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Prepare for Korn Ferry Tests

Korn Ferry oversees recruitment processes for their clients, so every Korn Ferry assessment process is different. A Korn Ferry-run recruitment process may include:

✔ Online assessments
✔ Live virtual assessments
✔ Assessment centres

Korn Ferry specialises in executive assessments, with an emphasis on leadership style and potential.

Their assessments are split into 2 main areas:
⦿ Aptitude tests designed to assess your intelligence and practical skills.
⦿ Personality and situational tests that aim to get a picture of your leadership qualities.

The assessments you receive depend on the company and position you are applying for. Whichever assessments you may face, preparation is key to ensuring you display an accurate picture of your abilities. JobTestPrep is here to help.  

Korn Ferry's 4 Dimensions of Leadership and Talent

Korn Ferry developed its 4 dimensions of leadership and talent to serve as the underpinning factors of the recruitment process it oversees. The assessments you experience on a Korn Ferry recruitment process are all designed to evaluate:

  • Competencies – observed skills and behaviours required for success
  • Experiences – assignments or roles that prepare a person for future roles
  • Traits – the personal qualities, inclinations, and aptitudes that define the candidate
  • Drivers – the values and interests that motivate and engage you, driving your career path 

Korn Ferry Online Assessment

Korn Ferry offers a number of different psychometric assessments. In addition to some of the common (as well as not so common) aptitude tests, there are also a number of Korn Ferry assessments that evaluate you as a person. Examples of Korn Ferry assessment tests can be seen below.

note Numerical test – Numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to utilize numerical information in your everyday work. Korn Ferry usually uses numerical tests provided by an external test provider.

note Verbal test – Verbal reasoning tests examine how well you can extract and use written information. Some of these tests place an emphasis on your analytical skills. These tests may be provided by an external test provider.

note Raven test – Raven’s progressive matrices are a type of non-verbal reasoning test. This test presents a pattern with a section missing and asks you to choose the correct shape to complete the pattern from a set of options.

note In-tray exercise – The in-tray exercise aims to assess your managerial abilities, time management, prioritisation, and problem solving skills. You are given a set of work-related emails and told to prioritise them to ensure that all work is completed correctly.

note Career survey questionnaire – This test is designed to get a glimpse of your career to date, as well as skills and experiences it has given you.

note Personality Inventory test – This test aims to get a picture of your personality and how it matches with the personality requirements of the job you are applying to.

note Leadership assessment – The Korn Ferry assessment of leadership potential looks at how you would evaluate your career to date. Using three types of questions (strength sort, weakness sort, and word pairs), this test aims to assess your leadership style. Given Korn Ferry’s focus on leadership and leadership styles, doing well on this test is crucial in any Korn Ferry-led recruitment process. Prepare for the Korn Ferry leadership assessment with our personality and situational judgement practice tests. 

Talent-Q Assessment - Korn Ferry's psychometric tests: numerical, verbal & logical

Talent Q assessments were originally developed by Talent-Q - a global assessment company and now part of the Korn Ferry Hay Group.

In the past few years, Talent Q's aptitude tests have become an increasingly popular job assessment tool. Their aptitude tests are divided into 3 types of assessments: numerical, verbal, and logical.

It is important to note that Talent Q's tests differ from other common psychometric tests in that they are adaptable. This means that depending on whether your response to a question is correct or incorrect, the system presents you with a subsequent question of either greater or lesser difficulty until your appropriate difficulty level is found.

You can expect to take these tests if you are applying for a supervisor, manager, or any other high-level position. JobTestPrep is the only website that provides you with complete and specific practice solutions for Talent Q's tests.


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