Korn Ferry Assessment Test Practice [2022]



What is a Korn Ferry Assessment?


The “Korn Ferry assessment” is a term relevant to a spectrum of different personality and cognitive assessment tests. The Korn Ferry Personality tests include the KFALP, KF4D, Dimensions and Drives. The Korn Ferry aptitude tests are also known as the Talent-Q tests, and they include mostly numerical, verbal and logical questions.

Let's dive into the different types of Korn Ferry assessments:

Korn Ferry Personality Assessments


The Korn Ferry different personality assessments are used mostly for executive positions. These tests aim to understand and assess your leadership qualities, problem solving skills and strategic thinking.


Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP)


The Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment is a personality assessment that aims to measure your leadership potential. The KFALP includes three main sections: A Biodata section, Drivers, and Work Style and Preferences.

Note: Some companies use the KFALP with an additional cognitive section to the personality ones, called a Raven APM section.


Korn Ferry Four Dimensional Assessment (KF4D)


The KF4D test assesses candidates’ key behaviours at work. It includes four parts: A Biodata section, Strengths, Personality and Drives.


Korn Ferry Dimensions Test


This test is usually referred to as a “Personality Questionnaire”. It measures three main domains: People and Relationships, Tasks and Projects, and Drives and Emotions. 


Korn Ferry Aptitude Tests


These assessment tests are also known as the Talent-Q assessments. They can be administered as a bundle of tests, or as stand-alone tests. These aptitude tests can be numerical, verbal or logical\abstract, and they are extremely hard to practice for if you don’t have the right tools. 

Our full Korn Ferry aptitude PrepPack™ includes everything you need to prepare for your upcoming Korn Ferry assessment, including: Practice tests with timed questions (just like the real test), thorough explanations for every question, and practice drills to improve your skills and cut down your solving time.

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Korn Ferry Numerical Test


The Korn Ferry Numerical Tests assess your ability to understand and analyse numerical data from tables or graphs. This test includes 12 questions in 4 sections, with a time limit for every question.


Korn Ferry Verbal Test


The Korn Ferry Verbal tests assess your ability to understand and interpret written material. This test includes 15 questions with a time limit for every question.


Korn Ferry Logical Test


The Korn Ferry logical tests assess logical and analytical skills, by testing your ability to recognise abstract patterns quickly and accurately. 



Which Companies Use Korn Ferry’s Assessments?

Many different companies across the spectrum of industries use Korn Ferry’s assessment tests as part of their recruitment process, such as:

  • NHS
  • Qantas
  • Citi
  • Linklaters
  • UBS
  • Royal Mail
  • Bank of England
  • Standard Chartered


Korn Ferry Assessment Practice


As you can see, the “Korn Ferry assessment” is a term relevant to multiple different cognitive and personality assessments. Considering that each test assesses different skills, they require a different preparation pack.

Our test experts have created a dedicated PrepPack™ for every type of Korn Ferry assessment.

But if you know that your assessment test will include more than one type of Korn Ferry assessment, we recommend practising with our all-inclusive PrepPack™:

  • Multiple practice tests for every Korn Ferry assessment: Leadership, Numerical, Verbal and Logical. Each test includes accurate questions with a time limit just like the real test.
  • Thorough guides, to help you build skills and boost your score.
  • Explanations for every question, with tips and techniques to help you cut down your solving time.


Get more info, practice questions and tips on our dedicated Korn Ferry pages:

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