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Here are 10 important things to know to help you excel in the UBS hiring process: 

  1. UBS recruits for many positions, including interns, analysts, corporate client solutions, and traders, among others. The company expects their employees to demonstrate the following competencies: Problem analysis, judgment and decision making, innovation, communication and impact, drive and commitment, teamwork and collaboration, planning and organizing. 
  2. The hiring process varies based on position, but generally includes an online SHL numerical and logical reasoning test, a first round interview and an assessment, including a competency based interview and numerical test.  You might also have a phone interview. You will also be asked to  take place in an assessment centre, which includes a written SHL numerical reasoning test, a presentation, interview, and a group exercise. 
  3. The test providers for the online assessment tests are either SHL or Talent-Q. JobTestPrep provides tailored preparation packages that include both these test provider formats. 
  4. Generally, you can expect to hear back within 1 month after submitting your application. The specific amount of time depends on several factors, including time of year, the position you are applying to, and the amount of applications human resources is processing at a given time. 
  5. The online tests you may face include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and/or logical reasoning, all from SHL, as well as an assessment centre. 
  6. JobTestPrep provides preparation packs for positions at UBS including internships, wealth management positions, analysts, and client service positions. 
  7. To succeed on the interview and impress the interviewer, it is important to be calm and composed; to talk slowly and clearly, and to have thought-out answers to every question. 
  8. Succeeding on the testing stage is crucial for advancing in the UBS recruitment process, especially as you can only apply to one position a year. Our study guides have important tips for how to ace  the assessment tests and progress in the recruitment process.
  9. JobTestPrep has tailored preparation packages for UBS positions. Prepare with JobTestPrep and see success on the application process for myriad UBS positions.
  10. Other interview tips include: Be prepared, use your contacts, build a relationship, make the right impression, don't panic, be honest, play to your strengths, use your initiative, and show passion. 

Come Prepared 

UBS’s recruitment process is rigorous, but with extensive practise, you can improve your chances of being selected for a position. Start preparing yourself now for the company’s aptitude tests, interviews, and assessment centre with JobTestPrep.