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Assessment Center at CNP Assurances – How to Prepare 

There are usually many steps involved in getting ready for the Assessment Center. Here are a few tips, which will help you navigate through the Assessment Center try out the day.

Assessment Centres are gaining popularity these days due to a common belief that they provide a more accurate measurement of job candidates’ suitability for the position than any other means of assessment. Employers maintain that neither testing nor interviewing is enough to make a correct hiring decision about job candidates’ professional aptitude. Hence, during an assessment day, they ask job candidates not only to take several written tests but also participate in group discussions, case studies, and in-tray exercises. Applicants also make oral presentations and show themselves during various social events organized by employers. While applicants are engaged in these activities, assessors subject them to scrutiny and give them points summed up by the end of the event. Candidates who collect more points get interviewed by companies’ high managers and owners.


Actively preparing for Pre-Hire Exams

After all is said and done companies want to know what hard and soft skills you truly have and pre-hire exams like Hogan help them determine your suitability for the position.

Start Practicing!

The Online Pre-Hire Tests

Depending on the position, you will face a wide range of tests, here are a few:

Personality Test

Understanding and familiarising yourself with the workplace competencies and personality traits desired by CNP Assurances for the open position in their company will give you an advantage over the other candidates who have also applied. JobTestPrep offers a variety of resources to help you with every aspect of the CNP Assurances hiring process.


The SJT aids companies, employers, and organisations in evaluating their candidate’s cognitive abilities and behavioural tendencies in relation to daily work-related situations. Throughout the course of the exam, you will be presented with real work-related scenarios and need to find quick and hardened solutions.

Numerical Test

The Numerical Series Test asks you to find an omitted number in a sequence. What is important for solving tasks on this test is to understand the value of the interval between numbers. The questions posed on the Numerical Series Test usually consist of four visible numbers and one missing number. Check the arithmetic relationship between numbers and then look at intervals between them. You will find multiplications and divisions used in given sequences.


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