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About JobTestPrep’s City National Bank CEB SHL-Style Packs

Make sure you top the competition with JobTestPrep's preparation packs before starting the City National Bank recruitment process. Our comprehensive range of packs will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to ace the application, test and interview process no matter the position you are going for.

City National Bank CEB SHL-Style Numerical & Verbal Reasoning Tests

There are several different types and styles of SHL CEB reasoning tests. They range from the high level graduate/management tests to operational level. JobTestPrep’sp packs have been created to cover a wide spectrum of questions and test types in order to give you the complete preparation for your upcoming test.

City National Bank Personality Test

The first question one should ask when taking a City National Bank personality test is “what are they looking for?” While many erroneously believe that there are no right or wrong answers, the truth is the company is looking for the right personality for the job. Finding the right fit for any given position runs beyond technical skills, your future employer wants to know how you will fit into your work environment. This could include managing stakeholders, solving office work disputes or coping with stress and pressure among other factors and situations.

City National Bank Abstract Reasoning Online Assessments

The abstract reasoning test are also known as inductive or diagrammatic reasoning and assess general intellect rather than text book knowledge. When administering this test, City National Bank will be looking to see how you relate to new concepts and abstract ideas and can be used to asses a wide range of positions within the company. So, be creative, quick and use your fluid intelligence to solve the issues you will be confronted with on the test. 


Prepare for Your City National Bank CEB SHL Tests

JobTestPrep, have put forth an all-out effort to facilitate your learning process and bring you to successful completion of your assessment. Our sophisticated resources will sharpen your knowledge and skills and will help you shoot ahead of your competitors. Increase your chances of receiving a wished-for job offer by practicing with JobTestPrep’s tests, drills, and study guides.


CNB Interview Procedure

As part of City National Bank’s hiring process you will be invited to one or more interviews. It is common to have an initial phone interview which helps the recruiter or HR manager understand your experience. Therefore, this is also great chance for you to stress your relevance to the position whilst elaborating on your CV. You should be prepared to participate in further phone, video, and face-to-face interviews. As interviews are your chance to impress your recruiter preparation can make a real difference. Preparing in advance also helps you to enter the interview with confidence as you are ready to give clear answers and shows your recruiter that you are a serious applicant. JobTestPrep designed the PrepPack™ you need to impress City National Bank’s interviewer.

CNB Assessment Centre Information

The purpose of the CNB assessment centre is to evaluate applicants in their suitability for the position being offered in an objective manner. The assessment centre will either be held on-site or in a rented-out venue and can last anywhere from two full days to half a day. 
The exercises and tests you will likely encounter at the CNB assessment centre fall into the following categories: Group exercise, in-tray exercise, role play exercise, case study-based analysis exercise, personality questionnaire, psychometric ability test, and a competency-based interview.
The activities and assessments you will be participating in are used to measure your communication skills, decision-making abilities, interpersonal sensitivity, leadership abilities, your level of motivation/ resilience, strategic thinking skills, and time management. Preparing for the types of exercises, interviews, and tests you will be engaging in will help you to excel at the CNB assessment centre.

How Is City National Bank Personality Test Evaluated?

When completing a personality test it is important you understand the nature of this test. The purpose of this assessment is to establish based on your personality and behavioural style if you will do the job, if you can do the work, and if you would actually fit the position. The questions will target work-related activities such as managing stakeholders, working in groups, complying with regulations, problem-solving, leadership skills, coping with pressure and stress. You should also determine which personality traits are important for City National Bank and for your desired position. For example, an HR manager’s scores are supposed to reflect her communication and organizational skills, whereas for a sales position, a competitive and initiative nature is favoured.

How Many Scenarios Can I Expect to Encounter in the City National Bank SJT?

You can expect to find between 25 – 50 scenarios on any given SJT. The scenarios are usually engaging and challenging. After you are presented with a scenario you will then have to either find the most (or least) suitable response to the scenario or rank/rate the responses in order of effectiveness.

How Can JobTestPrep Help to Prepare for my City National Bank Numerical Tests?

Practising is the best way to prepare for any test. This is especially true for numerical reasoning tests where concepts you haven’t used or even seen in years are bound to come up. Numerical reasoning questions are easy to find, but getting the answers to check your work and see where you need improvement is key! Our practice packs include answers and explanations to make sure you are fully prepared for test day. Seeing the questions in the right format can make all difference in your test performance. Explore our numerical test examples to familiarise yourself with the question structure as well as on how to submit your answers. Make sure test day holds no surprises.


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