Ace the Rothschild Online Assessment: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

Embark on your journey at Rothschild & Co. with confidence by mastering the Rothschild Online Assessment, the cornerstone of their selection process. This rigorous evaluation is a combination of cognitive ability tests, psychometric tests, interviews, and behavioural tests that have been meticulously designed to identify potential candidates who align perfectly with Rothschild's esteemed values and roles.

Here's why our 2024 Rothschild Assessment Preparation Pack is your key to future success:

  • Real Test Requirements Simulations: multiple full-length practice tests that mirror the actual assessment, complete with timed sections to sharpen your cognitive skills.
  • Extensive Practice Material: with 90+ targeted practice questions and drills, tailored for each segment of the assessment, ensuring no stone is left unturned.
  • In-Depth Study Guides: Benefit from detailed, interactive study materials that decode the logic behind each test section, empowering you with the knowledge to excel.


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Rothschild Tests
  • Interactive & Comprehensive Study Guides
  • Tailored Situational Judgement Test (SJT) Practice Tests
  • 3 Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests
  • 1 Personality Assessment (Cultural Fit with Rothschild's Values)

What Is the Rothschild Online Assessment?

The Rothschild blended online assessment is a comprehensive combination of three predominant evaluation areas: cognitive ability, personality examinations, and behavioural tests designed to discern the best candidate for Rothschild & Co. Upon receiving your invitation, you'll have a 3-day window to complete the test—though untimed, quicker responses may enhance your score.

How Do You Prepare Effectively?

  • No Time Constraints, But Time Matters: while the test does not involve any time constraints, completing it accurately and quickly can improve your results. According to Rothschild, the assessment takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. We suggest you aim for a focused session of at least 60 minutes, but allocating up to two hours for exhaustive comprehension of explanations and questions as you go is also recommended.
  • A Three-Part Assessment: with about 70 questions spread across three sections, the examination offers a glimpse into life at Rothschild & Co. through simulated work scenarios. In the test, you can navigate between questions and sections at your own pace, ensuring you understand the tasks thoroughly.
    • "Working With Us" Section - Situational Judgement Tests (SJT): this section presents 14 questions as hypothetical work scenarios to assess alignment with Rothschild's core values, asking you to rank responses based on how appropriate they are for the cases. We provide a study guide and practice tests to aid your preparation.
    • "About You" Section - Personality Insights: with 42 drag-and-drop questions, this section evaluates your work environment preferences, helping to measure your fit for Rothschild's programs and internships. Each scenario requires you to rank potential actions, reflecting your understanding of cooperative versus assertive responses.
    • "Working With Numbers" Section - Numerical Reasoning: this last section consists of 13 questions and is the most challenging segment involving your numerical reasoning with practical and data-driven problems.

Are you eager to transform your potential into your success story at Rothschild & Co.? It's an absolute misconception that this type of evaluation requires little to no preparation. Discover how our preparation pack can elevate your readiness.

Rothschild Tests Sample Questions


Situational Judgement Test Sample Question

Your manager assigned you to a new and relevant global project that involves collaborating with colleagues from different departments and countries. Most of them you no knowledge and have never met nor worked with yet.

How would that make you feel?

  • Rank the statements below on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • 1 being what you are most likely to do and 5 being what you are least likely to do.






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💡 Tip: Provide responses that reflect your genuine approach to problem-solving and decision-making in a professional context.

Personality Test Sample Question

Please select a number on the scale that best reflects your natural inclination towards the following statement.

I am someone that regularly is drawn to ... 

Acquiring new skills and knowledge. Taking time to refuel.


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💡 Tip: When responding to these types of questions attempt to be honest with yourself and choose the option that best aligns with your typical behavior and mindset.

Numerical Reasoning Sample Question

  1990 2000
University Unemployed Employed Unemployed Employed
 Private  155 1475  125  1350 
 State  125 1610  150  1250 

Based on the data in the table, respond the following:

  • Compare the number of employed graduates in 1990 with that in 2000. Were there more or fewer?
  • What percentage of the graduates who were unemployed in 2000 attended private universities?
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Solving questions such as these is often aided by schematic and step-wise thinking. With this in mind, let's solve question no. 1 using the Four-Step Method (see below for more on this technique).

