UBS Cultural Match [2024]: The 3-Step Fool-Proof Formula to Ace the UBS Online Assessment

UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) is one of the largest financial services firms and is among the Bulge Bracket Banks, operating in over 50 countries. As such, UBS is one of the most sought-after firms to launch your finance career and participate in one of their students’ programmes.

Whether you are applying for a UBS Spring Week, Summer Internship, or Graduate Programme, you must go through the UBS online assessment – the UBS Cultural Match.

Other sections of the UBS test can include Numerical, Verbal, and Inductive Logical reasoning.

With our UBS Assessment Test Preparation, you will learn all about the different sections of the UBS test, its unique features and challenges. It includes:

  • Full UBS Cultural Match Simulation with Situational Judgement Test questions and a study guide tailored specifically for UBS values.

  • Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests mimicking the questions you will have in your UBS online assessment.

  • Verbal Reasoning Questions, including detailed explanations and recommended answering strategies.

  • Inductive Reasoning Drills showcase how to discover logical patterns and rules quickly.

Start your accurate practice run and take one step closer to a UBS placement.

UBS Online Assessment

Full preparation for the unique UBS online assessment:

  • UBS Cultural Match
  • Full simulation
  • Study Guide based on UBS principles
  • 6 UBS Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • 4 UBS Inductive Reasoning Tests
  • 4 UBS Verbal Reasoning Tests
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What is UBS Cultural Match?

The UBS Cultural Match is the most common UBS online test, assessing how well you will fit into the role you applied for and UBS’ corporate environment, based on the UBS Principles.

This is a Situational Judgement test in which you will be presented with 18 work scenarios followed by several statements. You need to choose which statement would be the most effective and the least effective.

The test has no time limit and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Let’s take a look –

UBS Cultural Match Sample Question

Read the following scenario:

Your colleague approaches you while you are in the midst of implementing crucial changes from a client's review. They urgently request your assistance in preparing for a significant meeting with an important client scheduled for the next day. You are aware that the platform is still in the development process, and clients are yet to benefit from it.

How would you respond?




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This question is related mostly to Collaboration and Client Centricity.

As such –

Most effective – B

Least effective – C

Note: Once you get the email invitation to take the tests, you will have 4 days to complete both of them.

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Tip: Consider which UBS principle the question refers to, and choose your answers accordingly.

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Why is the UBS Cultural Match Hard?

  • The responses are usually confusing and similar to one another. There are no obvious right and wrong answers.
  • Unique question structure – Choosing the most to least effective can be quite baffling when there is no obvious answer. ALL your choices are under evaluation.

To pass this test, you have to be familiar with the UBS principles, and understand both what UBS is looking for and what every question is measuring.

These skills are something you can acquire through proper practice.

Start preparing now to familiarise yourself with a variety of scenarios, learn how to react correctly, and recognize the relevant UBS principle.

UBS Cognitive Assessment

In addition to the UBS Cultural Match, the UBS assessment can also include a series of cognitive ability tests, provided by cut-e/Aon.

While most candidates will take the numerical reasoning test, some will also take verbal and inductive reasoning tests.

UBS Numerical Reasoning Test

The UBS numerical reasoning, the cut-e Scales Numerical, assessing your ability to capacity to comprehend, analyse, and evaluate numerical data presented in charts, diagrams, and tables.

It includes 37 questions to complete in 12 minutes.

Let’s try to solve one!

UBS Numerical Reasoning Sample Question

Click on a tab to see its contents. Use them to answer the question below.

In fiscal year 1, Arclight's generated cash flow was about 60,000 Euros higher in the UK than in the US.




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The words "cash flow" imply that the answer to this question is under the "Cash flow" tab. The graph presents the company's cash flow in four different areas, across a five-year period.

Look at FY 1. In the UK cash flow was 920 thousand Euros, while in the US it was just 860 thousand. The difference is 920-860 = 60 thousand. The statement is therefore true.

The correct answer is True.

Tip: You can lose points even if you pick the correct answer with the wrong tab open. Thus, before submitting your response, take a moment and double-check that you have the right tab or window open before answering the question.

UBS Verbal Reasoning Test

The UBS verbal reasoning, the cut-e Scales verbal, assesses your ability to comprehend written material and analyse and interpret this information.

It includes 49 questions to complete in 12 minutes.

Let’s check it out!

UBS Verbal Reasoning Sample Question

Click on a tab to see its contents. Use them to answer the question below.

According to Arclight's currency management policy, natural hedges are used to reduce risks of differences between receipts and payments caused by volatile exchange rates of foreign currencies.




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The statement refers to Arclight's currency management policy. "Currency management" is a section found under the "Finance management" tab.

According to the text, "Arclight has been reducing currency risks stemming from volatile exchange rates of foreign currencies by using natural hedges to minimise the difference between receipts and payments […]." This is merely a rephrase of the above statement, which is therefore TRUE.

The correct answer is True.

Light Bulb

Tip: Compare the statement given in the question with the information you find in the tab, even if you think you know the answer.

UBS Inductive Reasoning Test

The UBS inductive logical thinking, the cut-e Scales cls, assesses your ability to identify patterns and rules.

It includes 12 questions to complete in 12 minutes.

Let’s give it a shot!

UBS Inductive Reasoning Sample Question

Observe the six upper diamonds and determine the colour of each of the bottom ones, from left to right:

Next In Series Question
View Explanation


The first step is to look for a pattern. If we can find a pattern for either colour, we can deduce any diamond that shares that pattern is of that colour and any that does not follow is the other colour.

