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The described PrepPack™ includes SHL-style numerical and verbal tests, as well as situational judgement tests and guides.

Union Bank - Introduction

Union Bank is a prestigious, multibillion-dollar corporation, which stands at the forefront of the international banking. However, before you can join the ranks of this.

Union Bank Hiring Process

The Union Bank Hiring Process will include an initial two short screening calls, followed by interviews with HR, hiring manager and, in certain cases, a senior vice present after sending in your Union Bank Application. You can expect the process to take up to 2 months, so use the time wisely to study for Union Bank Assessments and to prepare yourself for the various interview stages.


In order to do your best in 'money-time', it is highly recommended to get ready in advance; the more you study - the better. The product described in this page gives you free, online, 24/7 access to tests that simulate the actual exams that appear in the hiring process, guides and many more useful materials. You can order this product here and now. So, let’s begin!


Union Bank Interviews

The recruiters are looking for the best fit for not only the applied position, but the company at large. Therefore, Union Bank Interviews are set up to ensure that you have all the skills needed to get the job done, both on the technical and interpersonal level. Keeping in mind that banking is just as much about interpersonal relationships than technical knowledge. Thus, Union Bank Interview questions are designed to help ensure your suitability.

  • How do you go about organizing competing tasks?
  • Why have you chosen Union Bank? Why do you feel we are right for you and you for us?
  • Please give us a full explanation of agile and waterfall? Explain which methodology is correct for project X?
  • Do you have any prior experience working in a bank? If yes, how can you use those skills to our benefit?
  • What is your background in customer service? Have you ever gone above and beyond and would you answer a phone call or WhatsApp even in the middle of the night? If so why or why not?
  • Give us your top 3 strengths and weaknesses. How would you go about further developing your strengths and correcting your weaknesses?
  • If given the choice between a set higher salary or minimum base with large bonus potential, which would you choose and why?
  • What was the most difficult situation you have encountered among employees or clients and how did you overcome it?

Union Bank Assessments

You may face a number of Union Bank Assessments to ensure that you have the technical know-how to do the job. From numerical to verbal reasoning and personality to Situational Judgement Tests, each test will be designed to ensure that you have what it takes to join such a prestigious firm. Obviously, numerical knowledge is paramount, but you must also carry a personality, which will help you deal with clients of all types. This product has a wide range of resources, including video tutorials, timed practice tests and more, to help you take your next career step.



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