  • 1. Read the question carefully - the question is straightforward. We can summarise that we should look for employed graduates in two periods: 2009 and 2019.
  • 2. Skim the table - A quick review can help us notice several things. Firstly, the table only features graduates. Thus, the only variables we need to worry about are time and employment status. We see two columns describing unemployed graduates, which we can ignore since they were not asked about. This leaves us two relevant columns: Employed graduates in 2009 and 2019.
  • The rows make a distinction between state and public universities. Because the question does not mention this separation, we need not worry about it. Elements Numerical tables often feature irrelevant information meant to confuse you. 
  • 3. Figure out the necessary calculation - to determine how many more or fewer employed graduates there were in 1990 than in 2000, you should calculate the number of graduates employed in both 2000 and 1990 and subtract the figures. 
  • The number of employed in 1990 = Private + State = 1,475 + 1,610 = 3,085
  • The number of employed in 2000 = Private + State = 1,250 + 1,350 = 2,600.
  • As you can see, there were more employed graduates in 1990 than in 2000.
  • 4. Do the math - in the number of employed in 1990 and 2000:
  • 3,085 – 2,600 = 485.

The correct answer is more, by 485.

Now, let's apply the same method to question no. 2. A careful reading indicates that we are only interested in unemployed graduates in the year 2019. Employed graduates in 2019, and all graduates in 2009 are simply irrelevant. Having skimmed the table earlier, we should be able to immediately locate the correct row. 

For the calculations - any time we need to find a proportion, we must first identify the whole, and then divide the part by that whole. In this case, the whole is composed of all unemployed graduates in the year 2019 in both public and state universities:

125 + 150 = 275.

The part is the 125 unemployed graduates that year.

125 / 275 = 0.75.

  • The correct answer is 0.45.

💡 Tip: When facing questions requiring data analysis or calculation, double-check your calculations to avoid errors and ensure the accuracy of your answer.

Prepare for Your Rothschild Online Application Process

Rothschild & Co. is an independent financial and business advisory services company that aims to recruit experienced professionals and graduates interested in the Rothschild internship programme. Job seekers must perform an informative recruitment process to ensure the position of interest is right for them.

The step-by-step testing process is outlined below for your reference:

  • Online Application: The application process is simple - search for the current Rothschild vacancies online, submit your application and include your CV, plus a cover letter. Highlight your skills and prior work experience. You may also use this method to apply for the Rothschild graduate scheme.
  • Telephone Interview: You may be contacted initially by an HR employee to conduct a brief phone interview, which is used as part of the screening process to assess your compatibility with the job position. Prepare to answer both technical and background questions.
  • In-Person Interview: The interview stage may include several one-on-one interviews and an assessment centre day. This entails meeting in a group setting with other candidates, followed by an evaluation with various employers in different settings. You may be asked to prepare a presentation, perform role-playing activities, take a written test and solve case studies.
  • Aptitude Tests: The aptitude tests we previously described are a prerequisite to reaching the final stages of the application process. Preparation is the key to being fully prepared for test day.

Rothschild Interview Assessment Centre Questions

Whether candidates are interested in the Rothschild internship programme or an esteemed career, preparing to answer the interview questions professionally during assessment day is necessary. Technical questions during a face to face interview may involve details of specific role requirements, and behavioural questions are used as a means to assess applicants' personality profiles.

  • Why do you want to work for Rothschild?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can you adapt your extra-curricular activities to fit the current role in our Rothschild internship programme?
  • Please, walk us through a DCF in detail.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Facing the high stakes of Rothschild's selection process requires top-notch preparation. Our Rothschild Assessment Preparation Pack will boost your cognitive abilities and ensure you understand the logic behind every behavioural and personality question to guarantee a successful test. 

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You can rely on us that we provide you with the most accurate preparation and advice for your to learn fundamental and often overlooked principles to achieve success on the Rothschild Online Assessment Test.