomas-GIA Practice Helps You to Get Familiar with the Questions:


  • Thomas GIA tailored questions will get you accustomed to and professional in solving these particular types of questions.
  • The solving techniques taught in the PrepPack are designed specifically with Thomas GIA questions in mind.

Benefit #2 - Cut Down the Time to Figure Things Out

Take a look at this seemingly innocent question from the Thomas GIA Number Speed and Accuracy section:

thomas gia test sample question
Now see how you're supposed to solve it

"This test examines your ability to perform simple numerical tasks quickly and accurately.

In each question, you will be presented with three numbers. Identify the lowest and highest numbers, and then calculate their differences from the third, middle number.

Your task is to choose the number which is furthest from the middle number (either the lowest or the highest number).

Each question has three possible answer choices. Only one answer is correct.

Important notes: The meaning of "the middle number" or “the remaining number” in this testing context is the number with a value between the lowest and highest numbers. That does not necessarily mean this number will be positioned in the middle. The questions refer to whole numbers. Therefore, the sentence "3 is four numbers away from 7" means that 3 is four whole numbers away from 7."


On the real test, each section will welcome you with such a massive bulk of text to let you know how you’re supposed to solve the questions. This kind of information overload causes 3 problems:

  • Costs you mental resources that could otherwise be used for solving the test.
  • Puts you at risk of misunderstanding and thus getting the questions wrong.
  • Reduces your confidence and extends your solving time on the several first questions.


How JobTestPrep’s tailored Thomas-GIA practice Helps You to Cut Down on Solving Time:


  • Exposing you to the exact instructions of the Thomas GIA sections beforehand puts you on autopilot and saves your mental resource for the actual test.
  • Constant practice based on these instructions allows you to show up to the real test knowing precisely what to do.
  • Increases your confidence and saves you precious time on the first few questions.

Benefit #3 - Focus on Your Weak Spots

Check out this excerpt from the score report you’ll get when finishing your first Thomas GIA test simulation:

Thomas GIA Score

See that the Number Speed and Accuracy section has more red X's? That means that your skill in this particular section needs some improvement.


How JobTestPrep’s tailored Thomas-GIA practice Helps You to Focus on Your Weak Spots:


  • The full-length Thomas GIA simulations will let you know exactly how you’re expected to perform on the actual test.
  • Improve your score on your weakest areas by going over your personalized score report.


What Makes Our Thomas GIA Practice the Most Accurate Practice Available?


Thomas International GIA

JobTestPrep’s Practice Tests

No. of questions

130-160 (varies)


Time Limit

12-16 minutes (varies)



Perceptual Speed


Number Speed and Accuracy

Spatial Visualisation

Word Meaning



Types of Questions

Unique for the Thomas GIA

Unique for the PrepPack

Ability to return to previous questions



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What Customers Think

Thomas GIA Test Style

Good practice of all the relevant sections of the test I took. Just like the exact one. Felt more comfortable prior to the test knowing what to expect and how to answer questions quickly and accurately after using this.


Nichola, applied to Corporate Project Solutions.


Very helpful

Very helpful, about eighty percent matches the real test.


Samaneh, applied to Siemens.


Great Resource

Needed last minute access to GIA test examples ahead of a job interview and this delivered on all fronts. Highly recommend.


David, did not disclose prospective employer.


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