In this case, the pattern is that all tables with A's in all four corners are orange. so, we mark the first two diamonds as orange and the rest as blue.

Therefore, The answer (from left to right) is Orange, Orange, Blue, Blue.

Light Bulb

Tip: Don’t make assumptions. For example, if you notice that the number of letters in each grid increases by 1, don't assume that the number of numbers will also increase by 1.

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UBS Principles

UBS' most significant element in choosing their interns is their fit to the organisation’s culture and corporate environment.

The leading principles are called UBS pillars, which are –

  • Capital Strength
  • Simplification and efficiency
  • Risk management

These are followed by 6 more essential values and working methods –

  • Client centricity
  • Connectivity
  • Sustainable Impact
  • Accountability with Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

UBS Sonru Video Interview Questions

The UBS Sonru  interview questions are meant to simulate a real-life interview. Therefore, they may include personal/SJT or more professional questions about your experience. Examples of such questions are:

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Why UBS?
  • How have you dealt with a significant challenge?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What is, in your view, the impact of a specific article on the finance sector?

💡 For more info and tips for the Sonru video interview visit UBS official website.

​UBS Programmes

💡Note: UBS is hiring on a rolling basis. This means that once they have filled all available spots, they will stop looking at new applications.

Apply as early as possible to secure a spot!

UBS Spring Week

The Spring Week is a 3-day insight programme, eligible for 1st-year students in a 3-year course, or 2nd-year students in a 4-year course.

This is considered by UBS as a pre-internship programme, which purpose is to give you a glimpse of the UBS culture and work environment.

During these 3 days you will rotate between different divisions of the bank, such as global banking, global markets, risk, technology etc. You will have a chance to see up-close what every division does.

This is meant to help you figure out what do you like in investment banking, and to guide you through the beginning of your career.

One of the most important benefits of the spring week is that you will be fast tracked to the final stage of the summer internship application process.

UBS Summer Internship

The UBS summer internship is a 9-week programme with a specific team in the bank. It is offered ONLY for students in their penultimate year.

The internship usually starts in late June, and the applications are usually accepted from September through December.

Note: If you missed the summer internship deadline, try the UBS off-cycle internship. It is offered in a different schedule from the regular summer internship and might suit you.

UBS is roughly structured out of five business divisions. three of which offer a summer internship:

  • Investment Banking
  • Group Functions
  • Asset Management

Each of these divisions offer an internship at a specific team.

Business DivisionTeam NameTeam Expertise
Investment BankingIB COOYou'll join a team who shapes the future direction of the bank. As one of the few banks that hire COO Interns this role is a unique opportunity to explore our Investment Bank, meaningfully contribute and lead change.
Investment BankingGlobal MarketsYou’ll be looking after professional investors like asset managers and fund managers. You’ll give them advice and do everything that’s needed to buy and sell securities for them. From start to finish.
Investment BankingGlobal BankingYou’ll work closely with the GB country and sector coverage teams, as well as the other product teams. You will provide coverage, advisory, capital markets and financing solutions for corporate, financial institutions and sponsor clients.
Group FunctionsGroup Risk ControlAs a part of the risk function, you will help identify, assess, advise, decide, monitor and report on credit, market and operational risks, recommending appropriate mitigating actions. As part of the compliance function, you will focus on the regulatory and compliance framework applicable to the global compliance and operational risk control function of the UBS investment banking division.
Group FunctionsOperationsYou'll manage processes for performance, control and efficiency. The team’s role is to deliver best-in-class post trade services across Investment Bank, Wealth Management and Asset Management.
Group FunctionsTechnologyYou will be working in IT, helping to source, develop, implement, maintain and support world-class technology solutions.
Group FunctionsGroup ResearchYou’ll analyse company financials, perform fundamental analysis and explore scenarios with the objective of making stock recommendation to professional investors like asset managers and fund managers.
Group FunctionsHuman ResourcesHR supports the business strategy by helping achieve sustainable business performance and global recognition for developing leadership. HR is made up of central and divisionally aligned teams that touch every aspect of an employee’s experience, from recruitment to retirement.
Asset ManagementAsset ManagementYou’ll help manage large-scale assets with well-diversified businesses across regions, capabilities and distribution channels. You’ll be part of one of the largest hedge fund and real estate investment manager team in the world, one of the leading fund houses in Europe, and the largest mutual fund manager in Switzerland.

Note: You can only apply for one team, so choose wisely which programme is best suited for you before you apply.

UBS Graduate Programme

The UBS graduate scheme is a full-time analyst placement.

In this 18-24 months programme, you will be assigned to one specific business area, in one of three divisions:

  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Center
  • Investment Bank

Whatever division you choose, you will have to apply to one area:

  • Client Coverage
  • Chief Operating Office
  • Investment Area
  • Investment Solution
  • Real Estate & Private Markets

  • Chief Operating Office
  • Group Risk Control
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Technology

  • Global Banking
  • Global Markets (Sales and Trading)

No matter what specific programme you apply to, your training will always start with UBS Discovery – a basic training to teach you what you need to know to work for UBS.

After completion, you will start your journey in your specific business area, with occasional rotations in different parts of the bank. This is meant to give you a broad perspective on what UBS does.


All test results are valid for 6 months. Since this is a new year and a new application cycle, you would have to take the tests again.

The email links are valid for 4 days and are expired automatically.

Absolutely not. If you are a top candidate, it doesn’t matter which university you come from.

No, you cannot. UBS limits you to one application pre academic year, so you should research and choose one team only.

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