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About BankSA

The Bank of South Australia, or BankSA, is South Australia’s greatest financial institution and the state's largest home lender. BankSA is located in Adelaide, Australia.

Benefits at BankSA

BankSA’s workers enjoy: 

Flexibility Good benefits
Excellent training  Opportunities for advancement

Prepare for the Recruitment Process at BankSA

The hiring process at BankSA vary according to the applied position and other parameters. The basic steps are:

  • Application: Verify that your CV is well-written, and apply online.
  • Telephone Interview: A phone conversation with the HR manager.
  • Professional Interview: A meeting with the senior manager/s.
  • Assessment Centre: There might be an assessment day, in which you join group activities: Acting out scenarios, presentation, discussion, and so on.
  • Exams: Talent Q (Korn Ferry) is a significant test, and other exams may also be required.

Aptitude Tests at BankSA

It is important to study for:

Other possible assessments are:

  • SJT: The situational judgment test asks you to select the best solution for various conflicts. The purpose is to evaluate your decision making.
  • Personality: Assesses your work-related traits: Behaviour, strengths and weaknesses etc.
  • Abstract (or inductive / diagrammatic) reasoning: Similar to IQ tests.
  • Excel: Tests your level and knowledge in Microsoft Excel.

Keep in mind that usually, the assessments mentioned are time-limited and composed of multiple-choice questions. Therefore, it would be wise to order our products here, and practise now, because we offer timed tests that will help you to increase your speed.

BankSA’s Interview Questions

During the interview, the following questions could come up:

  • Please tell me about yourself.
  • How do you deal with challenging customers?
  • Describe a challenging situation you had at work, and how you coped with it.
  • Questions related to your specific profession.

So, before the interview – prepare good answers for questions such as those mentioned above. In addition, JobTestPrep’s product offers interview tips, and more tools, that will help you through the whole interviewing process.

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Other Banking Organisations:

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