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Prepare for SEI with JobTestPrep

Winning over your potential employer at SEI requires multiple efforts, including passing interviews and pre-hiring tests. Our PrepPacks™ consist of advanced study guides, video tutorials and more to help bring your career to the next level. Don’t wait until the last moment and make sure that you become the next SEI employee with JobTestPrep.


Make Sure You Succeed on Your SEI Assessment Test

Vying for a position with SEI but feeling intimidated by the process? Ease your mind by preparing with JobTestPrep’s exclusive job preparation materials – Pass your SEI assessments and interview with ease!


What to Expect on SEI’s Interview

If you want the job with SEI, preparing for their interview process is crucial. After submitting your CV, you will most likely be contacted for an initial screening interview held over the phone. If this interview goes well, you should be invited by SEI to participate in a face-to-face interview. The face-to-face interview will either be held one-on-one, or in a group or panel.

SEI Assessment Centre Objective

The Assessment Centre is the more precise method of measuring candidates’ aptitude to the advertised position. If you are invited for a day or two to be assessed at such a centre, you will not only take tests there and have several interviews, but you will also be engaged in different activities. At the Assessment Centre, you may need to give a short presentation and participate in group discussions and case studies. You may also do role playing and show your skills in various simulation exercises. While you are performing these activities, your behavior becomes scrutinized and evaluated by assessors who by the end of the assessment day will exchange their opinions about your performance and will give you a score. There are many professional qualities that you will need to demonstrate to receive a high score. Among them are leadership and abilities to communicate well and solve problems quickly. You should also work successfully in a team and know how to achieve productive, quick results. Competition among job applicants invited to the Assessment Centre is fierce. Applicants are eliminated at every stage of their assessment so that not everyone reaches the final interview where a hiring decision is made. Because of this strong competition, preparation for your assessment day is highly desirable. Practise with our test simulations and interview tips and increase your chances of outshining other candidates for your desired position.

What Are Different Types of the Aptitude Test?

Employers think that a hiring process should include a more rigorous means of estimating job candidates’ future performance at work than simply perusing their résumé or asking them questions on the interview. To improve the accuracy of their evaluations, employers have started inviting potential employees to take the Aptitude Test. Now, the Aptitude Test is a trustworthy measurement of job candidates’ various cognitive skills and their ability to react properly to various problematic situations. There are different types of the Aptitude Test, each of which evaluates applicants’ specific cognitive ability. Thus, the Numerical Reasoning Test measures how well applicants calculate and analyze numerical data. The Verbal Reasoning Test is an evaluation of candidates’ ability to understand and analyze written information. Diagrammatic Reasoning Test estimates how well they read information given in charts and diagrams. The SJT seeks to evaluate applicants’ reaction to different situations. Even though the Aptitude Test does not contain question of extreme difficulty, it is still advisable to prepare for it in advance. Avail yourself of the opportunity to practice with JobTestPrep’s top-notch resources and secure for yourself a place at the top of recruiters’ hiring list.

What Does the SEI Verbal Assessment Measure?

The verbal assessments measure your ability to reach accurate conclusions based on a written passage or passages. Gauging a candidate’s verbal logic is essential for companies who are looking for applicants with strong communication skills.

What Kinds of Questions Does the SEI Personality Test Contain?

Employers care about a healthy environment in their companies. Therefore, they make an effort to ensure that people whom they hire have pleasant personalities and are easy to get along with. They also want to ensure that their future employees will not work unproductively, willfully destroy the equipment, vent their anger on their coworkers, and harass others. To this end, employers introduced the Personality Test into their pre-employment assessment. Before making a hiring decision, they ask job candidates to answer about 80-120 questions contained in it. These tests are of different formats. You may be required to guess how people feel about a particular situation; or you may need to rank your own reaction to specified statements on the scale from 1 to 10, stating whether you agree or disagree with them and how strongly so. Needless to say, you must answer the test’s questions honestly and without preparation. Still, it is highly advisable to practice before you take your actual Personality Test. Going through a few dry runs with JobTestPrep’s Personality Test will help you create a more favorable impression on your interviewers.

What Is a SEI Panel Interview?

Some companies organize panel interviews instead of a regular face-to-face interview. The difference is that on the panel interview, you get an opportunity to meet more representatives of the company than on the usual in-person interview. As a rule, during the panel interview, you will talk with 6 or 7 people, including Human Resources representatives and several of your prospective managers and team leaders. They will take turns to pose questions to you. The recruiters may walk you through your résumé and ask you competency-based questions to ascertain whether you have knowledge and experience to succeed in the new role. Other questions will be situational. The interviewers will expect you to tell them about a difficult situation at work that you successfully resolved by taking certain actions. Sometimes, they will rank your responses on the scale from 1 to 5, while you are answering their questions. If you pass the panel interview well, you may be invited to talk with the higher managers of the company or simply offered the job.

Why Should I Prepare for the SEI Pre-employment Assessment?

As the general intellectual level of applicants grows, so does the difficulty of pre-employment tests. It has lately become almost impossible to pass these tests without preliminary preparation. Applicants should practice before the examination, if they want to be invited for an interview, since interviewers shortlist them for interviews based on the results of their tests. Do not jeopardize your chances of moving onto the next level of the hiring process. Practice with JobTestPrep’s high-quality resources and impress the interviewers in a face-to-face conversation.

How Should I Prepare for My SEI Interview?

Interviews are nerve-wracking. You may be an excellent specialist in your field and be a pleasant, helpful person but still fail to convey a favorable impression to your interviewers due to your nervousness. Hence, it will be better to come to your interview well prepared so that you feel ready and confident and do not get easily intimidated and thrown off by challenging questions. To prepare for your interview, read information on the company’s website. Then, review the job description carefully and think how you can present your skills and experiences in a more favorable light. You may also bring hard copies of your résumé, references, or transcripts to your interview. Even if your interviewers do not ask to see them, you will feel more confident having written testimony about your achievements with you on the interview. You will also look more professional in the eyes of your recruiters. To increase your chances of doing well on your interview, check out JobTestPrep’s exclusive interview kit. It contains all necessary materials to enable you to pass your forthcoming interview with unequivocal success.

How Is the Assessment of SEI Job Candidates Conducted at the Assessment Centre?

While applicants are participating in various activities, their performance is being estimated by several assessors. Assessors are usually people who work as Human Resources consultants or line managers. They score the performance of job candidates against competency frameworks, giving points for every activity, comparing these points between themselves, and summarizing them by the end of the assessment day. Only after discussing all aspect of applicants’ performance do assessors make a hiring decision.


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