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Moelis & Co is one of the most prestigious investment banking advisory firms. Headquarters in New York City, their reach extends across 23 locations strategically positioned throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, with over 1000 employees, including some of the most experienced managing directors and bankers. 

As such, Moelis & Co. offers a Summer Internship Program that provides you with a hands-on learning experience and launch your career in the finance world. 

Are you interested in joining one of the biggest and most competitive investment banks globally? Our Moelis Internship PrepPack mimics the test format you will face in the actual assessment, offering you the best possible preparation.

Continue reading to learn about the program and the online assessment you will need to take to be considered for the Moelis & Company Internship. 

Moelis & Co Summer Internship
  • 3 Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • 3 Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • 18 Extra Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests
  • Detailed Study Guides
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    • Verbal Reasoning

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What Is the Moelis & Company Internship

Moelis & Co. offers a competitive Investment Banking Summer Analyst internship. It is a 10-week program where you will be involved in various deal activities across industries, working alongside experienced professionals on real-world transactions.

Other investment banks offer summer programs and internships, such as Houlihan Lokey and Citadel Investments.

Who Is Moelis & Company?

Moelis & Co. is a global investment bank established in 2007. They go beyond simply being an investment bank. They offer a comprehensive suite of financial services, specializing in:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A): Moelis & Co. is a trusted advisor for companies navigating complex mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.
  • Capital Raising: Whether a company needs debt or equity financing, Moelis & Co's experienced professionals assist their customers in navigating the capital markets and secure the best possible terms.
  • Strategic Advice: Moelis & Co goes beyond just transactions. They provide insightful strategic advice on a wide range of issues, from restructuring to shareholder activism. Their team helps clients make informed decisions that maximize long-term value.

Moelis & Company Internship Assessment

To be considered for the Moelis Internship, you must complete the two-part online assessment, evaluating your data analysis and information comprehension. The test is a crucial part of the application process and a great opportunity to stand out from other candidates.

Let's have a look at the different parts you will face in the assessment for the Moelis & Company internship:

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning section will test your ability to evaluate, reason, and conceptualize written language.

You will have 15 minutes to read 5 passages, each one with 4 questions. Each question will have 5 possible answers:

  • Definitely true
  • Probably true
  • Insufficient Information
  • Probably false
  • Definitely false

Read the passages and attempt to answer the following questions:

Even though the minimum age for obtaining a driving license has increased in recent years a substantial increase in car sales over the corresponding years has resulted in a staggering rise in fatal car accident numbers. As the latest figures show, fatal car accidents are especially prevalent among young drivers who have less than five years of driving experience. Last winter 50 percent of all fatal road accidents involved drivers with up to five years driving experience and an additional 15 percent were drivers who had between six to eight years of experience. The interim figures of the current year show that the massive advertisement campaign 'fighting accidents' has resulted in some improvements but the truth is that the number of younger drivers involved in fatal accidents is intolerably high.


Question 1

Fatal car accidents are more prevalent amongst young drivers with six to eight years of experience than older drivers with similar experience.

  • Definitely true
  • Probably true
  • Insufficient Information
  • Probably false
  • Definitely false

The correct answer is Insufficient Information

According to the passage, 'Last winter 50% of all fatal road accidents involved drivers with up to 5 years driving experience and an additional 15% were drivers who had between 6 to 8 years of experience.

This piece of data only mentions experience, not age. Although the main idea of the passage is that younger drivers are generally more likely to be involved in fatal car accidents, we cannot assume all relatively inexperienced drivers are young.

We do not know how many of those 15% with 6 to 8 years of experience are younger drivers and how many are older drivers.

As this comparison is impossible to make based on the information provided in the passage, the answer is cannot say.


Question 2

The advertising campaign called 'fighting accidents' has failed to reduce the number of car accidents.

  • Definitely true
  • Probably true
  • Insufficient Information
  • Probably false
  • Definitely false

The correct answer is Probably False.

According to the text, the advertising campaign 'fighting accidents' resulted in some improvement.

This means that to some degree, it succeeded in reducing the number of car accidents.

💡Tip: When dealing with these types of questions, try reading the passage twice. The first time to grasp the main idea, and the second time to focus on answering the specific question.

Numerical Reasoning

This section of the Moelis Internship examines your ability to understand, interpret, and logically evaluate numerical information, including reading graphs and tables. You will need a calculator, pen and paper to answer.

You will have 15 minutes to solve 5 question sets. Each set includes 3 questions, and you will have 3 minutes to answer them before the test automatically skips to the next set.

Analyze the following graph to answer the question.

Numerical Graph Problem

What proportion of both sites' April and May traffic was for
A. 29.7%
B. 31.3%
C. 34.2%
D. 35.7%
E. 38.1%

The correct answer is E. 38.1%

To calculate this, we add up the total page views of for April and May and divide this amount by the total hits of both sites for the same period.

Therefore, the calculation would be:

💡 Tip: While working with percentages, make sure you know which group is your whole. Are you calculating percentages out of the total amount, or out of a specific category? 

Prepare for Your Moelis & Company Internship Assessment

The Moelis Summer Internship Assessment demands dealing with a large amount of information in a short time span. Proper prior practice dedicated to rapid information extraction is the best way to come prepared and avoid stress.

Ace the assessment with our expertly researched PrepPack:

  • 6 Numerical and Verbal Practice Tests mimicking the conditions you will face in the test.
  • 18 Extra practice tests for Numerical and Verbal reasoning. 
  • Detailed guides for the correct approach to graphs, tables, and information paragraphs.

Moelis & Co Application Process

Moelis & Company seeks bright, motivated individuals with a strong academic background, analytical skills, and a genuine interest in investment banking. To be considered for the Moelis Summer Internship program, you'll need to complete the following steps:

  • Submit a compelling application through the Moelis & Co. career portal. This will include your resume, cover letter, and academic information.
  • Pass the online assessment.
  • Go through an interview round where you will showcase your skills and passion for the field.

Moelis & Company Internship FAQ

Moelis & Co. is a prestigious investment bank known for advising on major mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and other strategic corporate deals worldwide. If you are looking for the experience of working for a boutique bank, they are the perfect option for you.

Moelis & Co is your chance to land high compensation and build a career with internal promotions. They value teamwork and respect your time. As a boutique firm, you'll have a bigger impact on global deals and gain experience at a prestigious financial player.

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