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About JobTestPrep’s City National Bank CEB SHL-Style Packs

Make sure you top the competition with JobTestPrep's preparation packs before starting the City National Bank recruitment process. Our comprehensive range of packs will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to ace the application, test and interview process no matter the position you are going for.

City National Bank Personality Test

The first question one should ask when taking a City National Bank personality test is “what are they looking for?” While many erroneously believe that there are no right or wrong answers, the truth is the company is looking for the right personality for the job. Finding the right fit for any given position runs beyond technical skills, your future employer wants to know how you will fit into your work environment. This could include managing stakeholders, solving office work disputes or coping with stress and pressure among other factors and situations.

City National Bank Abstract Reasoning Online Assessments

The abstract reasoning test are also known as inductive or diagrammatic reasoning and assess general intellect rather than text book knowledge. When administering this test, City National Bank will be looking to see how you relate to new concepts and abstract ideas and can be used to asses a wide range of positions within the company. So, be creative, quick and use your fluid intelligence to solve the issues you will be confronted with on the test. 


Prepare for Your City National Bank CEB SHL Tests

Pre-employment assessments are complicated and demand from job candidates an excellent performance both on tests and interviews. JobTestPrep has all required resources to prepare you for the City National Bank’s hiring process. Practice with our test simulations, drills, study guides, and interview questions and let your recruiters put you at the top of the list of their preferred candidates.


CNB Interview Procedure

In addition to the City National Bank’s tests, you will need to go through two types of interviews. One of them is a phone interview; another is an in-person interview. On the phone interview, you will discuss your education and work experience. During your face-to-face interview, you will answer competency-based and situational questions. The competency-based type of questions measures your general aptitude for the applied position. The situational type of questions seeks to evaluate how well you make decisions in stressful situations. Refer to your interview practice materials and learn a few tips on how to handle interviews and answer tricky questions.

CNB Assessment Centre Information

The purpose of the CNB assessment centre is to evaluate applicants in their suitability for the position being offered in an objective manner. The assessment centre will either be held on-site or in a rented-out venue and can last anywhere from two full days to half a day. 
The exercises and tests you will likely encounter at the CNB assessment centre fall into the following categories: Group exercise, in-tray exercise, role play exercise, case study-based analysis exercise, personality questionnaire, psychometric ability test, and a competency-based interview.
The activities and assessments you will be participating in are used to measure your communication skills, decision-making abilities, interpersonal sensitivity, leadership abilities, your level of motivation/ resilience, strategic thinking skills, and time management. Preparing for the types of exercises, interviews, and tests you will be engaging in will help you to excel at the CNB assessment centre.

Why Is There a Phone Interview?

After receiving your resume, the company now begins the process of weeding out those who might be the right match for the job. They want to put you on the spot to see if you verbal answers match your written resume. The conversation will generally last no longer than 5-10 minutes and they will give you an overview of the position and compensation offered.

What Questions Are Posed on the Phone Interview?

On the phone interview, you will mostly talk about your education, work experience, and career goals. An interviewer may tell you about the City National Bank, its business structure, and mission. You may also discuss your future role in the City National Bank and benefits you will get, if you become employed.


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