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Prepare for the State Bank of India Recruitment Process

Founded in 1995, the State Bank of India (SBI) is now known as the nation's biggest and oldest bank which operates more than 13,500 branches within India. SBI also has more than 155 branches in around 30 countries, which also involve many locations in the US, Canada, and Nigeria. They seek to employ highly-skilled professionals who can keep their legacy alive and provide high-quality financial services which accommodate the needs of Corporates, SMEs, NRIs & Retail customers. SBI allows their employees to enhance their professional experience and develop their career paths.

Below are steps involved in the hiring process at State Bank of India:

Application: Available positions can be located through the State Bank of India online website. Once candidates find their chosen job, they can fill out the application form and download other documents, such as their CV. Documents will be looked over and candidates will be evaluated accordingly.

Telephone Interview: First, candidates can expect a telephone interview with a member of the State Bank of India hiring team. Candidates should be sure that they have their CV memorized so they can discuss their past work-related experiences and skills.

Interview: The State Bank of India interview may be performed face-to-face or as sit down interviews which are either one-on-one or group/ panel sessions. Applicants’ skills relating to the job will be evaluated, as well as non-verbal cues. Depending on the level of the job, panel interviews may occur which involve up to 7 employers from a range of departments. Personal interviews help companies assess applicants’ characteristics and positive qualities.

Assessment Centre: The State Bank of India assessment centre may ask competency, situational, and maybe technical questions. Candidates will be interviewed in a group setting with other applicants. They will be asked to perform presentations, take part in group discussions, and play roles.

Tests: Applicants may be required to take psychometric entrance exams to showcase their skills, cognitive abilities, and knowledge. These assessments may consist of written exams as well as online tests.

State Bank of India Assessment Test Process

During the assessment period, applicants may be expected to take psychometric evaluations, which consist of aptitude tests. These entrance exams measure numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning abilities, as well as other capabilities. Other assessment exams assess one’s behavioural qualities and personality. These tests include the personality and situational judgement (SJT) exams.

Prepare for the State Bank of India Assessment Test & Interview Process.

State Bank of India’s Popular Positions

The State Bank of India provides exceptional career prospects to motivated and aspiring individuals. SBI takes an unceasing initiative in employing the most qualified candidates and guaranteeing their growth, motivation and development.

Probationary Officers: This position as the Junior Management Level is a direct entry-level point for self-motivated young graduates. A probationary officer becomes open to stimulating projects and learns to get involved with industrial and financial happenings for the Indian Banking business. Prospects include working in different SBI departments, such as Personal and Rural Banking, Credit, and Forex.

Junior Associate: In the Clerical cadre, young graduates are recruited as Junior Associates. SBI provides chances for growth. Junior Associates are qualified for a promotion in Officer Cadre after a service of 3 years.

Lateral Hire: Some specialised roles which recruitment is done for includes Statisticians, Risk Raters, Economists, Chartered Accountants, Analysts, Lawyers, Engineers, System Engineers, and Rajbhasa Officers.

Management Trainees: Management Graduates from top institutes are chosen on a predetermined basis for 5 years for various verticals in the bank. They are elected as Management Trainees in their 1st year and as Assistant Vice President from 2nd year and on.

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