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Is Korn Ferry handling recruitment for the job you are applying to? Have you been invited to sit a Korn Ferry assessment as part of your recruitment process? Learn more about the Korn Ferry assessments you may experience and how to prepare. 
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Korn Ferry run bespoke recruitment processes for their clients, so every Korn Ferry assessment process is different. A Korn Ferry run recruitment process can include:

Korn Ferry Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent

Korn Ferry have developed their four dimensions of leadership and talent as the underpinning factors of their recruitment processes. The assessments you will experience in a Korn Ferry recruitment process are designed to assess:

Competencies - observed skills and behaviours required for success.
Experiences - assignments or roles that prepare a person for future roles.
Traits - the personal qualities, inclinations and aptitudes that define the candidate.
Drivers - the values and interest that motivate and engage you, driving your career path.

Korn Ferry Online Assessment

There are a number of Korn Ferry psychometric assessments you may experience. As well as some of the common (and not so common) aptitude tests, there are also a number of Korn Ferry assessments looking at you as a person. Below we will go through some Korn Ferry assessment test examples.

Numerical Tests - numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to use numerical information as part of your everyday work. Korn Ferry will usually use numerical tests provided by an external test provider.

Verbal Tests - verbal reasoning tests examine how well you can extract and use written information. Some of these tests have an emphasis on your analytical skills. These tests may be provided by an external test provider.

Raven Test - Raven’s progressive matrices are a type of non-verbal reasoning test. In this test you are given a pattern with a section missing, and asked to choose the correct shape from a set of options to complete the pattern.

In-Tray Exercise - the in-tray exercise aims to assess your managerial abilities, time management, prioritisation, and problem solving skills. In this exercise you are given a set of work related emails and told to prioritise them to ensure that all work is completed as it should be.

Career Survey Questionnaire - this test is designed to get a picture of your career to date and the skills and experiences it has given you.

Personality Inventory Test - aims to get a picture of your personality, and how it matches with the personality requirements of the job you are applying to.

Leadership Assessment - this assessment looks at how you would evaluate your career to date. Using three types of questions (strength sort, weakness sort and word pairs), this test aims to assess your leadership style.

Given Korn Ferry’s focus on leadership and leadership styles, doing well in these tests is crucial in any Korn Ferry led recruitment process. Prepare for these tests with our personality and situational judgement practice tests.

In Summary

Korn Ferry specialise in executive assessments, with an emphasis on leadership styles and potential. Assessments can be split into two main areas: aptitude tests designed to assess your intelligence and practical skills, and personality and situational tests which aim to get a picture of your leadership qualities. The assessments you will receive depend on the company and position you are applying to, but preparation is key to ensure that you give an accurate picture of your abilities. This page has set out some of the main Korn Ferry assessments, and highlighted the preparation resources available to you.

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Each Korn Ferry recruitment process is different. Send us a message via the form below listing the assessments you have been invited to take, and we will come back with advice for the best preparation for you.
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