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Practise for the Secure Trust Bank Hiring Process

The various stages involved in the Secure Trust Bank Employment procedure are:

  • Online Application: Applying for the position can be done by filling out an online application form and uploading your CV. CV’s which are received through a recruiter, an employee referral, or submitted online, go through a screening review to assess whether applicants’ skills fit the role requirements.
  • Telephone Interview: An initial 20-minute telephone interview with the hiring manager will cover your CV, work experience, and job expectations. At the end of the phone interview, the hiring manager may read a short passage and ask you questions about it afterwards.
  • In-Person Interview: The in-person interview may include various stages which can be done in a one-on-one setting or with a group. Candidates may have an assessment centre day in which they display their skills, act out role-playing activities, perform a well-researched presentation, and answer competency-based interview questions.
  • Tests: Applicants may be required to complete pre-employment online assessments as well as a written test. These entrance exams help employers assess whether they possess the necessary skills for the position.

Secure Trust Bank Assessment Tests

As psychometric exams, personality tests evaluate professional personality profile, behavioural traits and work-related skills in order to screen out candidates who are not well suited for the position. The Hogan Personality Inventory assessment measures applicants’ everyday character traits, evaluating how they perform in a leadership role and whether they can get along with others. CEB SHL's senior management aptitude exams consist of a large variety of assessments, such as the logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning tests, to name a few. These tests assess applicants’ capabilities in regards to their critical thinking, decision-making, and basic numerical skills.

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Secure Trust Bank Interview Questions

Being fully prepared for your interview requires practise. Employers want to hear about your past work experience and how you personally dealt with challenging situations, so be sure to use the term “I” as opposed to “we”. Candidates may face up to four competency-based interview questions which require situational answers and their relevant behaviours. Examples of competency-based interview questions are:

  • Describe an occasion where you have demonstrated to your colleagues what good service looks like.
  • Describe a time when you pushed for something to be achieved quickly within your team.
  • Describe the biggest work-related success that you have achieved as part of a team.

It is recommended for candidates to use the S.T.A.R. technique when answering interview questions. First, explain the Situation you faced, the Task performed, then the Action which was taken to complete the task and lastly the Result of the instance.


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